Coronavirus: Israel to give third jab to people aged over 60

Israel to give third Covid jab to people aged over 60

7/30/2021 10:47:00 AM

Israel to give third Covid jab to people aged over 60

Israel will offer Covid boosters amid a recent surge in infections.

Well over half Israel's population of 9.3m has been partially or fully immunisedIsrael will offer a third dose of Covid vaccines to people aged over 60, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has said.Those who got their second jab at least five months ago would be eligible for a Pfizer booster from Sunday, he said.

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President Isaac Herzog, who turns 61 in September, will be the first to get the booster on Friday.This comes amid a surge in infections in Israel, and concern in many countries over the highly contagious Delta variant."Findings show that there is a decline in the body's immunity over time," Mr Bennett said at a briefing on Thursday.

"The aim of the supplementary dose is to build it up again, and thus reduce the chances of infection and serious illness significantly."The prime minister added that 2,000 people with weakened immune systems had already received a third dose with no severe side effects.

Experts say it is not yet clear whether a third dose will reduce Covid cases.Last month, the Israeli authorities reintroduced a requirement to wear masks indoors amid a rise in cases.Israel has been one of the most successful countries in the world in tackling the pandemic.

It implemented the fastest vaccination programme, under which well over half the population of 9.3 million has been partially or fully immunised.Israel has reported nearly 870,000 infections since the start of the outbreak, with nearly 6,500 deaths, according to America's Johns Hopkins University.

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Give the jabs to those who are willing, and let those conspiracy theorists blame the government. BBCWorld Who cares about Israel ? What % of their adults (=18yrs) have been vaccinated? Greater benefits would be derived from vaccinating all adults than triple vaccinating the 60's. All eligible 60's should by now be doubled vax'd, and with appropriate care should not be in the transmission path. CNN


Israel to offer Pfizer Covid booster shots to people over 60Announcement makes Israel the first country to offer a third dose of a western vaccine to its citizens on a wide scale good luck And fiery death from above on Palestinians of all ages! You really have a duty to state that the first two are 'Experimental'(US) or its equivalent'Conditionally Approved'(EU, etc). Your choice of wording/terminology isn't technically precise& IS misleading. Also: isn't the whole point of mRNA that is is meant to 'teach' the body?

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