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Queues build as Ikea reopens in England Latest:

6/1/2020 3:02:00 PM

Queues build as Ikea reopens in England Latest:

Some pupils are returning to primary schools but up to half may stay at home, one survey says.

Image caption: Sean says there was much less work to do during home schooling“I’m excited to see my friends and see everyone but not excited for the work,” says 11-year-old Sean, who has just arrived back for his final few weeks at St Mary Magdalen’s Catholic Primary School In West London.

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He says he has kept up with the home schooling “but it’s nowhere near the amount we normally do”.His classmate Ruby, also 11, quite likes the extra space, with desks in rows facing the front instead of pushed together. “It could be better because sometimes people can be annoying.”

The school has split each class into two separate"bubbles", with one half in on Monday and Tuesday and the other on Thursday and Friday - which allows for a deep clean on Wednesdays.BBCCopyright: BBCRuby says she will miss friends in other groups who will attend school on different days

Image caption: Ruby says she will miss friends in other groups who will attend school on different daysRuby says she will miss some of the people in the other group. School will be “way different”, she says.Dora, who is not due in until Friday, is quite disappointed. “It isn’t long until the end of primary school and I’m worried I won't be able to see my friends before we’re all sent off to different secondary schools.”

Overall, 47 pupils have turned up at the school this morning, which includes 15 whose parents are key workers.Headteacher Helen Frostick says the number is about half what she had expected. She believes many parents are waiting to see how it goes - so numbers may pick up in the coming days.

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Ikea to be closed as of Friday How bloody stupid How desperate do you need to be for a Billy bookcase? Need to deal with Sadiq he’s pointing the finger again. Ahhhhh Embarrassing Are these people not aware that ikea deliver Sad! Sad fuckers but it keeps them out of my way so good news Of course they are ! I love a browse around IKEA but I'll wait a few months thanks...surely most items are online anyway?

✍️ very sad and pathetic Wow, are people really that desperate? Just wait for the pubs and bars to re-open, that'll be a que and a half🤣 So much for stay home save lives fuck the nhs you might as buy shares in coffins Finally get in shop then head to new queue for toilets due to waiting time. coronacentral

What could be so essential to buy to justify queues like these. People are morons 🤬 Ridiculous!! How can purple be that desperate to go to Ikea. I avoid it like the plague during normal times...let alone now!! 😂 How sad are we? Understandable. One thing I've absolutely been champing at the bit for during lockdown is a flat pack wardrobe. FFS, people are stupid.

Maybe to get more sense out of billy the bookcase than Boris the (insert your choice here) I feel so sorry for the poor men who have been dragged there by their wives, stay strong! No thank you hell on earth Queues are going to be huge everywhere as we ease lockdown, especially if nobody holidays abroad and millions on furlough 👎👎

Idiots IKEA is shite 😂😂😂😂😂😂 What a truly exciting life they must lead!!! Meatballs have never been so popular meatballs How can IKEA be allowed to open? IKEAUK Imagine queuing 3 hours to get into Ikea?! 🤯 I struggled to motivate myself to get around the store in normal times! Least they won’t need to create a 1-way system - that was already in place! ✅

And people are mad at blm protesters Never understand people like this. I always give it a few days to die down before going to a shop that has reopened Sad tts If a get sars-cov2 from a billy bookcase, are IKEA liable? Who queues to get in an Ikea store?!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 BetterThingsToDo Desperados Ooh they have missed those meatballs and tiny salt and pepper sets.

Omg really only ever been to IKEA once will never go again it's a horrible experience All Dominic Cummings is Guilty of, is showing us all that the Guidlines are too strict and that we need to make reasonable, parental decisions. The fact that he KNOWS all the intricate info about Covid-19, also shows us that it's not such a big deal. Thank you Dominic Cummins.

Clearly showing those who very luckily probably still got a job that's paying them , or getting their 80% spend their money ...on face it , non essentials !!! What do all these people need that makes them queue up with others ? 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷 What is it with people wanting to Q. Are people so sad and desperate to walk round a superstore. Get out and enjoy yourself. Go for a stroll round local beauty spots, whilst weather is nice, just remember to keep your distance and take your rubbish home.

If I was in the UK janegarvey1, I’d shout you lunch. Brits are a disgrace! Get your priorities straight people. Unless your actually moving or moved house rn you have no excuse to go to Ikea! COVIDIDIOTS SecondPeak And there is so much better made furniture in second hand and antique shops that will out last most of the cardboard wood chip MDF shit that is in IKEA.

Sad,very sad. Don’t they deliver? IKEA People need pebbles Single mums queuing for the 'live, love, laugh' decor. They want to queue, spend money that's keeping the shop open / keep people employed, etc.... if they are keeping to distancing rules etc that s fine.... Has the UK gone mad? How clear does it need to be? It's a pandemic, just...bloody...stop it. Yeah but yeah but corona is a hoax, its only flu, its getting better, I want my furniture and meatballs. Shut up and distance yourself from others

DefundtheBBC ScumMedia MediaScum DefundtheBBC ScumMedia MediaScum DefundtheBBC ScumMedia MediaScum DefundtheBBC ScumMedia MediaScum DefundtheBBC ScumMedia MediaScum DefundtheBBC ScumMedia MediaScum DefundtheBBC ScumMedia MediaScum DefundtheBBC ScumMedia lol crazy desperate people hahah i ordered all i needed online 3.95 delivery

Sad wankers They're looking for a new Cabinet. Are'nt we all ? For when you just can’t wait to build a new piece of furniture LpoolTktPackage Queue for Ikea or any other shop with their families, but kids can’t go to school so they can’t work. Flat pack spreaders. Well it's depressingly sad, that on lifting some lockdown laws, people flock to buy overpriced home decor. Good for Chinese firms making their IKEA products though. Lol

What a bunch of sad sacks Get these pricks off furlough ASAP Pathetic along with the ones who queued for Costa coffee drive throughs, like they absolutely really need something... Get a life.. Or maybe loose it stood almost that lot...bunch of idiots.. Quick I need to buy an emergency flat pack bookcase it really can’t wait, so I must get in a queue for five hours with hoards of others during a pandemic. Critical thinking master class failure 🤯

🙄 oh my! Why? I really couldn't justify standing in a queue for IKEA when the weather is so good! There are many many places I would rather go before I take a trip to IKEA....Like the hairdresser!! You could see friends and family, but instead stand in a queue for a flat pack coffee table. Mad world. Queueing for a BLOMFLUCK.

Crazy! Non-essential! Morons 'I AM DESPERATE FOR FLAT PACK CRAP!' - Said no one ever... apart from these people apparently. Coffins . . . aisle 6. no way I'm waiting in line for this Yes because that flat packed shoe rack is really essential in it Jackie xxx Queue in an enclosed space. What could go wrong?

I suppose they already have the one way system sorted! Houston! We have a problem! Like a line of junkies waiting to get their fix of commercialism. Did the crowds self assemble? Did they eat all their furniture during quarantine? Sad Lamers I have never seen a packed IKEA why are people that sad? Think they've been told meatballs are off?

Even the queues require assembly ...dying for flat pack? Proud that I've never been to Ikea in my life! self assembly queues Good luck putting it all together! 😃 It's the meatballs! Oh FFS! Do they do a range of flat pack coffins?

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