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Chris Patten: China's security laws a betrayal of Hong Kong people

Chris Patten: China's security laws a betrayal of Hong Kong people

5/23/2020 12:38:00 PM

Chris Patten : China 's security laws a betrayal of Hong Kong people

Last governor of former British colony says UK must stand up to Beijing rather than kowtow

Beijing is set to impose new national security legislation on Hong Kong after a sustained campaign of pro-democracy protests last year in the city, which enjoys many freedoms not allowed on mainland China.“The Hong Kong people have been betrayed by China,” and the west should stop kowtowing to Beijing for an illusory “great pot of gold”, Patten was quoted as saying in the Times.

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Patten watched as the British flag was lowered over Hong Kong when the colony was handed back to China in 1997 after more than 150 years of British rule.Hong Kong’s autonomy was guaranteed under the “one country, two systems” principle enshrined in the 1984 joint declaration signed by the Chinese premier at the time, Zhao Ziyang, and the British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

Beijing’s plans to impose national security laws on Hong Kong risk destroying the declaration, Patten said. Washington has called the laws a “death knell” for the city’s autonomy.“What we are seeing is a new Chinese dictatorship,” said Patten, a former chair of the Conservative party and cabinet member under Thatcher and her successor, John Major. “The British government should make it clear that what we are seeing is a complete destruction of the joint declaration.”

Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam, has said her government will cooperate fully with Beijing to safeguard national security, which she said would not affect rights, freedoms or judicial independence.Patten said the prospect of Chinese investment was no reason for the UK to abandon its principles.

“We should stop being fooled that somehow at the end of all the kowtowing there’s this great pot of gold waiting for us. It’s always been an illusion,” he said. “We keep on kidding ourselves that unless we do everything that China wants we will somehow miss out on great trading opportunities. It’s drivel.”

The British government did not immediately comment on Saturday.Boris Johnson’s spokesman said on Friday that the prime minister and his government were monitoring the situation, and that as a party to the joint declaration the UK was committed to the upholding Hong Kong’s autonomy and respecting the one country, two systems model.

Patten, now the chancellor of Oxford University, also suggested Hong Kong residents with British national (overseas) passports should be allowed to settle in the UK. “We should be more lenient, we should give them longer periods to stay and work here if they are students. When people are politically threatened we should be much more prepared to let them settle here.”

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He said China has used the coronavirus crisis as a distraction to push through its geopolitical aims. “They are using the fact … to apply more muscle in the South China Sea, they are rattling sabres around Taiwan,” he said.Patten also said the government should think carefully about the Chinese company Huawei’s involvement in the UK’s 5G network. “If people argue we should deal with Huawei because they’re just like any other multinational company, that is for the birds. If they come under pressure from the Communist government to do things which are thought to be in Beijing’s interest, they will do it.”

Johnson was forced to cave in on Friday to Conservative backbench rebels opposed to Huawei’s involvement in 5G networks in Britain, and drew up plans to reduce the Chinese company’s involvement to zero by 2023. Read more: The Guardian »

Oh Chrissy the UK Hong Kong was not democratic except at the end to save face. And what were we doing there in the first place? Its not in the English Channel is it? Chill and smoke a pipe of opium. Alas the people of this former British colony must now resign themselves to being ruled by Chinese diktat as post Covid 19 and Brexit Britain cannot afford to offend a country that is now the supplier of almost every component and product required to grow it’s economy.

We’ll fright till we die! Pls help us to stop CCP insane act! patten, oh I miss you so! help us now, please! i feel like there is no hope SOSHK Imagine if the HMS Prince of Wales had failed to beat the US Navy to Hong Kong during WW2, the US vs China!!!! betrayal? i think there is no respect or loyal at the beginning... CCPSecurityLaw CCP nationalsecuritylaw OneCountryOneSystemIsDead FreeHK

China ain’t concerned about a thing in the world. The Western media acts as its servant and corporations in free countries do the censoring for them. Hong Kong people are worried that freedom is being undermined. There are enough laws available to tackle relevant criminals. When Chris mentioned colony he betrayed humanity. Shameful.

