Can cricket spread reach beyond the white middle-class hunting ground?

Can cricket spread reach beyond the white middle-class hunting ground?

Cricket, County Championship

1/29/2022 1:03:00 PM

Can cricket spread reach beyond the white middle-class hunting ground?

Counties vowed to increase diversity in the wake of the racism scandal but have been accused of ‘sticking to what they know’

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Who cares. No rather watch paint dry No

Gamekeeper who beat two buzzards to death given suspended jail sentenceA gamekeeper convicted of killing two birds-of-prey has avoided jail - as conservationists warn not enough is being done to stop wildlife crime, which is at a 30-year high. alextomo reports. alextomo Watching this now. alextomo A total disgrace alextomo ZacGoldsmith pow_rebecca VictoriaPrentis JimfromOldham andreajenkyns SirRogerGale chrisloder KerryMP MeganMcCubbin ChrisGPackham where were the tougher sentences for animal cruelty? The game industry is lawless - when will you subject it to even basic regulation?

First Arabic Netflix film tackles taboos, sparks controversyThe first Arabic Netflix film has sparked controversy in Egypt and beyond

EXPLAINER: Russia's risky options beyond full Ukraine attackWith more than 100,000 Russian troops positioned around Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be preparing to launch an invasion GOP supports their Dictator! he has no choice? Vladimir Putin give them a heavy pain , those nato teach them mother Russia give a lesson !

Handel’s contemporaries shunned “Theodora”. But it is a masterpieceHandel’s “Theodora” looks forward to a time beyond divisions of faith

Osmington White Horse: Calls for Dorset Council to preserve chalk figureOsmington White Horse has not been maintained since 2019 due to the pandemic, a council says.

Middle income earners ‘to be hit hardest’ by national insurance riseWorkers on £30,000 to £50,000 will pay higher percentage of salary than those on £100,000, figures reveal I’ve just about had it with these utter scumbags. Frivolous and profligate with ‘our’ money when it suits them, then they plead poverty and demand that we give them even more. I work my arse off for my money and I object to giving yet more of it to the Govt… Just keeping us hard working plebes in our place. To be honest the ladder has always been pulled up on small businessman and women by both political parties. Looks like the low income earners will be paying the same as the high earners. Isn't that a bigger rotten deal ? NationalInsurance