Death in Paradise's Ralf Little shares disappointing news

Fear not, though, there's been movement since.


1/19/2022 1:35:00 PM

Death in Paradise's Ralf Little shares disappointing news over tour: DeathInParadise

Fear not, though, there's been movement since.

,Will Mellor and I have regrettably decided that we're going to have to postpone our Two Pints with Will & Ralf podcast tour."This was down to"the limitations and possible dangers of increasing Covid cases and the new Omicron variant", as Little further explained:"Obviously, we're gutted about this, but we all felt it was the right thing to do under the current circumstances.

"We feel obliged to give you the best show we possibly can and we just don't feel like we can do that right now or even safely right now. So we're just going to delay it a few weeks and monitor the situation and see how it develops."

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