Coronavirus updates: 'Vast majority' will obey self-isolation order - Hancock - BBC News

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock speaks to the BBC about the new track and trace system.

5/28/2020 12:32:00 PM

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says he believes the 'vast majority of people' will follow instructions to self-isolate if told to under the new test and trace system

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock speaks to the BBC about the new track and trace system.

We've been hearing how the number of deaths in the US has passed 100,000.Our North America editor Jon Sopel has been tracing US policy over the course of the pandemic. His piece includes this timeline of President Donald Trump's quotes from critical weeks in January and February.

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Jan 22:"It's one person coming in from China and we have it under control. It's going to be just fine."Feb 2:"We pretty much shut it down coming in from China."Feb 10:"Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away. I hope that's true. But we're doing great in our country. China, I spoke with President Xi, and they're working very, very hard. And I think it's going to all work out fine."

Feb 11:"In our country, we only have, basically, 12 cases and most of those people are recovering and some cases fully recovered. So it's actually less."Feb 24:"The coronavirus is very much under control in the USA. We are in contact with everyone and all relevant countries. CDC and World Health have been working hard and very smart. Stock market starting to look very good to me!"

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If people care about their family and friends, work colleagues etc then they will self isolate if they get the call to do so. Stop trying to make out the public are stupid and unable to put what DC did aside and move on. Others have also broken rules and not lost jobs, let it go! This requires trust and there is none. Trust is earned and what you had as a government has been lost.

Carry on believing Matt!! If you tell me who it was that was in contact with me that has resulted in this request for isolation then yes, if you do not then no 🤣 Before last Monday, I'd have said yes to that. But since then, I suspect a huge screw you coming on. This is just an Eton Trifle. Really , when you lot can’t follow the rules !!!!

MattHancock what if your belief is wrong? Belief is not science or certainly not enough to make things work well enough unless you have penalties or ways to track those who are not abiding to the rules! BorisJohnson The majority will comply, not because the govt appeals to duty, but beacuse they care. Also they don’t want to be likened to Mr Cummings.

Then he’s deluded Yup! Following widespread fires started by discarded BBQs in the South West, beaches packed with no social distancing and people taking unnecessary trips it's clear that the British public are renowned for their common sense. 🤣😂🤣 That is laughable in itself. All he has to do is take a look at London Fields, the beaches, parks...anywhere a crowd gets. There's a woods near me and a whole group get in there EVERY day to do stuff... People's social media feeds are full of tales of ppl mixing fgs.

I am not using anything which has connections with Cambridge Analytica and Cummings does. Oh because they are so good at reading the nation and how they actually feel to this directorship. Pathetic 😂 he thinks he knows how we will behave, Boris presumes he knows what we are thinking. some of this cabinet will have a new career as psychics.

Bit more Written Farts from the British Brainwashing Corporation , must keep that Government Narrative on the war on death , has anyone told the BBC none is paying any attention to them , they are even loosing the Feeble minded ! I'm just going to use my instinct. Shame his boss's Advisor ignored every government instruction.

It's obvious that none of these plonkers in parliament are even close to being in touch with the British public. They don't care about us. Simple. MattHancock just because you say something, it does not make it true! There’s a difference between fact and opinion. Not if it isn't ready. Unless of course instinct tells them not to Cummings

BBCPolitics I must have missed the survey. He has told us repeatedly that following our own judgement is better than following the rules to the letter. Many will be using this judgement when they are told to stay home because they were stood near somebody they don't even remember in the supermarket....

Yeah sure ..are the British cabinet characters from a comic book He's DELUDED!!! BBCPolitics Don't forget that your citizen LondonBoy who ran away from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 to 🇺🇸 (get helped by an American citizen taylorswift13 🤫) because he was afraid to be tested for COVID19 🤣 Cc: BorisJohnson MattHancock DHSCgovuk

Get rid of Cummings. His creepy hands are all over this & im not giving him my data. please kindly follow I promise to follow back BBCPolitics Narrator: The vast majority of people did not follow instructions and many people died. It could all have been avoided with strong leadership and a moral compass.

BBCPolitics I don’t think so. Surely you are not that deluded to honestly believe we are going to take a blind bit of notice of you. I don't think so. MattHancock after the Conservatives undermined the uk efforts to contain the virus with Cummings and you laughing on national news after the uk death toll was announced...I wouldn’t be so sure...

No they won’t, none of the older people I work with who have miners lung and got the isolate for 12 weeks letter did so, hell of a lot of “why should ahh suffah” Typhoid Marys out there and Cummings taking his covid in a road trip has made it far worse believe me. MattHancock is delusional, he as introduced a system that is not fully operational to save the job of Cummings, this is the government some people voted in, an arrogant government that will risk people's lives to save their own jobs

Yeah but what about DominicCummngs and his ilk? Will they? Betcha not!! They’ll find some weak excuse on which to hinge their non-compliance. DoAsISayNotAsIDo ! 😡😡 Dumb insolence is all MattHancock can expect. Trust in government is dangerously eroded. He, the shambling 🤡PM, the other toys in the cabinet of sycophants, backed their boss Cummings not the nation's health. TalkTalk Dido their latest 'expert'. Laughingstock 🇬🇧60,000+ dead.

Maybe the vast majority of those who download the app will do but how many will download the app? Sheep will I don’t think so Wancock! Seems they are not The vast majority have it’s the MPs that haven’t We dont need track and trace of social distancing. The virus is burning out, even the Oxford Scientists working in the 'vaccine' say so. Professor Adrian Hill describes the efforts to create a vaccine as a 'race against the virus disappearing'.

