Coronavirus advice from Mexico's president: 'Live life as usual'

Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Coronavirus Outbreak, Americas

Coronavirus advice from Mexico's president: 'Live life as usual'

Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador


Coronavirus advice from Mexico 's president: 'Live life as usual'

López Obrador’s nonchalance and resistance to tough action in face of pandemic draws barrage of criticism

From a bountiful table filled with culinary delights from Oaxaca, Mexico’s president offered unusual advice for a country facing the coronavirus crunch: keep dining out. “We’re going to keep living life as usual,” a relaxed Andrés Manuel López Obrador insisted in an online video shot during a weekend tour of the southern Mexican state. “I’ll tell you when not to go out any longer,” the left-wing populist said, explaining that the pandemic was still only in its first phase. “If you’re able and have the means to do so, continue taking your family out to eat … because that strengthens the economy.” López Obrador, who most know as Amlo, has responded to the coronavirus crisis with nonchalance – never missing an opportunity to contradict the advice of public health officials or paint the pandemic as a plot to derail his presidency. In recent weeks Amlo has routinely avoided social distancing and organised campaign-style rallies rife with gladhanding, hugs and baby-kissing. Amlo has also resisted ratcheting up measures to slow the virus – such as calling off mass events until recently or closing schools and businesses – arguing that doing so would unnecessarily harm the vast swaths of the population economically unable to isolate themselves for several weeks or months. Even his attempts at promoting social distancing seemed petulant. Last week he tweeted a video of a young girl with braided hair lauding his presidential agenda – “we’re with you and your great national project”, she said – to which Amlo replied: “I wanted to smother her with kisses, but couldn’t because of social distancing.” Amlo’s supporters, meanwhile, speak of coronavirus in almost conspiratorial terms. One person at a recent morning press conference called it “a fad disease” in his question to Mexico’s leader. Amlo’s behaviour has sparked a barrage of criticism from Mexicans – many of whom are taking precautions on their own without government guidance. “López’s arrogance in the face of the global coronavirus crisis is frankly irresponsible and reprehensible ... his reluctance to use hand sanitizer is simply immoral,” the journalist Luis Cárdenas wrote in El Universal newspaper, calling Amlo Mexico’s “worst president in history”. He is also drawing unflattering comparisons to other populists such as the US president, Donald Trump, who has downplayed the urgency of the coronavirus pandemic, and Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, who has dismissed the crisis as a media “trick” and a “fantasy”. This week the left-wing American magazine Mother Jones branded Amlo “the most irresponsible president on the continent” and said his weak response compared badly with those of other Latin American governments such as Colombia and El Salvador. Analysts said Amlo’s apathetic response stems partly from concerns over Mexico’s economy – and partly from his conviction that his political foes are behind calls for him to take more drastic action. The political scientist Aldo Muñoz Armenta said Amlo’s attitude was one of “they can’t tell me what’s correct because they’re the ones that want to hurt me”. “It’s now turned into an issue of competition and not a matter of public health,” said Muñoz, a professor at the Autonomous University of Mexico State. “Amlo is more interested in contradicting them than making a decision.” Others believe that Amlo – who swept to power in 2018 vowing to champion Mexico’s poor – fears taking measures that are too tough, too soon could damage his political standing by causing economic chaos. When Amlo’s predecessor, Felipe Calderón shut down Mexico City for five days in 2009 to combat the H1N1 viral outbreak, Amlo criticised the move as excessive. Analysts said Amlo wanted to avoid repeating Calderón’s example – even though it was lauded by international health officials. “The perception that Calderón overreacted is still prevalent among Amlo supporters,” said Rodolfo Soriano-Núñez, a sociologist in Mexico City. Xavier Tello, a Mexican healthcare analyst, said: “He could genuinely be trying to save the economy for the poor. But he is allowing them to become infected and contagious, which will be worse for them in terms of the health costs.” “He’s being as irresponsible as a head of state can be,” Tello added. On Tuesday Mexico – which has so far reported 367 confirmed cases of coronavirus and four deaths – announced it would suspend all public and private gatherings for the next month in an attempt to halt the disease’s spread. Topics Read more: The Guardian

Hope good again Is he serious. Salute lol Wonder what Mexico's numbers look like? امتحان_قدرات_ثانويه_عامة_2020 His advice is as bad as Mexican food. Yep, let’s open the border. KAG This article is full with personal claims that are both misleading and exaggerated. It's sad that publishes an article on this crucial topic with outdated and inaccurate information.

I'm impressed. The Guardian usually has a good coverage of Mexico but, in this case, you where either ignorant or naive who took a partial perspective of how our government is sorting things out. There's a real attempt to hurt our government and you've just become a part of that. Or let people with no formal jobs die from hunger, hope you give the entire panorama of how is the country facing this and when he said that.

