Covid: Gareth Southgate urges young people to have jab

Gareth Southgate urges young people to have jab

7/24/2021 12:33:00 AM

Gareth Southgate urges young people to have jab

The England manager says vaccination is a chance for them to 'get your freedom back'.

About 34% of 18- to 29-year-olds in England - about three million people - have not been vaccinated at all. In Scotland, about 30% are not yet vaccinated.But half of all under-30s in England - more than four million people - received a first dose in the three weeks after the vaccination programme was opened to those in their 20s in June. And the vaccination rate is still climbing for this group in England and Scotland.

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Southgate started by thanking fans for their support of the England team at Euro 2020, before saying: "We know the last 18 months have been incredibly difficult for everybody."And there's no doubt that the vaccination programme is our best route out of this problem, not only for us as a country but across the world.

"So I just wanted to say how important it is, if you haven't had your vaccine yet, to go and get it done."He said "oldies" like him could now "crack on" with their lives if they were fully vaccinated, adding that "for you younger ones especially, it's the chance for everything to open up, to get your freedom back".

The former England player continued: "So much of that is going to rest on you having the vaccine."So, don't put it off any longer, go and get it done, we can open everything up, we can protect the people we need to protect and you guys will get your freedom back."

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I think Southgate should be more concerned about practicing penalties I’ll urge whoever you want to have the jab if you pay me half of what you pay these big names to release their ‘urges’ Doesn’t mean I’ll have it myself or actually agree with it! matthaig1 Can't win at the footy, can ensure millions of kids are poisoned. You win some you lose some.

RT : Gareth Southgate urges young people to have jab Gareth needs to stop taking his job home with him and stop putting so much pressure on young people. Well said Gareth. Sensible advice as ever. Wise man. Wonderful role-model. Unlike our PM and mates. I'll tell you what, GarethSouthgate, I'll get the vaccine just as soon as you stop letting positive discrimination affect your choices as a football manager. Deal?

Increases the chance of survival from 99.98% to 99.99% but you might get a blood clot from it. Think I will take my chances thanks👍 everyone pulling in one direction. He'll be telling us all to take the knee next 🤣🤣🤣

Charity, dating and pet spending booms, says NationwidePeople have been spending more on non-essentials as Covid restrictions ease, Nationwide says. Only because the office workers are all at home not being monitored and bought a pet because they missed the contact of work friends, slowed down more time to actually notice a world they live in and the suffering around them.

I’m very surprised by this. One-third of 18-29 year olds haven’t even had their first jab yet? Thank you for your hard work You are the graet manager of Britain god bless you. Brilliant way to use your platform to encourage something that will save lives and livelihoods. All due respect. Gareth stick to football please

Mr Sensible. Time to go Gareth Why? Are they at risk of dying from covid.... No. Are they at risk of being seriously ill.....No. Are vaccinated ppl at risk of catching it from them....? If Yes, what is the fecking point. “Another vaccine advert brought too by The BBC.” clotshot True Hero . Hope more celebrities join him.

UK scientists back Covid boosters as study finds post-jab falls in antibodiesExclusive: Waning antibody levels are possible warning sign of lower protection in months after vaccination 'study found that antibodies generated by two doses...started to wane as early as six weeks after the second shot' It takes three weeks after 2nd jab to be effective. So, this vaccine is fully effective for 3 weeks?

I wouldn't be surprised if all the people crying here in the comments about Southgate not being a doctor or a scientist, are the same people who won't listen to doctors and scientists 😅😅😅 Doctor now is he. I’d rather he reflected on his shite tactics in a major final I urge you to attack but you don't listen

This is wrong. Since when do football managers get involved in pandemics? Are the gov’mt that desperate? Strange he hasn’t urged all the England squad to have theirs Why not? Hi, thank you for your message. I am currently quarantined in Queensland after travelling to Brisbane for business. I will be back in Adelaide by the weekend, hopefully!

Welcome, thank you for contacting me, I will get back to you shortly. Standing on 2 feet has greater protection!!!! After this message, he will definitely get knighted.... they are all in it together DepopulationAgenda

Angry Brazilians dress as reptiles for their Covid jabs to mock BolsonaroPeople are wearing costumes as a protest to the government’s handling of an outbreak that has killed more than 545,000 Idiot good luck Thanks to Bolsonaro they can get this vaccine with this ridiculous prep...

Think you should stick to football Gareth What a gentleman he is God bless him!! What was the reason for Kristian Eriksons collapse? Do we know that yet? Cần tìm 1 nửa thực sự yêu thương nhau, tin tưởng và chung thủy, thích trẻ con, biết chăm lo cho gia đình nhỏ ! Young Person: “Ok I’ll have the jab now, was waiting for Gareth Southgate to say if I should”

Gareth blew the Euro final. Not a man to be trusted. “It’s a chance to get your freedom back” 😂 they wheeled this line out in January & yet nobody can go on a normal holiday abroad, still having to isolate. Now there is talk of covid passports so please show me where people who got the jab have their freedom. It’s all bollocks

People commenting 'what are his qualifications' or whatever better not be tweeting outside *their* area of expertise either then I guess... Why do you think the UK and EU needed land in the US, Canada or Australia? You just don't understand the historical facts. That's because, in a sense, the brainwashing education that Britain is doing.

A normal vaccine takes years to approve, this one is rushed to push the public to have! I have better faith in dog/cat vaccines. Atleast a vet knows where there they stand. Let the nightclubs run wild, let the young bring us all down. Is this where we heading. Lockdown🤬

COVID-19: University students should be double jabbed by September, says unionIn a letter to Gavin Williamson, the University and College Union has called for better health and safety measures, including compulsory face masks on campus and free PCR tests.

Long covid is far worse than being double jabbed. Yes Dr Southgate! 🤣🤣🤣 Since when has he been qualified. Gotta disagree with Gazza on this one.

Pregnant hairdresser refuses Covid-jabbed customers as she feels 'uncomfortable'A pregnant hairdresser from Australia has sparked outrage after she put out an appeal for Covid-vaccinated people to cancel their appointments in a mind-boggling bid to 'protect my family' 🤔🤔🤔 이웃에게 악을 행하지 마십시요 TreasureInHoliness But yeh but no but I heard there was weird stuff in there or sumfink that might turn us into bats? RealMattLucas

If you want youngsters to get jabbed, flash that cash'If any young people don’t fancy helping themselves to my mouth-watering feast of free money, they are entirely at liberty to decline the invitation'