Dancing on Ice to feature first same-sex couple

Dancing on Ice: Steps singer Ian 'H' Watkins to be in same-sex couple

10/9/2019 12:05:00 PM

Dancing on Ice: Steps singer Ian 'H' Watkins to be in same-sex couple

Steps singer Ian 'H' Watkins will make British TV history with professional skater Matt Evers.

Ian"H" Watkins publicly came out in 2007, a decade after Steps launchedDancing On Ice is to beat rival Strictly Come Dancing to having UK TV's first same-sex dancing couple.Steps singer Ian"H" Watkins will be teamed up with professional skater Matt Evers in the next series of the ITV show early next year.

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Watkins is believed to have asked about being paired with a man, and the ITV producers were"fully supportive". Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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Thing is it’s not a dating show. So why can he not dance with a woman. Artistically it’s just looks better a man and woman dancing together In the interest of fairness the Iron Lotus should be a mandatory dance component for all male couples. Here we go State of the comments on here! FML! let us be brave enough to accept all kind of ' Leanings '

In other news... a recent survey revealed that no-one gives a s**t. Man who craves attention and who everyone has forgotten about thinks of way to get people taking about him.......shocker! Oh dear 🤢🤢🤢 Don’t watch it anyway, and I still won’t be watching, and shouting out about it is going over the top. If you want to make it acceptable then stop making a song and dance about it. It isn’t newsworthy. I don’t give any damns about it.

Sorry I won't be watching. Blades of glory already done it Nooooooooo! 👎 I totally disagree with this and will not watch. Dance is not about your sexuality & just because you're gay it doesn't mean you can't dance with the opposite sex. I'm not homophobic at all, I just disagree with advertising sexuality, what goes on behind closed doors is personal.

Enoughs enough, I am sick to death of this Nonsense, I for one won’t be watching, Now hold on a damn minute.... And...? Another reason not to watch this dros...its a couples contest...they can both be gay fine ....but this political correct box ticking is not on. If they try it on a proper show like strictly rating will drop.

Whooooooooooo caaaaaarrrrreeeeesssss!!! Wring decision and will lose viewers OH... MY... GOD... SHUT THE FRONT DOOR... H is going to be on dancing on ice.... Wait until the lads hear about this. In other news water is wet. Bit Gay that. Another reason not to watch the naff programme. Strictly big brother celebrity dance factor with the stars on ice academy... Come get me out of here... 🙄

When people try to convince me that bigotry is not as bad as it was 30 years ago... 🙄 Talk about awkward.... BBCWalesNews Yawn yawn yawn🙄 I will not be watching! Is it really a big deal ? KathyBurke I read Ian Watkins and thought they had let him out of jail but then it was the other one. Is anyone really interested

So...Dancing on extremely thin ice?. The Iron lotus !!!!!! Don't watch it. Wont be KathyBurke Still won't be watching. Boring!!! Should’ve been alexander_olly 🙁 A bit of headline grabbing? Does anyone really care? Why not! Pansies on ice? What’s sad is the fact minority groups believe this is a step forward when in fact it’s a shameful way of gaining publicity for a tv show. You are not being recognised, you are being used

Dancing down. A step too far 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 KathyBurke Think I’m more shocked that dancing on ice is still going. BenInLDN One step forward 😀 bout time KathyBurke Awkward boner time 🤢🤮🖕 This is fantastic! If he's on telly I can tell my 'I once had a haircut sitting next to H from Steps' story again. I guess there's the same sex couple thing as well. Good stuff. It won't make me watch it but also won't make me not watch it.

So it's not so much about the skating competition, more about beating Strictly Come Dancing to be the first to have two blokes dancing together. Pathetic! I like the way how 2 people have the time to say who care or no one cares when they must if they have commented on this 😂😂🙄🙄 Nothing relevant to report then?

This must be a whole different ball game (no pun intended)for the Professional Skater.He has practised his skill partnering woman and know how to place,lift them etc without causing discomfort/embarrassment? Should be 'P' for perv. Better get this last series in cos we will run out of ice due to Brexit

Fab.ulois!! I once danced the “Canadian Barn Dance” with a male friend. The world continued to revolve around the sun and we’re happily married...to women. KathyBurke Is he gay? KathyBurke NotoriousSODEE Dancing On Ice going all Blades Of Glory.... 😉😂 Brave and inspirational Well dun beeb It’s about time - but let’s just wait for the backlash from all those that have something to say on the matter.

I’m sick of seeing lgbt on the tele! Every soap has men constantly kissing, every advert has gay couples, bbc weathermen all now have jazz hands and now this! It’s almost like they trying to normalise it 😉😂😂😂😂 I can honestly say that I disagree and I’m entitled to my opinion. I teach my kids tolerance on everything. But I don’t want to see a male fulfilling a female role dancing. That’s just pathetic and embarrassing. I don’t care what the righteous liberal crowd think.

