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Canada election: can Trudeau excite young voters let down by broken promises?

Canada election: can Trudeau excite young voters let down by broken promises?


Canada election: can Trudeau excite young voters let down by broken promises?

Four years on, frustration and apathy could alienate young people in a campaign marked by sniping, absence of bold policy and the blackface scandal

Pedican recalls an electricity surrounding Trudeau’s 2015 candidacy; he was a proudly progressive candidate who promised to fight climate change, repair a broken relationship with Indigenous people, resettle Syrian refugees – and do politics differently.

Trudeau’s progressive shine is looking tarnished and shop-worn, and – despite a surprise last-minute endorsement from Barack Obama – the prime minister is now in the fight of his political life.

If Trudeau hopes to emerge victorious on 21 October, he desperately needs to excite millennials, such as Pedican, who came out in record numbers for the prime minister in 2015.

Complicating the picture for Trudeau is Singh, who has run an unflinchingly optimistic campaign, often in the face of overtly racist incidents. The first person of color to lead a federal party, Singh’s early candidacy was marred by a series of stumbles, including the exodus of several senior lawmakers from the party.

“Together, we can build a brighter future. We’re not stuck with choosing between bad or worse. We’re not stuck having to settle for less,” he said to cheers. “Ask your friends, ask your neighbour, ask your family to dream big. Because you deserve it.”

She points to a string of disappointments: Trudeau’s nationalisation of the controversial TransMountain pipeline to ensure its construction despite opposition from environmentalists and some First Nations groups; his decision to boot out two high-profile women from his caucus; and his failure to meaningfully improve the country’s the fraught relationship with Indigenous peoples.

For voters like Pedican, the strategy has resonated. “I get that change is slow and takes time,” she said. “[Trudeau’s] not the ideal candidate. But I would prefer to see him in office than Andrew Scheer.”

And for those unwilling to forgive the prime minister for broken campaign promises, Singh and the New Democrats – who could wield immense power in a minority government situation – are seen as an attractive alternative.

Read more: The Guardian

Nope 👎 no his sizzle is gone.. ho hum. LOL, broken promises ALL broken by HIM. No I hope every young person reads this. Doubt it

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