Coronavirus, Covıd 19

Coronavirus, Covıd 19

Coronavirus: Lockdown triggers desperate scramble as Indians walk hundreds of miles

Thousands of migrant workers have had to leave where they live and head to their villages as they are unable to pay their rent.

3/29/2020 11:00:00 PM

Some villagers in India who live in cramped accommodation are self-isolating in trees in an attempt to protect their families and neighbours from catching coronavirus. To read more about India's COVID19 lockdown, click here:

Thousands of migrant workers have had to leave where they live and head to their villages as they are unable to pay their rent.

Image:The workers have been forced to leave where they live as they are unable to pay their rentThese were poor migrant workers, daily wage earners, and contract workers who have been left outside due to the lockdown. This informal sector forms almost 80% of India's workforce.

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Though the central and state governments have announced relief packages, free food and shelter for the migrants, they were in no mood to listen to anyone.At the border they were made to sit beside the road as Delhi's eastern neighbour, the state of Uttar Pradesh, had sealed its borders.

Will the lockdown really save more lives?One man told me:"We want to go home, we have no work for 21 days, no money, nothing to eat or drink. We want to see our children back home. There is nothing for us here now. They are not letting us pass."

Others joined in, calling on the government to open the borders, adding:"We don't want anything else, we will walk home."The government failed to factor in the surge while locking down the country for 21 days - giving only four hours' notice.

Image:Buses were put on to take the workers to their rural villagesAlmost in tears, 21-year-old Zaibi said:"I want to go home, our landlords are asking us to leave. I have walked for 50km and I will have to walk another 200 to reach home. But they are not allowing us to cross."

There was not much evidence of social distancing which the prime minister and health experts have emphasised so often.But when you are dealing with almost tens of thousands congregating in one place such measures are not always possible.Missing too were the protective masks - most had handkerchiefs tied around their faces.

The sea of people and critical coverage in the media has forced the government to put on thousands of buses to take migrants back to their homes. Social media images showed the vehicles filled with migrants as well as some finding space on the roof.Indian villagers self-isolate in trees

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The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered all migrants to be verified and quarantined in camps. An order has directed all magistrates to trace the 150,000 workers.The police have used a combination of punishments - beating, legal and jail threats, reprimanding, cajoling and even seizing vehicles of those who violate restrictions.

India has been criticised for having one of the lowest testing rates for the virus in the world.The exponential increase in cases in Italy, the US, Spain and France, which have similarly low rates of testing, should ring alarm bells for the Indian government.

Health experts believe the country is in the third stage of the virus spread - community transmission, though the government has denied it. Read more: Sky News »

Just gotta share with the tigers pythons leopards lions,gd luck They have been hailed as India's coronavirus 'heroes', but doctors,nurses,delivery drivers and other frontline workers have been attacked and in some cases evicted from their homes by panicked residents. Some e-commerce giants have halted deliveries due to the harassment of staff

5 million years...reversed in a moment Dozens of India’s doctors have taken to social media to complain about discrimination from landlords who have asked them to vacate their homes due to fear of Covid 19. Many doctors are now stranded on roads with all their luggage, nowhere to go, across the country.

God love them❤️ ✌ India and Africa are totally screwed

Millions of Indian labourers forced to walk hundreds of miles home due to coronavirus lockdown‘We’re doomed. If we don’t die of the disease, we’ll die of hunger,’ one man says Heartbreaking People who had hostels and rooms all these days vacated immediately and got struck because of lockdown. Good workout with social distancing. A little exercise never hurt no one. Time to gather your thoughts.

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