Coronavirus - all you need to know as global death toll hits 338,000

Police chief says travel restrictions still being enforced despite tens of thousands flocking to beaches

5/23/2020 10:32:00 AM

Police chief says travel restrictions still being enforced despite tens of thousands flocking to beaches

Closer to home, the British death toll has topped 36,000 - more than one in ten of the lives lost around the world to the deadly pandemic

“Safe corridors” could allow Brits to holiday abroad this summer without having to quarantine.Ministers are hoping to strike deals with a number of countries - including France, Spain and Greece - permitting travel as soon as July, the Daily Mail reports tonight.

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It comes after the Government confirmed today that anyone arriving in the UK from overseas will have to self-isolate for 14 days from June 8, appearing to kill off hopes of foreign getaways.The strict new measures - designed to prevent a second wave of

infections from abroad - will apply to nearly all travellers including returning Brits.Anyone found breaching the rules could be fined £1,000.Passengers wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) queue up to board a China bound flight at Terminal 2 of Heathrow airport, west London on May 22, 2020. (Photo by Tolga Akmen / AFP) (Photo by TOLGA AKMEN/AFP via Getty Images)

00:29From Cummings to Professor Ferguson - the high-profile names caught out breaking lockdownBoris Johnson’s chief aide Dominic Cummings is the latest high-profile figure to have broken the Government’s lockdown rules, it has been revealed.He is now facing calls to resign after travelling from London to Durham where his parents live.

But he is not alone.Here, we look at some of the other people who have been in the spotlight for allegedly flouting lockdown measures.23:54Insurer AXA must pay restaurant's Covid-19 losses, French court rulesA Paris court ruled that insurer AXA must pay a restaurant owner two months’ worth of coronavirus-related revenue losses potentially opening the door to a wave of similar litigation.

The ruling will be of interest to restaurants, cafes and nightclubs in Britain and the United States which are also threatening legal action against insurers who have not paid out on business interruption policies.The case was brought by Stephane Manigold, who owns four Paris restaurants.

He filed a lawsuit demanding AXA cover his operating losses after a government order in mid-March to close bars and restaurants to slow the spread of the coronavirus.When he learned of Friday’s verdict at his office, Manigold high-fived a colleague and his supporters applauded.

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“This is a collective victory,” he told Reuters.He later cried as he spoke to reporters in front of one of his shuttered restaurants.The court said the administrative decision to close the restaurant qualified for insurance cover as a business interruption loss.

“This means that all companies with the same clause can appeal to their insurers,” Manigold’s lawyer, Anais Sauvagnac, said.23:51Cuba credits two drugs with slashing coronavirus death tollCuba said this week that use of two drugs produced by its biotech industry that reduce hyper-inflammation in seriously ill COVID-19 patients has sharply curbed its coronavirus-related death toll.

Health authorities have reported just two virus-related deaths over the past nine days among more than 200 active cases on the Caribbean’s largest island, a sign they may have the worst of the outbreak under control.It ascribes the recent reduction in deaths of severely ill COVID-19 patients largely to the use beginning in April of two drugs that appear to help calm the “cytokine storm,” a dangerous overresponse by the immune system in which it attacks healthy tissue as well as the invading virus.

One is itolizumab, a monoclonal antibody produced in Cuba and elsewhere.The other is a peptide that Cuba says its biotech industry discovered and has been testing for rheumatoid arthritis in Phase II clinical trials.“Some 80 percent of patients who end up in critical condition are dying. In Cuba, with the use of these drugs, 80 percent of those who end up in critical or serious condition are being saved,” President Miguel Diaz-Canel said.

23:42Brazil rises to No. 2 in coronavirus cases as it suffers 1,001 new deathsBrazil overtook Russia on Friday in terms of the number of coronavirus cases, having registered 330,890 people who have contracted the virus, second only to the United States.

The country registered 1,001 daily coronavirus deaths on Friday, taking total deaths to 21,048, according to the health ministry.However the true number - both of cases and deaths - is likely higher as Latin America’s top economy has been slow to ramp up testing.

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Workers of a funeral parlour, wearing protective clothing, place a body in a casket(Image: REUTERS)23:29Employers 'to pay quarter of wages to furloughed staff'Employers will be forced to pay a quarter of the wages to furloughed staff as the scheme is gradually wound down by the UK Treasury, the Times has reported.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is expected to announce the new proposals next week which are expected to come into force in August.All employers using the scheme will be required to pay National Insurance but the Government will continue to pay pension contributions.

