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Coronavirus Outbreak, Boris Johnson

Coronavirus live news: Boris Johnson in intensive care as Trump sends prayers

Coronavirus live news: Boris Johnson in intensive care as Trump sends prayers

4/7/2020 2:54:00 AM

Coronavirus live news: Boris Johnson in intensive care as Trump sends prayers

UK foreign secretary Dominic Raab to lead country through crisis while Johnson in hospital. Follow the latest updates.

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1 like = 1 prayer 😔👏🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻 Prayers sent. Get well soon Sir 🙏 best wishes from Italy 🇮🇹 Why send prayers? He wasnt in a school shooting... He will surely come out strong Unfortunately having to learn the lesson like this, that people and health come first, and that without people, without health and without the environment there is no economy. Scientific denialism BorisJohnson has led him to a painful learning and irresponsibly condemning other

We wish his speedy recovery. Lots of love and prayers from India ... Wish him a speedy recovery! That’s when he gets all your N95 masks. When you’re taking his prayers. Herd immunity must sacrifice some people, whether rich or poor, all equal before the novel coronavirus, I hope he is good Get well soon Mr Johnson. Coz Raab - PM? Oh Boy...

Is he sending prayers (for all the good they do) because he's appropriated all the masks et al? withing you all of the best Boris I hope he get well soon. No matters what politic side u are, it’s only a person who needs your pray. PrayForBoris Covid_19 GetWellBoris lockdowneffect StayAtHomeReadABook

This headline kinda wild lmaoooooo Oh sh**, King Clueless sent prayers? Poor Boris is doomed. Don’t forget thoughts. Two Corinthians perhaps? He'll send more on Easter Palm I'm sure. Cheezit Christ sends prayers. Funniest thing I’ve read in days. Damn, he doesn’t want to send Hydroxichloroquine? trump sent ptayers now we know were in trouble lol

Dear Guardian manager, My name is Bilal from Turkey. I wish Mr. Boris Johnson will be good. God bless you too. Guys everything is going to be ok, trump just sent prayers It will be a damn shame if Johnson succumbs and and Xi Jinping lives through this. Its_Gabbs_ All he can send is prayers because he sure as hell doesn't know how to send ANYBODY a ventilator.

Wish you speedy recovery Question: Who is realDonaldTrump praying to though?🤔 That was kind of a petty headline...

Boris Johnson moved to intensive care after coronavirus symptoms worsenPrime minister Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened, reports say Downing Street has confirmed. A No 10 spokesman said: “Since Sunday evening, the The thoughts and prayers of the whole country are with Boris. Prayers🙏🏽 Knew he didn't write that tweet this afternoon, they need to stop lying.

Coronavirus: Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to intensive care after condition worsensThe PM's health deteriorates but he remains conscious and has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise for him. Get well soon 🙏 Didn’t he say everyone is going to loose a loved one at the start now he needs to emphasise with normal people that are loosing their loved ones who don’t get the treatments he is getting 🙏✌🏻 为我们的首相祈福!

Boris Johnson taken to intensive care after coronavirus symptoms worsenForeign Secretary Dominic Raab has been asked to deputise for the Prime Minister whose condition has worsened this afternoon while at St Thomas' Hospital in London QueenElizabeth said We will succeed and that success belong to everyone of us...QueensSpeech coronavirus Praying for you Prime Minister!

Boris Johnson moved to intensive care after testing positive for coronavirus'The prime minister is receiving excellent care,' a spokesperson says

Coronavirus: Why is Boris Johnson in intensive care and what treatment will he get?A microbiologist has said it is likely the prime minister will be receiving oxygen to help his breathing. If he dies it's not going to be good for people from China residing in Britain it won't be good at all Hopefully the same treatment as every other citizen that lives in this country Praying a lot For prime minister May allah give you health 🙏

Boris Johnson in intensive care - all we know as PM battles coronavirusThe Prime Minister was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at St Thomas' Hospital in London after his breathing worsened. He had been admitted on Sunday night due to 'persistent' Covid-19 symptoms Sending prayers and positive thoughts Prompt rétablissement Boris my bro come on we need you to lead us during this pandemic period,God bless you. Hope to see you and hear again on daily pandemic update.