I’am very sceptical about the whole thing working. Can't seem to find the part on when you should drive to Barnard castle to test your eyesight? Please clarify. BBCPolitics I will. Because I’m not a self entitled prick who thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Not happening. The horse has well and truly bolted thanks to the negligence and incompetence of MattHancock and BorisJohnson

Which crashed already. If you see Hancock, tell him he should resign, especially after laughing through interviews on tv, while 50k people are dead. BBCPolitics Wonder who the 'minority' that will not follow the test and trace instructions? Suggest that some of the top candidates will more than likely some politicians and their advisors. Its the do as I say not as I do syndrome

Probably right as the vast majority of people aren’t selfish or believe they are above the rules. He does?🤣 So this so called world class leading test and track is already falling down as the employed trackers can’t log in? World class? Another government overplay! Don't think I like his tone F off wankcock

Theres just a sour taste now anytime anyone in gov tells me they expect this or it's a civic duty. If I believed we were ALL doing it maybe but now I know YOU LOT are not and worse that you defend to the death the ones that dont....well tbh I'm done with anything you say/expect Any good and reasonable people will tell you to get to f$%

this is who george floyd was, a peace activist. a respected community leader. he was murdered by the very issue he was fighting for. remember him for this and not the video of his death. acab. BlackLivesMatter JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Вы делаете мою жизнь лучше Hmm. Not if the pictures of our crowded beaches on Bank Holiday Monday are anything to go by.

dominiccummings and highest death rate are the real stories you should be covering So we are going to get a second wave of the virus now because thier will be selfish people refusing to do this because they are having temper tantrums about dominic Cummings why is it everytime the government trys something to help with the virus all you lot do is complain

BBCPolitics Yes, the vast majority will - most people are decent, normal people. A minority of knobheads would never have done anyway. A small minority of utter twats now say they won't because they want to give 2 fingers to the Govt. Surely he should be using the past tense, as after Cummings (‘within the law’) stretched credibility to breaking point. The Public WERE generally compliant – the PM’s choice to put his SpAd before country blew all that away. Do his Instructions come with small print for Cummings?

That's because the vast majority of people aren't on Twitter and aren't likely to be be pricks, like pretty much every other person replying to the tweet. Will DominicCummings follow the instructions as well or go to Durham instead? SackCummings I think Matt Hancock is delusional on his thoughts! Why would anyone listen to him or the government after they lost the trust of the majority of the British people?

BBCPolitics He also believes Cummings acted lawfully (& presumably unicorns and fairies). Some government ministers live on cloud 9 Who will pay for self-isolation? Just not Dom *insert Cummings joke Typhoid Mary = Covid-19 Cummings So Cummings will not be downloading the app then. People are angry. People are scared. People do not like being lied to. People will use their common sense. People will be very wary about following their instincts.👓 People will not trust being monitored. Where does this leave us when we all want to do the right thing?

Not if the government are seen to flaunt it. Deluded.. Get your house in order first... Oh was that Matt Hancock speaking on the news ? I thought it was Alan B'Stard Well, won’t be me because Dom says I can use the Cummings defence of ‘exceptional circumstances’ and just please myself. Let’s be realistic, it won’t work because government have screwed up trust and inhabit their own opaque agenda.

When Cummings goes. Whilst singing Happy Birthday. Trust the many, not the few! Is this system even set up yet? 🤣 Lockdown is over mate! You keep Cummings we get our freedom back! That's the deal! He needs to watch his tone... Dominic exempt as always, I expect? Please please!!!!USA help!!!!!!I am in greatly dangerous situation that I could not sleep totally past ten years; even for a second!! Shout of Aman Tolla Hamda for help to the world for emergency and dangers!!!!!!!!!!

You only have to look under his tweets to know that is incorrect HOW can Matt Hancock say 'If you have symptoms you must isolate immediately.' ? Erm over to you DC ............... but wait you never DID get a test ..but when to a jolly trip to castle FOR your wife's birthday While people stayed IN on lockdown 😒

like cummings aye?

Coronavirus updates: UK PM faces scrutiny over senior aide row - BBC News412 more people have died with coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths in the UK to 37,460 It is the fifth day testing data has been unavailable “Temporary pause” - they’re afraid to admit that since the pandemic started they have not tested at least 100,000 PEOPLE a day. Real figures!

Coronavirus: Emily Maitlis misses Newsnight after BBC rules Cummings coverage breached impartiality rulesThe presenter said Dominic Cummings had 'broken the rules' by going to Durham from London during lockdown. Hi from the United States, Speaking the truth isn't impartiality. The sad truth (AKA fact) is that the free press is being stifled by having to 'both sides' facts and fantasy (AKA bullshit). And yet Laura Kuenssberg is given an easy ride by her employers. This simply comes down to the BBCs fear of the government and Cummings. Kuenssberg has shown bias in their favour and therefore she is ok. Tat tah

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David Bowie, Adele and Beyoncé: BBC unveil Glastonbury coverageClassic sets to be shown in place of 50th anniversary festival scuppered by coronavirus Deeply sad that people get excited about a news story like this Glastonbury2020 The real way it should be watched without a gallon of mud everywhere. 🤣 Repeats repeats and more repeats. Nice to see that the pandemic hasn't changed things at the BBC.