Mr Sunak will allow also employers to take back furloughed workers part time for as many hours a week as they want.Currently 8million Brits - or a third of the current private sector workforce - have been temporarily laid off due to the coronavirus crisis.

The Office for Budget Responsibility has warned that costs of the radical scheme could spiral to £80billion.Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak(Image: REUTERS)23:11Mexico says it has avoided coronavirus 'deluge' even as cases mountMexico’s government says it had the coronavirus outbreak under control even as the country becomes one of the global hotspots for the pandemic.

The health ministry had forecast the outbreak could peak two weeks ago, but Mexico has posted its highest totals of deaths and infections in the past two days, trailing only the United States and Brazil for fatalities.Under pressure from politicians, officials, and the business lobby in Washington, Mexico has already started to reopen parts of the economy.

However, some politicians and public health experts fear that may be premature.In the past seven days, Mexico registered 27% of its total 6,510 confirmed deaths from the coronavirus and 24% of the 59,567 cases.On Friday, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said the country was coping.

“The key thing is that in spite of the suffering and the loss of human life, we’ve avoided a deluge,” the president told a news conference.“We can rule that out.”22:59Ex-Tory minister labels government 'arrogant and elitist' over Dominic Cummings lockdown breach

Former Conservative minister Anna Soubry has called the Government “arrogant and elitist” following the Mirror’s report that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings breached lockdown rules by visiting his parents’ home.She said on Twitter: “All I can think of is all those people who kept to the rules and didn’t say farewell or hold the hand of a dearly loved family member before they died nor attend their funeral.

“The Government has been consistent – do as we say not as we do. Arrogant and elitist.”Former Tory minister Anna Soubry(Image: PA)22:43Rishi Sunak clashing with Boris Johnson over speed of lockdown easing - reportsChancellor Rishi Sunak is clashing with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the speed at which the UK is being eased out of the coronavirus lockdown, according to reports.

The chancellor is said to have characterised the government’s scientific advisory group SAGE of being overly cautious in its advice as Treasury reels at the force of the pandemic laying waste to the UK economy.The Financial Times reports a frustrated Mr Sunak told Tory MPs on a conference call that he wants to open up the economy as quickly as possible to help ease the economic damage caused by the crisis.

“Somehow Greece and Italy are opening up,” Mr Sunak reportedly told them. “This country can’t be the only place in the world where people can’t go and have a drink in the pub.”Mr Sunak added: “The single best way to help tourism in this country is to allow people to open up.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak(Image: REUTERS)22:38Brit tourists face £1,000 fine if they breach 14-day quarantine on return to UKHolidaymakers risk being hit with a £1,000 on-the-spot fine for leaving home within two weeks of returning from a foreign trips.

Those who repeatedly flout the rule could be prosecuted.It means households face a choice between not jetting abroad for a break, or enduring 14 days of effective house arrest.Those hoping to travel to hotspots such as the Balearic Island of Mallorca or the Costa del Sol in Spain later in the summer could find themselves grounded.

Read moreNew arrivals will be required to self-isolate when they touch down in the UK22:28Nurse and doctor forced to cancel wedding due to coronavirus marry at their hospital insteadA nurse and doctor who had to cancel their wedding due to thecoronavirus

outbreak have tied the knot at the hospital where they work.Jann Tipping, 34, and Annalan Navaratnam, 30, took time out of battling coronavirus in the frontline have their nuptials with guests “dialing in” via webcams.The couple had planned to marry in August but decided to cancel due to fears over their families being able to travel there safely from Northern Ireland and Sri Lanka.

So instead they swapped vows at St Thomas’ Hospital in London where they are fighting on the Covid-19 frontlines in a touching ceremony.Read more and see the wedding picturesThe couple tied the knot at the hospital chapel (Rebecca Carpenter Photography)

22:06SNP leader calls for Dominic Cummings to 'resign or be sacked"SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford has responded to the Mirror’s report that Dominic Cummings was spotted at his parents’ home in Durham when he was recovering from Covid-19.

Mr Blackford called for Boris Johnson’s senior aide to be resign or be sacked.“Following the news that Dominic Cummings travelled from London to Durham during lockdown and his behaviour was investigated by the police, his position is completely untenable – he must resign or be sacked,” Mr Blackford tweeted.

