Coronavirus: Govt facing calls for 10pm pub curfew to be urgently reviewed

Tighter social restrictions could be imposed if #coronavirus infections continue to rise, a minister has suggested

9/29/2020 4:43:00 AM

Tighter social restrictions could be imposed if coronavirus infections continue to rise, a minister has suggested

Helen Whately points to a ban on household mixing as a newspaper says a government source claims the action 'will have to come'.

'COVID has made nations seem selfish'It follows a report in The Times that a"total social lockdown" could be enforced across much of northern Britain and London.Measures reportedly being considered include more restrictions on people from different households meeting indoors, and shutting pubs and restaurants - initially for two weeks.

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Schools, shops and offices would remain open, according to the newspaper.It quoted a senior government source as saying the nation and Conservative MPs weren't"ready" for such action but it"will have to come".Ms Whately did not deny the plan is being considered.

"We have an opportunity - a choice - as a country to get this back under control again," she said. Read more: Sky News »

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Turns out they didn't manage to destroy the economy first time around, so they want to come back to finish the job. ‘A minister’ ? No . He’s a dick who doesn’t live in the real world . He should be sorting out the gun and knife crime in his area not spouting crap about a fake 🦠 . Up yours Burnham . We want infections. And recoveries. That’s how we get to herd immunity.

Not exactly rocket science is it... Wow! That minister is a genius!!!

'Corona cuffing' is the new lockdown dating trend that's seeing everyone coupling up because of the 10PM curfews and ban on casual sex rulesAll the single ladies, put your hands...down?

Covid infections NOT rising like 'nightmare projection' by top Govt expertsCORONAVIRUS infections are not rising as fast as the “nightmare projection” from the Government’s chief scientists, data has revealed. Last week, Sir Patrick Vallance and Professo… No shit Sherlock Absolute lies.

Pubs & restaurants caused just 3% of Covid infections in week before 10pm curfewPUBS and restaurants caused less than three per cent of coronavirus infections in the week before the 10pm curfew, official data shows. In fact, schools and care homes were responsible for more tha… Students must've caused the other 97% 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫🕵️‍♂️ And now the gatherings of people outside the pubs will cause 50 percent increase. They all packed like sardines PeterMichaels72 The true scale of wave 1 in focus and the indicators of what is a 3nd wave

Coronavirus: Evening update➡️ Call for review of 10pm pub curfew ➡️ Scam firms used to claim virus loans ➡️ Police told not to download Covid-19 app Here's our evening coronavirus update: Less deaths but more restrictions on families 😢 We have to stop this lockdown mania. Yes the virus can be very serious or even deadly but there's no proportion left in our response.

Boris Johnson under pressure as Labour demands review of 10pm curfew for pubsEarly closing order ‘doing more harm than good’ warns Manchester mayor Still struggling with becoming A Profitable Forex trader? I can help you out,Make $3000 in just 3 days,No need to pay for Signals,Learn how to invest and generate income all by yourself.Become a successful forex trader today📊💰.DM for more info Markharrisfx I can smell another u-turn.

UK coronavirus live: Burnham says 10pm closing time for pubs 'doing more harm than good'Greater Manchester mayor says rule ‘creates an incentive for people to gather in the streets or at home’ Rules for thee but not for me,said the MP.s And there's not many pubs in Burnham on Sea. Really? What would he do and why hasn't he done it yet, he has the power.