Caroline Flack: ITV director Kevin Lygo says 'door was left open' for presenter to return

Caroline Flack: ITV director Kevin Lygo says 'door was left open' for presenter to return


Caroline Flack: ITV director Kevin Lygo says 'door was left open' for presenter to return

ITV television director Kevin Lygo breaks his silence for the first time since the death of the former Love Island host.

She had been awaiting trial for allegedly assaulting her 27-year-old boyfriend Lewis Burton last year, despite him saying he did not support the prosecution.She said:"[Caroline] was destroyed by it all. She had nowhere to turn, she was getting death threats. People online, bullying, that needs to stop. What's happened to us all being kind humans, helping each other?

She also said she had reached out to Flack over the pressures she was under, describing the ex-Love Island presenter's portrayal in the media as"a big bad villain".Davis is leading a petition for Caroline's Law - a campaign calling for new and stricter laws to safeguard those in the public eye.

"Can't you see. Yes Caroline had problems. Why wouldn't she. You made out to be a monster. A complete witch hunt," he wrote on Instagram.

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Damage limitation! Squirming till the end The door was left open.Although i don't watch this program it should not be taken off air. The door was left open to me by two jobs but when I was in the depressed suicidal state I was in last year I couldn’t think of anything worse than to even leave my bedroom, if only the people who comment negative stuff go through what I and many others have gone through.

I think the media should leave this alone now and let the poor lasses family grieve in peace. It wouldn’t have been if it was a man on a domestic abuse charge, his career would have been over. I am sure the door was left open but did she have a guaranteed presenting job for Love Island this summer? Was there an opportunity for her to host the current series of love island even if an investigation was on-going? Did she still feel welcome and part of the ITV family?

You’ve not stopped since 10 mins after you announced her death. Trying to call out social media & papers but YOU are as much to blame with your insidiously salacious reporting Of course it was, I just didn’t see him come out and say that in public after all the publicity of her being removed. What a joker

Now they say it, leave the lady alone and let her friends and family grieve. It's the next bone the media have hold of. First was Brexit, then coronavirus, and now this 🤦🤦 No good pointing fingers now. It is time ITV culled Love Isand. We do not need to hear this type of story again in a couple of months or years to come.

Caroline Flack dead: ITV pay tribute to former Love Island hostCAROLINE FLACK, former host of Love Island, died at her hoe in East London. Following confirmation of her death, ITV bosses paid tribute to the presenter.

But she appears not to have been treated like Ant ...... or is it just me? Have some respect Subject to the pending court case obviously, no prejudice or special favours. The same as lots of employers/ employees. Well he would say that now wouldn’t he Stable Door horse bolted ! Time to pull the plug on love island 4 deaths linked to this show now enough is a enough

Leave the lass to rest in peace. Next it will be the was present...what they were wearing...who said what...then the inquest, and repeat! Enough. Enough. Enough. RIP x Door was left open if she was found not guilty but after the police body cam and the phone call from the 999 recording she was never going to be found not guilty and let’s not forget what the boyfriend said on that call, she’s trying to kill me, so why is he blaming the papers.

:: Anyone feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal can call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email in the UK. In the US, call the Samaritans branch in your area or 1 (800) 273-TALK.

Love Island cancelled: ITV show won’t air tonight after Caroline Flack's deathLOVE ISLAND will not air tonight after the news of Caroline Flack's death was confirmed this evening, ITV have confirmed. loveisland should be axed. LoveIsland should be cut, permanently Love Island should never air again.

ITV facing calls to cancel Love Island after the death of Caroline FlackPeople are pointing to the deaths of two former Love Island contestants and demanding the show be axed 🤔 perpetrator of domestic abuse finds out the cps is continuing with prosecution and avoids accountability, = blame love island. Yeah it's shite but it's not responsible for her actions and abuse. No TV programme should ever be linked death in any it should be cancelled.

Caroline Flack news: ITV says they ‘constantly’ offered Love Island host helpGOOD MORNING BRITAIN continued this morning with hosts Richard Madeley and Ranvir Singh paying tribute to former Love Island presenter Caroline Flack who was found dead two days ago in her flat after taking her own life. And the show wanted to make clear, the support they had offered the television star.

ITV has shared a statement about Love Island in the wake of Caroline Flack's tragic death“Given how close we still are to the news of Caroline’s tragic death we have decided not to broadcast tonight’s Love Island out of respect for Caroline’s family.”

Keith Lemon's Through The Keyhole is axed by ITV after six seriesKEITH Lemon’s Through The Keyhole has been axed by ITV bosses after six series. It’s the latest high-profile show on the channel to be pulled, with The Sun exclusively revealing Take Me… 👍 ITV Love Island next 👍👍👍 The Sun axed, when?

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