Covid-19: Occupations will not be prioritised for vaccine jab - BBC News

Experts say the most effective way to prevent death is to prioritise people by age, not profession.

2/26/2021 2:24:00 PM

Why can't teachers and police be prioritised for vaccines? JCVI’s Professor Wei Shen Lim says “age-based programme is simple and works very well” and occupational status is “not very well recorded” in primary care records

Experts say the most effective way to prevent death is to prioritise people by age, not profession.

Image caption: Germany has over a million AstraZeneca doses waiting to be administeredAway from the UK's vaccine priorities now, here is an update on coronavirus news around the rest of Europe:The EUis still lagging far behind Israel, the US and UK in terms of people vaccinated, so EU leaders have vowed to speed up deliveries and sort out the bottlenecks. The 29m vaccinated so far is 6.4% of the EU’s population. The bloc has ordered more than 2bn doses, for a total population of about 450m. But it is also committed to sending vaccines to neighbouring non-EU countries

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AstraZenecaCEO Pascal Soriot said shortages of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine were down to the “very complex biological process that involves thousands of elements to track”. He told MEPs “we are working 24/7 to increase capacity and deliver on these commitments”

The AstraZeneca vaccine is not being given to the over-65s inFrance, Belgium and Germany.The authorities cite insufficient data on its effectiveness in the oldest age group. French President Emmanuel Macron has controversially voiced doubts about the vaccine, but on Thursday he said he would gladly have the AstraZeneca jab, if that was offered to him

Dr Klaus Reinhardt, president of the German Medical Association, described the AstraZeneca vaccine as “just as effective” as the Pfizer and Moderna ones. However, more than a million AstraZeneca doses are currently in storage inGermany, as vaccination progress remains slow

TheCzech Republicis set to tighten restrictions again, amid a big surge in cases. The plan is to extend a state of emergency to the end of March, banning all but essential travel between regions and closing schools, reimposing distance learning. The European countries with the highest Covid deaths per million people are: Belgium (1,900), Czech Republic (1,850), Slovenia (1,830) and the UK (1,790).

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JuliaHB1 NO- You now stopped testing so how do you know if it is working- and do you have proof that COVID has increased in the other age groups- Proof please JuliaHB1 Well duh because the numbers of young people catching it and getting ill or dying were very low anyway 🤦‍♀️ What does she mean travelling community is once again trying to scare up hate

Moan moan moan from the bbc. DefundTheBBC look at hugh pym asking the most ridiculous questions. Europe started three weeks later than the UK. Here the vaccination numbers quoted today in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Germany 7,1 %, France 8,9 % and Italy 8,2 %. Often two dose. Tory vaccination spin is starting to look very dated

Schools are being expected to go an above their remit with testing, yet others are given an out. BBCPolitics BBC some may say is a demonic, antiChristian organisation. Completely woke and left- wing. Defund this nonsense business BBCPolitics The bbc is a disgusting disgraceful mess BBCPolitics The teachers union of sorts doesn’t want to actually work unless we pander to their so called needs I think the summer holidays for this year be two weeks to help children catch up

I wonder if bbc will notice from the graph that men have been worse affected than women and change their coverage accordingly. My wife is vaccinating and they’ve been prioritizing and calling up police officers so 🤔 I can understand the middle class BBC wanting these groups done but what about supermarket workers. I suppose the BBC see them as lower class and not important

Another tory lie. - asthmatics that are still clinically vulnerable now have no priority. The statement that those clinically vulnerable are prioritised isn’t true. Feeling let down and fed up after a year of being told I’m at risk. And the easy way, isn’t always the best way asthmauk BBCPolitics So I've got a 0.025% chance at 44 yrs old of being critically ill with covid19............and for that you want me to take a vaccine with less than a year's trials that isn't yet proven to prevent transmission........... No thanks.

JuliaHB1 The flu season is over!!! Brainwashing Broadcasting Corporation at it again! Same as last year and no Covidvax then? Fair enough. Fantastic question by a PLC BBCPolitics teachers arent at risk unless older Very well explained by the Professor and quite simple really yet the media just don't get it. Spurred on by the inward looking Unions the MSM are trying to create stories to attack Government and the JCVI.

I am 60 and not had my 1st jab yet.., still waiting!!!and you are talking about the 40-49’s !!! 🤨 So why not just say that a whole lot sooner than now. Really hard to confer with the DFE, obtain a list of all registered schools, contact each school and ask for a list of all teachers and support staff them arrange for vaccination at their place of work or local centre prior to school restart. Excel and a phone.....