You would think people hadn’t been dancing since we evolved from fish, probably. Heck it’s not even anything to do with sexuality it’s the bbc making something out of 2 men dancing Is he going to wear a skirt as well?! KathyBurke You had the chance to do this on BBCOne years ago on bbcstrictly with RugbyBenCohen but you didnt have the balls !!! Fair play ITV dancedancedance

Ok thanks for letting us know ..I'll make sure I'm doing the dishes or something important when that's on Slow news day? No one cares. This isn't newsworthy.... unless of course it's a desperate attempt to gain the odd new viewer - and that doesn't work either! 🤣Who'd a thunk it. Not really making history is it, dont we just ignore stuff like this now? or do we over-do its importance?

The men moaning about this are exactly the same men who’d be reaching for the hand cream and Kleenex were it two women dancing together... Errr Nope still not gonna watch it!! If we don't see the Iron Lotus I'm going to be very disappointed. KathyBurke ‘H’ere we go again 🙄 Anyone care? Another reason not to watch that drivel.🧐

I’ve got better things to do of an evening that watch washed out celebrities trying to kick start a second career whilst destroying the fabric of a normal society. I thought he was in prison for being a paedophile? KathyBurke What a shocker .... seen 2 men dancing down the local high st last night kissing n saying how much they loved each other its no big deal. He's still an annoying twat tho that H 😂

Why do bloody BBC feel this needs special attention it is the type of headline that provokes negative reactions just put it out as you would normally or expect the reactions that will follow 💕👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💕🌈🌈🌈 Hope theres enough Ballroom Oh ffs Who cares🤔 and Miss World was offensive! Too bad it’s him. One of the most irritating things to come out of the LGBT community along with Rylan 🤣

Have you seen this RachMills06 👀 So this is BBC news but not the French demonstrations with all the beatings and aggression but one man getting married well good for him but the BBC needs to wake up they are not the only way we get our news and it's long passed its see by date 💁‍♀️ Oh my god how ground-breaking!

The state of the comments to this tweet. Get a little tolerance everyone. FINALLY same sex couples!! I hope there will end up being two women dancing together at some point 👌🏻 I’m going to come out and say it; I will not read this. But I will comment. I’m confused; is he in the same sex couple with himself? And will he be skating alone?

🤦‍♂️ Bad nonce, when did he get out? 😡😡 This is wrong he will have a strength advantage over the celebrity women. lucrezianews Are you doing the same? 😊 This isn't news. Who cares? You'd imagine they'd already done it by this stage without the fanfare. Given the number of gay men about, you assume some of them like to dance. BBC needs to show us how on trend they are as usual though.

Think you’ll find it’s already been done... What load if garbage, who wears the leotard/dress? Welcome to the 21st century DOI . sick disgusting bastard Hows this news. So what!! Great news! 😁 it’s literally just two men dancing on some ice... I just don’t get why people would take issue with it? He will have Dan or gobby gay then

Why?... it’s a dance competition that’s all. Is this news? KathyBurke Carlaspottydogs KathyBurke this shouldn't be a news item, how long before this isn't news? KathyBurke That'd be interesting! Traditionally there's dedicated 'male' and 'female' roles for lifts etc. I'd love to see how they'll do it. I'll actually watch this year

Will there be a female same-sex couple too? Can’t be arsed BBC KathyBurke Beware the Iron Lotus Q the phobics 🙄🙄 And? It’s been done for centuries so I don’t know why people are so shocked? I thought he was dead 💀 They could have same-sex cadavers, I still wouldn't watch this shit. KathyBurke People will definitely react normally to this on social media

KathyBurke Sorry won’t be watching Be careful. Because he's Hyperactive. Isn’t the whole point supposed to be between the different strengths of men and women? And what can be done together? Very fashionable. It's been done :) That really is taking the pissa doble Ianhwatkins 🥰❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 How the hell has he been released from prison?

What sex is that then 😂 The 'H' is vital.

Dancing on Ice lines up its first ever same-sex dance couple — beating rival Strictly to make TV historyITV chiefs have paired up two male dancers — beating Strictly to make telly history. Pro skater Matt Evers and Steps singer Ian “H” Watkins, both 43, will perform together on the upcoming series of… As it would do with Strictly that’ll hit the viewing figures big time. Two tired shows looking for gimmicks, next two lesbians in wheelchairs. PC virtue signalling at it's worse, who are they trying to please?

This asylum seeker was shot in the head. Ice jailed him and gave him ibuprofenRolando, an indigenous man who survived a shooting and torture in Guatemala, was suffering blinding headaches when he arrived in the US Gee, that headline wasn't breathlessly misleading at all. 'illegal immigrant tried to cross the border and resisted arrest by ICE, was shot due to said resistance. Because the massive overcrowding and de-funding at ICE facilities, man was unable to receive proper care' Omg

Dancing on Ice lines up its first ever same-sex dance couple — beating rival Strictly to make TV historyITV chiefs have paired up two male dancers — beating Strictly to make telly history. Pro skater Matt Evers and Steps singer Ian “H” Watkins, both 43, will perform together on the upcoming series of… As it would do with Strictly that’ll hit the viewing figures big time. Two tired shows looking for gimmicks, next two lesbians in wheelchairs. PC virtue signalling at it's worse, who are they trying to please?

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