Conservative group pushes proposals to tighten voting laws

Conservative group pushes proposals to tighten voting laws

3/3/2021 1:53:00 AM

Conservative group pushes proposals to tighten voting laws

The conservative Honest Elections Project is proposing new voting restrictions and election safeguards

{{#verifyErrors}} {{message}} {{/verifyErrors}} {{^verifyErrors}} {{message}} {{/verifyErrors}}I would like to be emailed about offers, events and updates from The Independent.Read ourprivacy noticeThe Honest Election Project was created in early 2020 to advocate for greater controls on elections. The group has drawn scrutiny in part because of Leo's influence in conservative legal circles. As co-chairman of the Federalist Society, Leo helped spearhead the effort to appoint conservative judges to the federal courts.

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The group does not disclose its donors and there will be no public reporting of how it spends its money until later this year, at the earliest.Last year, Honest Elections was part of the GOP legal strategy to fight voting changes, many of which were aimed at making voting easier during the pandemic. It sued Michigan, forcing the state to clean up its list of registered voters, and blocked a settlement easing absentee voting rules in Minnesota.

But the group, along with some other GOP legal and election policy experts, stayed away from Trump's insistence the election had been stolen from him. Repeated audits and reviews turned up no significant-scale fraud in the election and Trump and his allies lost more than 50 court cases trying to prove it.

“We looked very carefully at all the allegations that were coming out after the election,” Snead said. “We concluded, as did a lot of other folks, that there was no evidence of widespread fraud.”The false claim of fraud drove Trump's supporters' assault on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. It's still an animating force for the conservative movement, as shown by last week's Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida, where Trump falsely claimed that illegal immigrants and dead people voted and the crowd chanted “You won!”

It's also driven Republican-controlled states to increase barriers to voting. In Iowa, the legislature has voted to cut absentee and in-person early voting and prevent local elections officials from setting up additional locations to make early voting easier. In Georgia, the House on Monday voted for a law to require identification to vote by mail and allow counties to cancel early in-person voting on Sundays, when many Black voters cast ballots after church.

Snead says his group hasn't weighed in on these proposals because it was busy researching its own recommendations. Among them are ones that would likely find bipartisan support, such as extending the time when election offices can perform the time-consuming work of opening and sorting mail ballots to ready them for election night counting. The failure of key swing states to permit this led to prolonged vote counts that Trump used to falsely claim fraud was occurring.

Other recommendations will find resistance, such as requiring a photo identification to vote by mail or pausing voter registration 30 days before Election Day. Perhaps the most significant recommendation is to create a system enabling election offices to tie a mail ballot back to the envelope in which it was submitted. Trump demanded that election officials do that, but they were unable to do so because it would have violated the secrecy of the ballot.

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Snead said that to preserve the principle of a secret ballot, election offices should use data randomization to keep voters' identities anonymous during ballot counting.Honest Election is only one of several conservative groups unveiling election recommendations. The Republican State Leadership Committee and Heritage Foundation have also issued suggestions for voting changes. Democrats, meanwhile, are pushing HR1, a congressional bill that would make sweeping changes to the entire electoral system, requiring state to allow mail-in voting, letting people without identification vote if they sign a sworn statement, and permitting citizens to register to vote right up until Election Day.

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Like the Trump and the Republicans then they know that if they prevent anyone who is in the least marginalised from voting it will mean they're more likely to win. The moral corruption and lack of integrity in this stinks but Johnson already wants it and Starmer will not resist Fascist will do anything to remain in power.

I ain't voting Lib/Lab/Con EVER AGAIN.