AmyRuckes Agree

Coronavirus puts 4.4 million jobs in jeopardy in MexicoCoronavirus pandemic is slowly crippling Mexico 's economy with spring break travelers, especially from the U.S., choosing to stay away from hotels and businesses that employ 4.4 million.

We are taking precautions WITH government guidance. We have experts who lead public conferences everyday. WHO recognized Mx as one having the best prompt measures. The rest of the article is true AMLO is an egocentric prick! Best advice currently. The alternative (shut down everything / ultimate gestapo mode) means mass unemployment, riots, civil war and 10x more death in 10x less time.

Situación en SLP, Méx. Casos de coronavirus, personal de salud sin equipo, familiares haciendo 'equipos de protección' en casa con material que ellos mismos compran. No existió capacitación, no hubo plan, no se sabe cuáles son las áreas designadas para los pacientes. Mexico has over 60 million people living with the earnings of the day. Most of them have no running water, while savings and TP are a luxury. When you know hunger and fight starvation on daily basis, COVID-19 is a remote threat. He made his choice

What a disappointment. This happened just a few days ago when we have two hundred infected in Mexico. What policies have implemented in UK when you people got the same number of infected people (March 6th)? el_reportero Absolutely correct!!! Yes from yesterday, phase 2 measures were announced,like no gatherings of more than 100 persons🤦🏼‍♀️. Our President is a man with the lowest self esteem, and persecution delirium. His followers believe covid wont be a problem just because we are very brave!

This article is so outdated, we are about a month behind US and Europe and schools are already suspended, people working from home and they announced phase 2 yesterday. They run a stayathome slogan constantly, even launched a cartoon superhero for distancing, don’t lie Fuckwit! He’s going to be responsible for thousands of deaths

UK coronavirus live: Hancock condemns people ignoring two-metre distance rule in parks as 'very selfish'Rolling coverage of all the UK developments in the coronavirus crisisCoronavirus - global live updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage I know a private school in London that is telling it's staff to come to work today (monday 23rd march) traveling via public transport against government guidlines , with NO KEY WORKERS children attending what should i do about it?🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ fake panic via redsheild zionists Melihat ini merasa warga +62 lebih baik menaati aturan. Jalanan, restoran, mal di Bogor, Depok, Jakarta sepi. Yang masih di luar mungkin karena terpaksa bekerja, mari bantu mereka😇

Wow, his advice is super shit. Good advice. Live life as usual, but follow Govt. advice sensibly - wash hands with disinfectant and observe social distancing without reasons. Keeping yourself safe means keeping others safe too, slow or stop the spread. Such a misleading news!! Mexico just started self isolating yesterday on a very early stage of the pandemic, also all schools are closed now. President spoke to the nation to take measures and protect the elderly, keep yourselves updated!!

Trump was on to something about these people Not anymore from March 23st, quarantine!!! Time will tell, but until such time - BOYCOTT MEXICO Starting yesterday March 24, this is no longer true, which is the moment we officially ended phase 1, and the government did a whole uturn. Measures got a lot tougher, And people are being sent home. Why was this article published a whole day after this is no longer true?

He doesn't run the country .. cartels do! The Mexicans should think twice about electing this president again. The pandemic is obvious and death toll is amounting. How to carry on the living as if nothing has happened? The rich & powerful have the resources to prevent the infections but how about the under privileged?

Populism is a political disease that infects both left and right-wing. Down with all crooks like Amlo, Trump, Boris Johnson, Bolsonaro & Co.

Piers Morgan fury at ‘MORONS’ packing UK streets during coronavirus crisis 'Risking lives'PIERS MORGAN was left seething at the start of today's edition of Good Morning Britain as the presenter offered his take on members of the public flocking to UK tourist destinations over the weekend. I've come to the conclusion that Mr Morgan's verbal diarrhoea is beyond medical help, a heart attack for this self elected Messiah cannot be far off, I wish him no harm but for the sake of HIS health would he please SHUT UP

lopezobrador_ aka TheShit in Spanish ElCacas ElCacasCientifico ElCacasAMLO The majority of those who are dying are elderly with pre existing conditions that make the vulnerable. 96% or more recover. The numbers don't add up to justify the destruction of the economy and individual freedom. Bizarro world when

Last paragraph of the actual story folks. MORE STUPIDITY The true axis of evil is this guy, Trump and Bolsonaro circle jerking To destroy a country needs only one COVID19 coronavirus affected human being. And, as today 25 Mar'20 Mexico has 405 infected cases and 5 deaths including today's one. Good luck. Stay safe.

Oh Mexico Who’s he ! The Grimm Reaper ? This was the message from our own government 3 weeks ago.