21:51Dominic Cummings supporter says there's 'zero chance' he will resignClose friends of Dominic Cummings claim there is ‘zero chance’ he will resign over breaching the coronavirus lockdown.The friend, who remained anonymous, told the Press Association news agency: “He isn’t remotely bothered,” adding “there is zero chance of him resigning.”

You can read the story and what police had to sayDominic Cummings travelled from London to Durham when he was supposed to be self-isolating21:47Simon Cowell shares tips for losing four stone in lockdownThe Britain’s Got Talent judge, 60, has lost an impressive 60 pounds after overhauling his lifestyle in lockdown and adopting a healthy vegan diet.

Simon Cowell claims he has lost four stone in the nearly two months since the UK entered lockdown.Read moreSimon Cowell has shed pounds since going into lockdown life(Image: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)21:40Donald Trump's garbled and flailing coronavirus messaging has cost US lives

As the US coronavirus death toll marches closer to 100,000, more than 43 million people are unemployedPresident Donald Trump flails over an economic crisis not seen since the Great Depression.The Daily Mirror’s US editor Christopher Bucktin visited Minnesota where farmers are facing devastation.

Read moreU.S. President Donald Trump visits a Ford plant manufacturing protective wear during the coronavirus pandemic Read more: Daily Mirror »

TracyBrabin And go back to him mums chilliesforlife Correct quote by Mirror should read: “Senior, anti-gov., anti BorisJohnson, ant-Brexit, Lib/Lab rabble...”? This is just part of a dirty little campaign to disrupt elected government, which is already unraveling. COVIDー19 SocialM85897394 DominicCummings Iromg

We call for by time economy next quarter hits, & illegal lockdowns, social distancing. Threats of fines, we recommend all politicans, govenors, for gov corp, face prosecution inc, borisjohnson his connection to gates. Royals will lost billions revenue last quarter TracyBrabin Whole family should have isolated and if symptoms were so bad why would you drive excess 250 miles to use high risk parents as childcare?

Doesn't matter what his motivation was he was infected and left self-isolation. Senior politician= The whole of The UKLabour !

Coronavirus: Evening updateFive things you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak this evening 👇 The dead don't have a choice only the living If you're serious about your well-being, there's a remedy for the sick ones God Healing Oil, A Healing balm for coronavirus and other deadly diseases Truth is rare, believe it when you see it Kindly Dm if you are ready for the cure 1. Priti Patel is a disgrace 2. Priti Patel is a disgrace 3. Priti Patel is a disgrace 4. Priti Patel is a disgrace 5. Priti Patel is a disgrace 1. Tory government negligence costs lives 2. Tory government negligence costs lives 3. Tory government negligence costs lives 4. Tory government negligence costs lives 5. Tory government negligence costs lives

Coronavirus live news: Trump pushes to open churches as Brazil death toll passes 20,000President appears at Michigan factory without mask; Italy death toll could be 60% higher than assumed; Russia industrial output falls 6.6% in April. Follow the latest updates damm strange headline. is it relevant?

UK coronavirus death toll rises to 36,393The UK's coronavirus death toll has increased by 351, according to the latest government figures. The rise in the 24 hours up to 5pm on Thursday takes the country's official death toll to 36,393. A Celtic won 9IAR though so a small price to pay I’m sure you’d agree. They made the priority incredibly clear Back to work peasants Plus the 20,000 deaths above the seasonal average that have unexplainably happened in the community during the pandemic... So that's 56,392!

Coronavirus updates: Brazil death toll hits 20,000 - BBC NewsThe country's outbreak is still weeks away from its peak as President Bolsonaro downplays the risks. Better off going to proper pubs least they have abit atmosphere As soon as it opens What’s their legal position if someone contracts covid from hasty setups ?

Corpse lies on streets of Rio for 30 hoursA dead man's body lay festering on the streets of Rio for 30 hours amid Brazil's battle to curb a coronavirus death toll that has soared to more than 20,000. That’s how Rio is managed. It already imploded. Doesn’t make a difference in Brazil’s context. Only harm. While some dies, others play

Corpse lies on streets of Rio for 30 hoursA dead man's body lay festering on the streets of Rio for 30 hours amid Brazil's battle to curb a coronavirus death toll that has soared to more than 20,000. Í’ m from Rio . That’ s FAKENEWS!