The quote ‘the Hong Kong people have been betrayed by China and the West should stop kowtowing to Beijing for an illusory great pot of gold’ by Hong Kong’s last governer Chris Patten says it all. In addition, CCPChina has betrayed all the countries especially UK. CCPChina broke the promises to the int'l & destroyed the present freedom & human rights in HK that are protected by the Sino-British joint statement. No freedom of speech & all dissident will be arrested in HK.

He sure remembers Lee Kuan Yew's snub over British hypocrisy and western democracy A bit like the the U.K. government. MassimoFaggioli But they always knew this would happen...we all knew this and felt it from the beginning It's clear that CCP China want to rule HongKong as another Xinjiang One country two systems is dead.

It’s one country one system in Hong Kong now. Could the UK declare China breaks Sino-British Joint Declaration? It’s not a historical sheet. It’s a contract. Sorry Chris, your due by date has expired 23 years ago. No one bothers to hear advice from last century. You'd better rest in peace. That's gonna be good for you.

Is anyone actually surprised by this? The Chinese state is a monstrous beast that exists to dominate it's people rather than serve it. The rest of the world needs to join together to bring it down. If the proposed national security law is passed, China officials can arrest anybody in HongKong . That will threatens the safety of anyone in HongKong , including tens of thousans of expats in HongKong

This betrayal shows exactly what CCP is, an untrustworthy evil regime. The world should NOT trust China. China would only break promises instead of honouring them. Not only betrayal to HongKongers, CCPChina is also trashing the UN registered SinoBritishJointDeclaration, dishonouring international treaties like others UK you have due care to HongKongers who you left behind to CCP hands No more empty statements, Please take ACTION

Stop meddling with Chinese affairs. The British colonialism is passe. You are no longer relevant. Thank for reporting the situation in HK. Yes no one in HK welcome the national security law, as it destroyed the 1C2S. The stock market reflect it as well . So many wumao posing the propaganda here. You guys even don't pay one dollar of tax in HK and now you representing HKers?

You are the Guardian of Terrorists The Filthy Rich are the enemy of people. They controlled the poor and the young, turned them into terrorists. They are the enemy of Hongkonger! he speaks the mind of most Hongkongers. Unlike the current government and CCP China the totalitarian regime just mock up the “supports” with propaganda machines and wumaos.

The government does not listen to citizens’ opinions. We just want to uphold the core values and defend our freedom. StandwithHK we shall never surrender. This is the China attack and suppress, they just to kill the citizen’ voice and do they want. This is dangerous. Don’t trust the people saying most HongKong people supporting the law. More than 40% of the people gave 0 point to the police, parties supporting democracy won 90% of seats in the district council election. These facts can all be searched online. Most HKers are against the law

Betrayal? If so the US Supreme Court has betrayed American people Lord Patten, the last appointed colonial governor of Hong Kong, how would you react if China said: Brexit is a betrayal of Scottish and Irish people? If I were you, I'd reply: None of your business! The world need to join hands to fight against and BoycottChineseProducts Hong Kong’s today is the world’s future! Chinazi is the source of evil and the world needs to stop CCP from destroying freedom and democracy right now! Plz act before it is too late! BoycottChina HongKong

Prophecy becoming true: [...] my anxiety is not that this community's autonomy would be usurped by Peking, but that it could be given away bit by bit by some people in Hong Kong. - Chris Patten Speech of Policy Address, Legislative Council of Hong Kong, 2 October 1996. HKSAR is failing to fulfill its obligations under the Basic Law which Chris Patten agreed to, so China is justified in doing this since the HKSAR won't. Expect to see a lot of Americans from Langley, Virginia depart HK very soon.

Evil Political Propaganda of CCP. Pretends to be for the good of Hong Kong but in fact destroying democracy and human rights. China Forcibly join that law means the One country Two.system is dead. wanna make four digits real quick❓👀💰💯🇺🇸🇨🇦...dm”HOW”.no upfront fee needed A esta otra gente, si que hace tiempo que su país y sus leyes les han abandonado.

