Chilling CCTV of men carrying bag ‘with woman’s body stuffed inside’ in street

Chilling CCTV of men carrying bag ‘with woman’s body stuffed inside’ in street

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1/23/2022 3:01:00 PM

Chilling CCTV of men carrying bag ‘with woman’s body stuffed inside’ in street

Former officer Edwin Yesid Ardila has been named as a suspect after a sex worker's body was discovered in a suitcase in a park IN Colombia

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Two men 'drag corpse into Irish post office to claim his pension'Two men are said to have dragged the body of an elderly man into a post office in Ireland in a bid to claim his pension. This can’t be true,what is this world turning into Sounds like a scene from Father Ted..... Poor Bernie

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Greggs worker exposes rubbish bags full of 'wasted food'A Greggs employee claims to have filmed several bin bags full of 'wasted' food.The now-sacked Romford branch worker Nicole Iwalowo filmed herself bagging up leftover freshly made sandwiches and sealed packages of bakery goods which she claims was collected by bin men.The bakery chain's official policy states that it 'hates food waste' and that 'donating unsold food to those in need is our priority'.A spokesperson for Greggs said: 'We are continually working to increase the amount of unsold food given away to those most in need and remain committed to putting an end to food waste.'Sign up to our newsletters. Just want to say a very big thank you to Mrs lisamiabtc3 and her company platform for their transparency, I had doubts at first but seeing I got paid I deemed it necessary to share with the general public and to let them know that you can be truly trusted..thank you so much.

Black man sues police after officers mistook him for white man with the same nameLawyer accuses officers of neglecting to do ‘any due diligence’ So they don't have the same name then, according to your article.. I hope he gets it all and more. Apparently, some of these towns need to go broke b/4 finally doing something about the rampant criminal activity w/in their own police departments.