Climate Change is Helping to Rapidly Turbocharge Storms Like Hurricane Ian

9/28/2022 12:33:00 AM

Hurricane Ian grew 67% stronger in less than 22 hours thanks in part to warmer waters

Hurricane Ian is quickly gaining monstrous strength as it moves over oceans partly heated up by climate change. As the world warms, this turbo-charging of storms is likely to become even more frequent, scientists say

Hurricane Ian grew 67% stronger in less than 22 hours thanks in part to warmer waters

Column: We Can’t Have a Stable Climate If We Keep Destroying Nature The current hurricane season had been uncharacteristically mild until about a week ago because of dry air in the Atlantic.Weather models predict the hurricane will travel in the direction of Florida's west coast or Panhandle region - but forecasters are currently unsure where it will make landfall.Image caption, The Crawler Transporter will take the SLS rocket back to its assembly building The American space agency is to pull its Artemis-I Moon rocket off the launch pad in Florida because of an approaching hurricane.Image source, Getty Images Authorities in Florida have urged residents to "make their preparations" as Tropical Storm Ian strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane early on Monday.

Yet while storms aren’t necessarily more frequent, they are getting nastier because of global warming, experts say.“In terms of impacts and climate change, yes, this season could be a harbinger of sort of what is to come,” said University of Albany hurricane scientist Kristen Corbosiero.Advertisement "But it really is important to stress the degree of uncertainty that still exists," he warned.“But it’s really hard to say that climate change has an impact on any one storm in terms of its formation or its individual intensity.High winds and heavy rain are forecast for the Kennedy Space Center.” The National Hurricane Center defines rapidly intensifying storms as those that gain at least 35 mph in wind speed in less than 24 hours.Pic: Tallahassee Democrat / AP "Even if you're not necessarily right in the eye of the path of the storm, there's going to be pretty broad impacts through the state.Their often unpredictable nature can cause major problems for coastal residents, emergency planners and forecasters.An NHC official said Cuba could experience "extreme hurricane force winds, life threatening storm surge and heavy rainfall" later on Monday.

In Ian’s case, the meteorological conditions were so obvious that forecasters were warning about it days in advance.Mr Biden also delayed a planned trip to Florida on Tuesday due to the storm.Nasa had hoped the storm's track through the Gulf would take it sufficiently westwards so that the rocket could stay out on the pad, enabling a lift-off to take place sooner.While hurricane seasons fluctuate year-to-year, the 10-year running total of Atlantic and Eastern Pacific storms that rapidly intensified at some point during their life cycle increased by 35 percent between 1980 and 2020, according to an analysis of National Hurricane Center data by The Associated Press.From 2017 to 2021 there have been 30 rapidly intensifying storms in the Atlantic and 32 in the Eastern Pacific.Image: Residents in Tampa, Florida, queue for two hours to fill sandbags on Sunday.“That’s a staggering statistic,” said former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate and hurricane scientist Jim Kossin, now with the private Climate Service, a risk analysis firm.Nasa has one of its giant tractors on standby at the pad, ready to initiate the roll-back.“What used to be a very, very rare event obviously has not been rare lately.Pic: Tampa Bay Times / AP "It's a hard thing to say stay tuned, but that's the right message right now," he said.Local officials in her municipality and others like Miami and Fort Lauderdale are distributing free sandbags to help residents protect their homes from flooding.

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What a truck load of crap. Here we go, the 'Chicken Littles' are at it again. Everything that happens, the cry the same bullshit. global warming is causing the drought, massive forest fires and extreme cyclones and flooding Ol' Joe and I remember when a hurrycane might happen once every seven, eight years maybe. Now it seems like there's one every year!

It’s a category three and y’all are already posting this shit lol The Royal Air Force had a fighter plane 83 years ago called the Hurricane. It was named in honour of climate change. Are you sure those oceans weren’t heated by the sun? be safe,floridians.👍👍👍☀️🙏🌹 Yes but hurricanes cool down the Earth.


Storm Ian strengthens into hurricane as Florida and Cuba forecast to be in pathThe National Hurricane Agency has warned efforts to protect life and property should be 'rushed to completion' as tropical storm Ian, now upgraded to a potentially life-threatening hurricane, heads towards the US coast.

🤣 What happened during the last grand solar minimum aka the mini ice-age? Do you know what Time it is?

Hurricane Ian forces Nasa to shelter Artemis Moon rocketThe Artemis-I vehicle will be pulled off the launch pad in Florida to protect it from storm forces. Still keenly awaiting this launch!!

Floridians brace for 'strengthening' Hurricane IanResidents are stocking up on groceries, fuel and sandbags as Ian strengthens into a major hurricane. If I lived in an area as prone to disaster as Florida or Louisiana, Id have a permant cache of supplies. I really dont understand this last minute 'Oh my god, I better go shopping' thing. Am I missing something here? Fear porn, there are no lines. Nothing to do with climate change... however maybe you should all support Vanuatu in its bid to bring it to the ICJ

Pictures: Cuba, Florida Braces for Hurricane IanNBC must really think we are fools. Since when did the people of Cuba have voting rights over the communist regime? This is nothing but a pro gay anti god advertisement.

Hurricane Ian Will Likely Be One of the Costliest Storms in U.S. HistorySet to hit Florida’s western coastline, damages and economic losses could reach $45 billion to $70 billion if the current forecast holds They are going to need a lot of people to help them clean up. Gov. Ron may need some of those people he he sent away as human props back in Florida, BreakingIEN lookner Zelynski is such a sma dictator in Ukraine as Putin in Russia, please read his history of ruling in Ukraine and what he did before the war with opposition parties, today he is holy in the west, I don't want anything that is happening, everyone is playing for themselves

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