Christmas carols are ‘a deadly weapon’, claim South Korean Buddhists

Sect wants to put a stop to culture ministry's ‘Christian missionary project’ in which it pays to promote festive songs over holiday period

Asia, South Korea

12/3/2021 10:38:00 PM

🎄 Christmas carols are “a deadly weapon,” according to a Buddhist association in South Korea that is suing the government to stop it subsidising the playing of the songs

Sect wants to put a stop to culture ministry's ‘Christian missionary project’ in which it pays to promote festive songs over holiday period

The ministry of culture announced it would spend a billion won (£638,000) encouraging commercial radio stations and public spaces - including shopping centres, cafes, and restaurants - to play the Christmas tunes over the coming weeks.Strengthened copyright laws have led to carols fading from public places in recent years, prompting complaints that Christmas no longer feels festive. The ministry said it was hoping to promote Christmas cheer after a challenging year.

However, the Association of Korean Buddhist Orders wants to put a stop to the merry-making, saying it was “astonished” by the campaign.“The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which should be fair and impartial in policies regarding religion, is leading a Chrisitan missionary project on the pretence of comforting people”,the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism said in a statement.

“If the songs, which some people are uncomfortable about, are played continuously through the media, it turns into a deadly weapon and is nothing more than pollution”, the largest sect in the country added.The ministry has responded to the complaint by saying that it did not favour any religion over any other.

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