Buckingham Palace 'concerned' by Meghan bullying claims

Buckingham Palace will 'look into the circumstances' following the claims in a newspaper article.

3/3/2021 10:04:00 PM

Buckingham Palace says it is 'very concerned' about claims of bullying made against the Duchess of Sussex

Buckingham Palace will 'look into the circumstances' following the claims in a newspaper article.

PA MediaBuckingham Palace says it is "very concerned" about claims of bullying made against the Duchess of Sussex.Earlier, Meghan said she was "saddened" after the Times newspaper reported she faced a bullying complaint during her time at Kensington Palace.

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Her spokesman said it was the "latest attack on her character".The Palace said its team would "look into the circumstances" and speak to the members of staff "to see if lessons can be learned".The Royal Household does not and will not tolerate bullying or harassment in the workplace, the statement added.

According to the story in the Times,the complaint was made in October 2018, while the Duke of Sussex and Meghan were living at Kensington Palace.The newspaper reported that Meghan allegedly drove two personal assistants out of the household and undermined the confidence of a third member of staff. headtopics.com

In a statement, Buckingham Palace - which is responsible for the hiring of royal staff - said: "We are clearly very concerned about allegations in the Times following claims made by former staff of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex."Accordingly, our HR team will look into the circumstances outlined in the article. Members of staff involved at the time, including those who have left the Household, will be invited to participate to see if lessons can be learned.

"The Royal Household has had a Dignity at Work policy in place for a number of years and does not and will not tolerate bullying or harassment in the workplace."An earlier statement issued by Meghan's spokesman said: "The duchess is saddened by this latest attack on her character, particularly as someone who has been the target of bullying herself and is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma.

"She is determined to continue her work building compassion around the world and will keep striving to set an example for doing what is right and doing what is good." Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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'Very concerned ' about claims of bullying but don't care about Prince Andrew being a peado. OK then. This all gives Meghan the much needed attention she craves. There's a method to her madness. Stay tuned America shut up! You don’t know nothing about Royal Family! This is not you business! Take care of your own problems, like racism is a real issue in america!

I don't believe it. I've been hearing it, but I don't believe it. If she had been that kind of person we would have know long before here recently. The so called duchess is a spoilt bratt, if she can't get her own way then she she spits her dummy out and accuses others of being raisist and of bullying her, she needs to GROW UP!!!!

Im much more concerned by the palace's genocide of Indigenous peoples across the globe and land theft and settler colonialism. Andrew must be laughing his arse off. What? it took all this time to start taking action. Why does anybody care about this crap Pity they aren't as concerned about Andrew! I can no longer support the royal family until the allegations against Prince Andrew are sorted out. don't see him going to Disney Florida soon!

Sus Sex What about the women she bullied 🥴🥴🥴 I think I'd rather believe a monarch who has served this nation for almost 70 years, than a self-serving actress and a do as I say! GSTQ 🇬🇧 The MeghanMarkle Debacle 🥴🥴 Loads of rubbish..tell them to stop I'm glad to hear that most Brits are more curious why the British media and the Firm stay silent about Randy Andy and his paedo allegations but make statements regarding these two?

But not that arsed about allegations of a nonce in the family And so it begins, operation 'discredit Meghan Markle' Too late 😂 Why is this stuff all over my TL it’s so irrelevant go back 400 years and Princess Me-me would be in the tower for treason. But they’re not concerned about claims Prince Andrew had sex with an underaged girl and then humiliated himself on national TV?

Fuckin snooze button! Wait until they hear about Andrew! Any news on this investigation? Rubbish reporting. Prince Andrew? Significant of number of racist,arrogant,ignorant English people and their out-dated,belong to 15th century devil kingdom or palace are not concerned!!! We all know that!!! We love Meghan that showed to world How racist,out-dated they are!!!

Of course the Palace is concerned. ANY claim of bullying has to be looked into regardless of whether people believe it to be true or not....it may be that it is a trumped up allegation but it still needs to be investigated Oh get your noses out of the monarchy's arse Are they concerned about claims of rape made against Andrew?