If you wanted to prioritise by occupation, and had the data, you’d start with bus drivers and factory workers I don’t understand why teachers would be a priority wouldn’t make schooling any safer for the pupils , after vaccine can still catch and spread it Police definitely should be next. Unlike Teachers, the Police don’t have a choice but get up close and personal with people when arresting them etc.

I am a teacher and I am more than happy to wait my turn, this virus kills the older or more vulnerable and it is much easier to get through age groups rather than watch union leaders squabble like children over candy. JuliaHB1 Young people don’t die of corona. It’s just politicking by Labour and SNP who thinks it is a clever idea. It’s operationally a nightmare (too dependent on employers records, people can change jobs) and unrealistic to juggle people back and forth the queue

Sex would appear to be just as important a factor, but that seems to be pretty much ignored. Should we not be taking it into account when prioritizing vaccines? BBCPolitics Do you know what's recorded perfectly in GP records? Asthma. We are clinically vulnerable, at increased risk of hospitalisation and long Covid (which will use up huge NHS resources for years to come) but are being denied a vaccine. How can this be? asthmaticsatrisk

Makes perfect sense. 🖒😎 JuliaHB1 I don’t suppose that’s because there has already been a sharp drop in deaths & hospitalisations of the elderly thereby removing the the most ill for obvious reasons, and now more of the less critically ill recover? Just asking.. Can't really argue with the answer. If the supporting data isn't reliable then an age-based approach is surely the way to go

What was the point of this briefing, as much point of weekly government press briefings, pointless in my pointless opinion...😷 Vaccinate the vulnerable not pushy middle class left leaning public sector workers. Teachers less at risk than people in working class manual jobs. Age + certain health conditions MUST BE PRIORITISED over the loudest voices

gavin_sagu looks like we are the next in prioritisation :D It's performative political gesture to show solidarity with teachers unions and people who don't know the data but are desperate to have their kids back in school. It's understandable but it shouldn't be done as the work needs to continue with the fact-based age priorities.

Feeble excuse shows absolute arrogance towards the people that are supposed to enforce the law/ guidance. BBCPolitics It's true, anyone who understands databases, which almost all commenting here don't, is that handle the logistics of some things with the data on hand is not possible. For example, not everyone tells their doctor what their job is - nor should they have to.

Other countries have prioritised Key workers such as supermarket workers, police. Why can't Britian do it. We have worked through the pandemic risking ours and our families lives The ones who have had the jab think they are immune and don't care about us supermarket workers. What about prison officers they spend hours and days with prisoners who have covid symptoms

Two sections shouldn't be picked out to be prioritised. All front line staff should have been the second group to be vaccinated After the vulnerable. But the governments decided to go by age. The good news is all 40-49 year-old teachers and police officers to receive Vaccine. Teachers Union concerned that teachers are being forced to take Vaccine and have insisted that pupils should continue to stay at home to protect this very vulnerable group.

Given that English isn't his first language, what a brilliant communicator. Even a Geordie could understand that. Not even started on the 60s round here Most work places aren't opening till April 12th so most people can wait till then. People are our being exposed to it now and you don't care!!!!! It’s simple, despite the relentless propaganda campaign, a majority of them as in the general population don’t want or need a vaccine.

'“Repulsive People (Philip Pullman)” ..dissent..loudly' hisdarkmaterials 'by using PCR testing, which cannot diagnose active infection, a false narrative has been created' OurBodies Covid19 Eugenics VaccinePassports What about shop workers I personally know a number of police officers and not one of them thinks they should be prioritised over the vulnerable and more at risk. It must be painful watching people purport to speak on their behalf making them look as though they are trying to jump the queue

BOL8OCKS. 'But Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Ken Marsh criticised the plans to prioritise by age group, saying 'it's absolutely disgusting - they don't give a damn about us'.' What a child. I'm still waiting for the bird flu vaccine Exposure to others need to be factored into when deciding who receives the vaccine. For example surely a 40 year old teacher/police officer/shop worker is more at risk than a 50 year old working from home?

Sharp-elbowed, middle class people have to wait their turn, and wait for those more at risk of death or serious illness to be vaccinated first. Seems sensible to me. It's about choice. Stop demanding people be forced to take part in experimental drug trials. Well under 100 people per million for our age group? Absolute joke

Makes perfect sense. All working people should be a priority in the next phase of the vaccination schedule. He’s a Ming that journo Why on god’s earth would anyone under 40 and healthy take this experimental vaccine when nothing is known of its long term safety? It has killed 84 people in this category in total.

BBCPolitics The KISS principle. 👍🏻 Sir Keir and his Unions only alternative policy being dismantled single handedly by Prof. Wei Exactly. Keep it simple, stupid, and maintain momentum. Or get snarled up in analysis paralysis