Hancock accuses those still socialising in UK of being 'very selfish'Health secretary says behaviour risks lives of NHS workers and others in tougher coronavirus stance than PM Hairdressers hairdressers hairdressers. Why haven't the government closed them? 2 metre rule doesn't apply? Why aren't the media asking about this ffs. If you look carefully at this photo, people are in distinct groups several feet apart. Those in close contact could be people who are living together, which is allowed. Suspect there is an over reaction to flouting of self isolation advice. To fight this virus we certainly don't want lots of young people effortlessly developing natural immunity. Better to wait till Christmas for a vaccine that might not work.

The thing I dont understand is, until the whole World gets rid of the virus, isn't it just going to keep doing the rounds because of travel? One Country gets it under control, another becomes the epicentre? Dis you miss ‘and die’ from the end of his quotation. Yes, he’s saying that shit, but that does not mean we are listening to him. Most of us are IN our houses.

Well, if we could hide from it, we would be hiding forever MexiCovidiot Another verification of the rule that humanity will only come into terms with reality if reality hits it on the head with a gigantic hammer Sooner or later, Mexico gang will announce lockdown😆 Well now US does need a wall to keep infected immigrants out. What an idiot playing right innto trumps hands

Preventing or overcome virus is impossible to lockdown since some countrys would nt do that. Therefore you should prefer herd immunity system in this battle Anyone still objecting to a wall?

Boris Johnson must impose a lockdown now | David LammyDuring this coronavirus pandemic we need to be prepared to temporarily sacrifice our liberty to save lives, says MP for Tottenham, David Lammy Do the US, UK and Australia ever wonder what the Iraqis think of our whining about ''saving our lives'', what about the fucking 1.5 million Iraqis we slaughtered for no damn reason. Immediately. Staff in supermarkets need protection - just witnessed cashier being spat at. Let alone the protection the NHS needs. People are either selfless or selfish & selfish people are coming out of the woodwork and need to be kept inside for the protection of all of us! 🤟👍

welp, it's not the first time foreigners brought plague to Mexican people. That 50 foot wall dnt look so silly anymore... Seems like misleading information sells better nowadays! 🙄 lopezobrador_ El Pardino say hi Bye bye Mexico... lopezobrador_ échale una leída In Turkish we say; Koyver gitsin. Congrats wise guy!

Oh dear, I fear for Mexico 😱😱

Do you know about Morrisons delivery 'loophole' amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown?MORRISONS - the British supermarket chain - has launched an initiative that promises shoppers will get essential items delivered, even when usual delivery slots are full, amid the coronavirus outbreak . No what

asiantrucker So Mexico too will be decimated... Gangster did better than government since they live in the bottom of society As one of the millions of people in lockdown right now, this makes me pretty angry. Absolute moron. In 1665, the Bubonic Plague killed 7000 people in a single week, the Cholera epidemic of 1831 wiped out 51,000 people. Death rates from this have not reached a thousand in the U.K. yet. Perhaps he might have a point about not criminalizing an entire country on hysteria grounds?

GOAT The last sentence contradicts your whole article The chance is they will end up with less violence than before? Mexico, U.S. need new and real leaders! Check Brazilian’s advice on national tv yesterday. You might be surprised too

Somebody k1ll h1m WHO ummmmmmmmmmmm remember how u didn’t raise pandemic alert early enough to kick complacent governments like the UK and US into gear? Well maybe u should make some direct address n interventions ?!? He won't be so nonchalant in 2 weeks Another Mad Man. “If you’re able and have the means to do so, continue taking your family out to eat … because that strengthens the economy.” Because it’s not about saving lives, it’s all about the economy. 🙄 Mexico COVIDIOTS

Meanwhile, what will he be doing? You what Good for him, let God sort it out. I bet that they have less deaths, and less impact to their economy than the countries who crashed their economies because of a mostly non-lethal virus. This is clearly representative of how some politicians will prioritise the economy over the welfare of millions. It is unsettling to see that in the midst of the COVID19outbreak and after receiving multiple statements from WHO, StayHomeStaySafe is still ignored.

It will come to Mexico too and when it does I hope you will enjoy your life

What is he saying? Does he not have access to global news? 👀 No!!! Ffs StayAtHome StayAtHomeSaveLives Damnnn bro! Criminal Not bad for a pseudo communistic bloke. The CPC took a similar approach during the first month or so of the COVID2019 and then had to lock down millions of people for months. Another buffoon in politics

One of Corbyn’s good friends.

Populism, whether from the left or the right, is showing its ugly face around the world. Hmmmm! Be genuinely interesting to see how this pans out. This is what many countries like the UK, US and even the CDC said in the beginning, now look at what's happening. *sigh* THE WALL JUST GOT 10 FEET TALLER. Pedejo!

Aye corumba-virus Yep, shut travel w/ Mexico down. Super job Mexican leadership. Super eff-up. I’m lost for words, polite ones😐 Careful now, your coyote might infect you. Wtf

He’s a fool.. just like our talking orange Holy guacamole 🤦‍♂️ 🤣 Moron Is he related to Trump? Excuse me? Bolsonaro Effect I like this

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