They’re obviously not concerned that Prince Andrew and son of the monarch is linked to Epstein and paedophilia however. 'The Palace' is very concerned! I'm not saying Harry and meghan are right on what they are doing but this latest palace claim seems a lot like revenge and gives Harry and meghan credibility to be victims. Not a wise move buck house !

I don’t think so because of rule of the greatest palace is she don’t understand before marriage? She knows everything but she love luxury so she doesn’t deserve that . Because you are not royal enough keep blaming them you are worts no ones give you I am sure Americans will buy into her act. They easily manipulated

Totally fed up with anything about these two, they don’t want publicity and then they do this, how does that work!!!! Most corrupt family in the UK is all of a sudden 'very concerned ' about bullying claims. They don't care at all about sexualy abused underage girls that are groomed and trafficked though do they? & yet they are idolised! 🤮

Are they also concerned about alleged pedophilia by Prince Andrew? Not interested in this couple Not content to be the propaganda arm for Brexit.. and Boris now the Royal Family where is the commentary on Dodgy Andy FBI RoyalFamily 'Cause it sounds so good But less concerned about allegations of sex trafficking against Andrew.

Feel sorry for Harry getting used to build this girls profile And when he’s no use for that she’ll be gone It should be concerned as yet again it’s absolutely crap PR is evidencing their behaviour against the Duchess of Sussex. If complaints were made properly to HR three yrs ago and ignored that is a scandal. That did not happen. Knauf sent an email. If was investigated. No case.

None f our business. Why do they have aides in the first place.they are a normal family most put on a pedal stoop more than their own family. I care about the unnecessary homes they live in and people they use to call it home good to see another escalation along the Scottish government model. At least we are being entertained as the future crumbles all around!

Sorry, , but I've tweaked your headline to reflect the true 'concerning' story: Buckingham Palace isn't remotely 'concerned' about claims of child sex abuse made against the white Queen's son, Andrew, that she is shielding at the taxpayer's expense from the FBI She's fucking mad. She thinks she in a film calling the royalty as the FIRM. Can we just ignore the bitch...

So when can we expect ‘investigations’ into Prince Andrew then? 🦗 How do you explain the double standards? What are the Buckingham palace and British Press hiding? Never seen Media so afraid to investigate..worried you’ll find several damning evidence? So many Qs so little As🇬🇧 How twofaced the public are, They criticize Meg & harry and back the papers WHO chased Princess Di to her death slandered her name stalked her like an animal. So I'm not surprised by Meg & Harry's decision to step back. YOU the public should be targeting the media instead.

Non-news. These are people who’ve left the country and are not of public interest They don't seem over concerned about Prince Paedophile though. Do Liz and Phil even care anymore? Why can't we just get rid if the whole god dam lot of them. Load of sponges. Might be able to balance the budget and level up the country easier.

If I were Buckingham Palace HR, I'd also be concerned about confidential personnel information being shared to the public... Surely that would be a fireable offence and the sender would likely break confidentiality, likely non disclosure agreements, and data security policies? Drip drip drip, the establishment way.

Media in attack dog mode as expected ... Sad really that you will.never learn till have an external moderator able to fine at wincing levels This story is about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, not Prince Andrew, but looking at the comments on here, many people seem to be getting mixed up. What about focusing on our corrupt government who are bleeding us dry and the paedophile in the Royal family!

