COVID-19: Pressure grows on PM to reopen schools amid warning children are pandemic's 'forgotten victims'

It is possible that children will continue to learn from home until at least after Easter.

1/25/2021 6:40:00 AM

COVID-19: Pressure grows on PM to reopen schools amid warning children are pandemic's 'forgotten victims'

It is possible that children will continue to learn from home until at least after Easter.

It comes after the health secretary told Sky News thatteachers have a"good shout" to be"very high" on the next priority list for a coronavirus vaccine.So far, more than five million people have had their first dose - with the UK government and devolved administrations aiming to hit 15 million by mid-February.

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Only vulnerable pupils and children of key workers are currently able to attend school, and in a blow to parents, Mr Hancock said he wasn't sure if schools in England will reopen by Easter.Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

Hancock 'worried' about new COVID variantsAsked if he could promise they will, he told Sky's Sophy Ridge On Sunday:"We have got to look at the data, we have got to look at the impact of the vaccination programme."The education secretary has said that we will ensure schools get two weeks' notice of return.

"I don't know whether it will be then or before then. We have got to watch the data."Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video playerSophy Ridge on Sunday highlightsIt comes as The Sunday Times reported the government is preparing to rule out children returning to the classroom after the February half-term holiday, with the prospect of home schooling continuing for several months.

The paper quoted a government source as saying:"We are in this for the long haul."A Department for Education spokesperson said:"We continue to keep plans for the return to school under review and will inform schools, parents and pupils of the plans ahead of February half term."

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Covid-19: Occupations will not be prioritised for vaccine jab - BBC News

Experts say the most effective way to prevent death is to prioritise people by age, not profession.

I'm not in the UK, but a much harm is done keeping humans locked away for long. Always think of the psychological downturn. I believe they are well equipped to deal with crowd of students and to alert the authorities incase of an health emergency. Being fed up with the way it is doesn’t mean it’s gone away. Have some backbone and wait

Schools should open if it’s safe, forgo the summer holidays to help catch up on missed education Yes , he’s caused the incitement of that mob that caused the assault on the capitol building and the deaths. By who exactly? Their were petitions to close them originally. But the unions oppose it. Starmer can’t decide what he supports. It’s unions preventing this for sure, not the govt. Why doesnt MSM ever criticise the unions ? Why ?

The prime minister needs to just say schools are shut till after Easter and that's the end. Shouldn’t have shut them . Get them open the children are missing out on their education and social interaction, it’s ridiculous to close them and the teachers who want the vaccine should be put first Once again Sky News is trying to create the news agenda and not doing its job of reporting it. Close schools... open schools... lockdown now...release lockdown... lockdown released too early..lockdown ICU tragedies then advocate steps to make it worse.

From who? Ridiculous Remember when they were under pressure to shut them. 🤔 Those putting pressure on schools to reopen are welcome to come and spend five full days in a secondary school. Lead by example Conservatives To open schools knowing that doing so drives up infections, offering no additional protection to school users, just to satisfy Tory greed (and that’s what it is), is utterly unconscionable. Conservatives The deciding factor on school reopening should be safety, not the economy.

Amazing that, only a few weeks ago, people were strongly stating that schools should be closed. What a turn round. We need to stick with the current lock down for at least 2 - 3 more weeks other wise we will be having another lock down in 2 months. The only reason they are shut is because of the teachers Union not the teachers

I understand keeping schools closed but my year 13 daughter needs to go back or they need to postpone exams until next year. It’s not fair on them. Open the damn schools. Enough holidays Half the country want them closed half the country want them open, and ScumMedia will go the opposite way to the Government because that's what FakeNewsSky do!

Interesting. Ridiculous this country gets on my nerves keep them shut till at least easter. Stop your fucking moaning and understand why we are doing it. Fools Bravo British public opinion 👍👏👏👏👏👏💪😐 Labour do not want children back at school. Unions don’t want children back at school. Some parents don’t want to send their kids to school as they have elderly relatives at home. In my humble opinion, children should start back in February.

They can carry the virus back to their homes....don't you understand this, even after all this time? And pubs 😂 What about the testing that was due to be set up? How can she say schools are safe for children? The DfE have found that teachers are 7x more likely to get Covid, so therefore pupils are 7x more likely to catch it, 7x more likely to take it home and 7x more likely to pass it to a member of their house hold.

Is that Bawjaws dressed as a wummin 🤔 Simple vacinate staff and they will be 'safe' Untill then you cant guarantee their safety If schools where safe then why close them? Because they ain't Getting teachers back in school must be a priority. Once they are in school again, they can be kept under much tighter control. As a school Governor Chair, I am extremely concerned at teachers using home schooling to avoid their duties even with the social media ban I imposed.

I’ve told both my kids to expect to stay on an extra year, you can see it coming Oh shut up Sky. You go on about school closures when they're fully open. Now, when they're partly closed, you're wanting them open give it a bloody rest! Sky news as depressing as ever. It’s our first pandemic. Kids are learning from home. We are not at war or have food shortages etc. Let’s all man up and get on with this, they are not victims they are simply learning a different way for a short time.

Yes reopening everything. Let’s get back to normal. If you catch the virus (if there is one) and you die then so be it. As for kids suffering, they will be fine, we went through two world wars and the kids were fine. Open schools and go straight back to square one. Vaccinated the teachers and get on with our children’s education

naomirwolf Maybe skynews should inform the U.K. on the Netherlands standing up for NO more lockdowns Get schools , colleges and universities open ! Its a disgrace they were shut in the 1st place! Yes send the kids back to school but only when all staff, including cleaners, dinner ladies etc have been vaccinated and are FULLY protected. Until then NO. Also how are they going to stop the parents gathering at the school gates to collect their children? 🤔🤔

Toffs had no right to extend till july 17 without a vote Open the schools. The children have endured enough. Stop abusing the young to protect the old. Open the schools! They need to be in school,the longer they are off the bigger the gap grows for them catching up and their education He does his best to keep them open , the media says they must close the schools he's costing life's. He closes them, hundreds of thousands of laptops sent out to kids for on line learning. Now their the forgotten victims. As he's always said the kids need to be at school

Pressure from whom? The MSM? So shall we just ignore the DfE's findings released last week, that school staff are up to 7x more likely to catch Covid. Until they are safe they must not reopen to all pupils. Or do some lives have less value than others? Let's not forget uni students they have been doing a lot of there work on line, living in halls or rented accom. A lot of the time on there own. At a cost to most of over nine grand a year. Not just about school kids, they can learn at home, but a lot can't be bothered.