Chris Dawson’s second wife JC told friend ‘I think he murdered his first wife’, court hears

6/7/2022 9:51:00 AM

Chris Dawson’s second wife JC told friend ‘I think he murdered his first wife’, court hears

Chris Dawson’s second wife JC told friend ‘I think he murdered his first wife’, court hears

Toni Melrose-Mikeska said JC confided in her in 1990, after breaking up with Dawson, who has pleaded not guilty to Lynette Dawson’s murder

s Tue 7 Jun 2022 07.Chicken tikka masala: £22 Advertisement Mohammed Hussain, Operations Director of Varanasi, which is considered one of the UK’s leading Indian restaurants told MailOnline: ‘We had a call out of the blue on Sunday afternoon saying that Johnny Depp wanted to come to eat with a group of people.Actor, 58, garnered more than 2018 over what he described in court as “harassment” after his decision to support the Turnbull government’s corporate tax cuts.

28 BST The murder trial for Chris Dawson has heard another version of the time the teacher and former rugby league player allegedly sought out a hitman to kill his wife, Lynette, in the early 1980s.Giving evidence in the NSW supreme court on Tuesday, Toni Melrose-Mikeska said Dawson’s second wife, known only as JC, confided in her about her husband after the pair broke up in 1990.But then his security team arrived, checked out the restaurant and we let them have the whole place because we were concerned that he might be bothered by other diners.JC said that if she didn’t make it to the police, Melrose-Mikeska was to tell them about an alleged visit to a pub in the early 1980s where Dawson handed over an envelope to a man a few days before Lynette disappeared.A Virginia jury awarded Depp more than $10 million in his libel suit against Heard, 36, over a 2018 opinion piece she penned for The Washington Post.Read more “[JC] said, ‘I think he murdered his first wife’,” Melrose-Mikeska told the court.You would never have thought that he was such a big star.Melrose-Mikeska was working at the Dreamworld theme park as Coo-ee the Gumnut Fairy when she met JC in 1987.” The court also heard that in the months after his decision to quit the party, Ashby sent Burston texts in which he allegedly called the former senator an “idiot traitorous cunt”, a “coward” and an “old man”.

Giving evidence last month, JC said she had driven to a building on the south side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.’ Mr Hussain revealed that cooks at the restaurant prepared a special banquet for Depp and his group that included starters of shish kebabs, chicken tikka and tandoori king prawns.Upon returning to the car, Dawson allegedly told JC he had gone inside to hire a hitman but had changed his mind because innocent people could be killed or hurt.In a police statement by JC in May 1990, she said Dawson had only told her he had attempted to hire a hitman a few weeks after the car ride.All the food was accompanied by nans, rice and salad.Dawson, 73, is accused of murdering his wife in January 1982 so he could have an unfettered relationship with JC who was a student at his former high school and the family babysitter.He has pleaded not guilty.MailOnline understands that the bill for the whole evening came to around £50,000 which was paid for by Depp.After he left the event, Burston said Ashby approached him and his wife.

Melrose-Mikeska spoke of an incident in 1989 when JC had applied to play indoor cricket with her while living on the Gold Coast.At the time, she said Dawson scouted out the venue before giving her permission to play.We made more money from Depp’s visit than we did from our busiest night of the week, which is a Saturday when we have around 400 diners.Dawson’s barrister Pauline David suggested that because her client was a physical education teacher, it would not have been unusual for him to check out the indoor cricket ground because of his love of sports.Sign up to receive an email with the top stories from Guardian Australia every morning David said Dawson had bought JC a cricket bat and encouraged her to play.Depp and his group had a great time.Melrose-Mikeska did not know of this, saying she had never heard JC speak positively about her husband.“I was traumatised,” he said.

She said JC had never talked to her about any physical violence from Dawson but had mentioned instances of mental abuse.It was a real honour to have him here.An acquaintance of JC’s, Karen Cook, also gave evidence on Tuesday, saying JC had limited funds to run the house.Her husband controlled the cash, giving her “housekeeping money”, the court heard.He added: ‘He clearly knows something about Indian food and enjoys it.Cook said when she asked about Lynette Dawson, JC simply said she had left her husband and two daughters without making contact afterwards.“We thought that was very strange,” she said.’ Happier times: Johnny won the defamation trial after he sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for $50million over a 2018 piece she had written that alleged she was a victim of domestic abuse (pictured in 2015) Mr Hussain recalled the most surreal moment of the night was when Depp broke away from his party and sat with him for around 20 minutes in his office..

Cook admitted she had changed her opinions about what had allegedly occurred, eventually expressing sympathy towards JC, after listening to The Teacher’s Pet podcast released by the Australian in 2018.The hearing continues.‘I didn’t ask him about Amber Herd or the court case..

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