China has created a dystopian hellscape in Xinjiang, Amnesty report says

China has created a dystopian hellscape in Xinjiang, Amnesty report says

6/11/2021 4:28:00 AM

China has created a dystopian hellscape in Xinjiang, Amnesty report says

In a new report, Amnesty International says China is committing crimes against humanity in Xinjiang.

to break religious and cultural traditions.China denies those accusations, and says its camps in Xinjiang are voluntary vocational and de-radicalisation programmes for combating terrorism in the region.In its report, Amnesty said counter-terrorism could not reasonably account for mass detention, and that the Chinese government's actions showed a "clear intent to target parts of Xinjiang's population collectively on the basis of religion and ethnicity and to use severe violence and intimidation to root out Islamic religious beliefs and Turkic Muslim ethno-cultural practices".

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image copyrightGetty Imagesimage captionChina is accused of detaining up to a million Uyghurs and other Muslims in detention camps in XinjiangThe organisation said it believed those taken to the network of camps in Xinjiang were "subjected to a ceaseless indoctrination campaign as well as physical and psychological torture".

Those torture methods, according to the report, included "beatings, electric shocks, stress positions, the unlawful use of restraints (including being locked in a tiger chair), sleep deprivation, being hung from a wall, being subjected to extremely cold temperatures, and solitary confinement".

The "tiger chair" - the existence of which has been reported elsewhere - is said to be a steel chair with leg irons and handcuffs designed to shackle the body in place. Several former detainees told Amnesty they were forced to watch others locked immobile in the tiger chair for hours or even days at a time.

Amnesty also said that the camp system in Xinjiang appeared to be "operating outside the scope of the Chinese criminal justice system or other known domestic law", and that there was evidence detainees had been transferred from camps to prisons.

Though many of the findings have been previously reported, Amnesty's investigation is likely to add to international pressure on China over its actions in Xinjiang.The US state department has previously described it as a genocide, and the parliaments of the UK, Canada, Netherlands and Lithuania have passed resolutions making the same declaration.

In March, the EU, US, UK and Canada imposed sanctions on Chinese officials over the alleged abuses. China responded by imposing retaliatory sanctions on lawmakers, researchers and institutions.The possibility of China being investigated by an international legal body is complicated by the fact that China is not a signatory to the International Criminal Court (ICC) - putting it outside the court's jurisdiction - and it has veto power over cases taken up by the International Court of Justice. The ICC announced in December it would not pursue a case.

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Anwas held in London last week, led by the prominent British barrister Sir Geoffrey Nice, aiming to assess the allegations of genocide. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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How about western pirates' colonization of the east? can get compensation before they open their mouth about Xinjiang? A fair proportion of our own country is suffering with the same mentality as those in China who would commit such abuses. Don't just sit back and point the finger without doing something about our own problem.

Yes, Xinjiang is terrible. Only 200 million tourists come here every year

China: Detainees in Xinjiang camps tortured, beaten and given electric shocks, says Amnesty reportEach detainee interviewed by Amnesty suffered torture or other ill-treatment, according to the report. the honor is in jihad this is terrible news Tell the NBA and LeBron as they don’t seem to know

His supporters then joined & voted for this Tory govt, which has a prob with 'anti-muslim sentiment' according to an independent report. Before you all start, rightly, calling China out, remember that not so long ago one English Defence League leader who worked for a thinktank & backed Nigel Far*ge was calling for the internment of Muslims here.

Amnesty? A NGO like all NGOs. Say whatever they think will increase their revenue with no accountability and no need for facts. They need to keep funding their highly paid managers and their worldwide travel. Northern Ireland Conflict!Freedom! Gravitas: Chinese vaccines are facing global scrutiny The whole world know this except Justin Trudeau.

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Based on this reality, one answer can be derived by considering what we can do individually. It means that each of us world citizens has a 'politician' consciousness. Thank you, Boris It is very unusually for such lie being widely spread on purpose. Only the hands controlling the media from back stage can do this! Are they whom were called 'the deep state'?

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China: Detainees in Xinjiang camps tortured, beaten and given electric shocks, says Amnesty reportEach detainee interviewed by Amnesty suffered torture or other ill-treatment, according to the report. the honor is in jihad this is terrible news Tell the NBA and LeBron as they don’t seem to know