Coventry raves: 'People were hugging each other and dancing'

An exhibition will explore rave culture and house music in Coventry - the current City of Culture.

10/27/2021 8:14:00 PM

'People were hugging each other and dancing' New exhibition will explore the rave scene in Coventry - the current City of Culture

An exhibition will explore rave culture and house music in Coventry - the current City of Culture.

He said he spent the following years documenting what was happening.It later became his job, as in 1992 he set up Daylight Robbery, an organisation specialising in live visual projections, moving image and curated sets designed for themed club nights.

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"I found something where I could earn money but also be involved in something that I loved," he said.In 2018 he self-funded, produced and curated his first exhibition which was a combination of original footage and digital manipulations of the dance music revolution of the 1980s and has produced a series of audio documentaries focusing on 1980s and 1990s Coventry.

"At that time to go to nightclub you had to wear a shirt, tie, trousers and shoes and played they played pop music 'til 02:00," said Mr Dowling."This was completely different for these young people to go against the grain and be putting on events.

"This is the start of all these new subcultures that exist today."Image source,Ellie HailImage caption,Artist Adi Dowling said it records "one of the most important cultural movements of the 20th century"House is a Feeling, he said, would look at Coventry before house music, during, and also its aftermath, plus the impact the drug culture of the rave scene had.

The exhibition, he said would be a sensory experience."If people come to the exhibition and don't feel intoxicated I'll be quite annoyed," he said.Image source,Image caption,The exhibition, House is a Feeling, will be a multi-media experience

Chenine Bhathena, creative director of Coventry City of Culture, added: "The city was at the epicentre of electronic dance music and rave culture at this time."It was just pure love for the beat. There was a sense of freedom and spirit amongst that generation that won't be seen again."

The exhibition will be take place in a secret location from 11 to 28 November. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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