CCP had no more patient on suppressing HongKong freedom HongKongNeedsHelp HongKongHumanRightsandDemocracyAct CCP wants to control Hong Kong and deprive our freedom and democracy. Freedom and democracy are the universal values that everyone should have. Hong Kongers will never give up 🇭🇰 say no to NationalSecueityLaw

China’s latest assault to the autonomy of HongKong is a disgrace. While we have been facing bloody suppression for the over 11 months, HongKong people will continue its fight for democracy and justice till the day comes. StandwithHK This is not only the issue about HongKong but also the entire world. As the CCP is damaging people's freedom and expanding of their despotism, they become more often to lie , break international promises and rules, just like the 1country2system using the NationalSecueityLaw .

It's up to the people of Hong Kong to decide how they want to live. They support the Chinese government's national security laws without the need for other countries to speak It also violated the Sino-British Joint Declaration It's a good job that the UK still has some secret agents in that sunken ship in the harbour then :)

Mr Patten left HK, but his heart is always with HKers. Thank you so much for speaking up Mr Patten! LadyPoop2 I see mi6/cia have started up again! Need another diversion from your own home grown disasters? An ex colonialist casting an opinion how to run the country they colonized is like Hitler casting an opinion how to run Israel.

Historical position is that rest of world should pay obeisance to Chinese empire. Then what was UK's slavery to HK people. RisingBlackSun_ CCPChina claim the demands for liberty which is enshrined in HongKong's constitution is terrorism That's why no one should trust CCP as it endlessly violates human right & breaches commitment Now free world's freedom is also in danger as CCP is rapidly growing NBA Blizzard

HKer, would be Chinese Jews, exciled from their home,then to the whole globe, for betry against religion. Hong Kong is a new berlin, and China is a New Nazi. HK is to fighting and protect a Freedom value in world, and protect a economy value by west wolrd. SayNotoChina Hong Kong like other colonies wanted independence, reasonably enough, but now it is time to repent the Chinese dictatorship is a social pandemic

Not a great student of history is Chris Patten. The colonization of Hong Kong was a betrayal of China’s geographical integrity & national sovereignty in the first place. That might be an inconvenient truth for Patten and his establishment cronies, but a truth nevertheless. CCP should respect the will of most HKers and stop destroying the One Country Two Systems immediately.

An Englishman commented on China's laws on China's HK. Hong Kong’s security upsets British racists and colonists. Hong Kong was not secure, look at their textbook, world’s last haven for racism. lordvictor The current UK government has no principles wow, the former colonizer is not happy with China making a law its own territory.

Why the west media often cancels the voice from supporters I want to know how the supporter say in Hong Kong Spot on. Who on earth from a free place would love to go back to totalitarianism? But then China is famous for breaking their promises. China will come after Europe and UK after Hongkong and Taiwan

It has nothing to do with the UK now. I don't understand the issue, it is Chinese land. This is bad. Why not listening to most Hong Kong citizens' voices? They are in favour of the new law. How come a betray? Please help us.

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'This is the end of Hong Kong': China pushes controversial security laws in territoryProposed legislation would effectively end one country, two systems status, say critics Did anyone seriously think anything else? ' China ' a curse for the world.

Donald Trump says US will 'react strongly' if China imposes new Hong Kong security lawThe new legislation by Beijing comes after demonstrations last year brought parts of Hong Kong to a standstill. The US will act strongly in November and kick Little Donnie out of office. LOL good

China claims Hong Kong national security law 'protects' city's freedom Hong Kong 's stock market slid by nearly six per cent after China said it would vote on a national security law bill that could ban people in the financial hub from inciting and participating in protests. They deserved it I think They will prosecute all anti-CCP activists, lawyers, religious believers, teachers. This is the law to control people’s mind. This is the law to ensure the total control of HK by CCP.