How convenient. Yet not bothered about the legal authorities in US wanting to interview Prince Andrew about the sex crimes of his friends The palace comments on this? Where are the comments regarding Andrew and Epstein. I have no interest in the Royal Family and would disband the whole undemocratic institution if I had the chance. That said, my respect for Harry his wife has risen enormously in the past few days

Too much coverage, bored of it They should be concerned. The public are about to know about the Royal familys racist ways! I've see them care more about being outed than about Prince Andrew being best friends with Epstein, a well known paedophile 🤡 We have Home secretary Priti Patel who broke the ministerial code by bullying her staff Media Not very concerned 🤫 Prince Andrew alleged paedophile Media & the Firm Not very concerned 🤫 The Firm & media 'very concerned' about Megan alleged bullying 🤔 r4today GMB LBC

I along with many others are very concerned about the behaviour of Prince Andrew - when can I expect a similar announcement from the Palace about that? Looks like she's not the person we see on the outside. Yet its sticking up for a sex offender . The press and MSM are to blame for all this. Leave them alone. By the way I think they should stop moaning about how badly done to they are.

Why don't they just leave her alone and Harry, they need to look at Andrew, and get that lot sorted out, OMG just putting Megan through the same as they did to Diana, what is the problem. its time they got shut of the Royal family. Cut the crap! 🤮 It's Meghan bullying the Buckingham Palace indeed! Are they concerned with Andrew's behaviour?

The Firm have a habit of sweeping their years of dirt under the carpet. Not a word about Andrew from Queenie & Charlie but when it comes to Megan, Harry & Diana they released the media hounds. What a way into treat their own. Dysfunctional & Disgusting r4today bbcnews Andy_Gez_ The only way to go is to remove the Harry and his family from the line of accession and remove their titles. I personally cannot see any other resolution. Without that the Meghan affair is going to continue for years.

She didn’t like protocol, when you join the royal family their are rules & regulations, if she didn’t want to be told how to behave and conduct herself should never have married 🥱🥱 These allegations must be believed The ones against Andrew not so much I wonder what the difference is... Perhaps the Buck House spokesperson should be Named?! Then they can be challenged in Court. And were (are) the “bullied” staff Racists as well as Arselickers?!

Her true colours showing 👍 Weird , because the same was alleged against Diana when she left the firm.... All of a sudden? Why now? Nobody cares. What’s the latest on the nonce? I’m sure they are concerned, but not at all concerned about Andrew refusing to speak to the FBI about his good friend Epstein who raped and trafficked underage girls, and threw a few Andrew’s way 🤔 I am now officially anti monarchy- get rid of those diamond stealing scroungers!

Why would the Royal Family descend to the level of this nobody from a very dysfunctional family. The truth will be out at some point and prove that she is a fraud. Queen should now strip them of their titles, disgusting behaviour, she has ruined her own family now she is trying to ruin our Monarch These allegations & probably more are coming out now just so public can have a negative mindset against her when they watch the Oprah interview. Meghan leave her alone!!

The royal family are making themselves look even more bloody daft. Concentrate on the nonce ffs. Is there any chance that the Palace could show a little more 'concern' and maybe launch an investigation into the resident pedophile? I'm concerned that a grandson is being so disrespectful to his family, purely to make money

Seems a bit funny that they are this concerned *now the interview is coming out* and not 2 years ago? Not so concerned with accusations of noncing in the family. Brushed that off. Bullying though, off with her head The Palace has a duty as an employer to investigate any bullying claim. Shes bullied, harry

Nobody cares about a narcissistic little actress and her manchild. Please stop putting these articles on UK news. IF it's news, it's world news. Bless her, turning into a right moaner isn’t she. Good riddance. If my wife publicly criticized my family I'd have to make a really tough decision Bullying?! Perhaps she’s assertive, no kidding woman, who just wants things get done within any faffing about.

Who knows what went on behind closed doors in the Palace!! Not so concerned with accusations of pedophilia in the family. Brushed that off. Bullying though, off with her head Yeah, right. One look at the Queen’s face at the wedding said it all. But wasn't really concerned about her being bullied. says quite a lot! the 'men in black'.

But probably not a surprise! You know they really shouldn't be doing this while Phillip is in the hospital. Good grief Palace smoke screen to defect attention away from USA interview, which I personally hope makes the Royal machine squirm The palace dont give a flying fuck about it ffs I think the British press is brutal . I can certainly understand Harry protecting his wife . Look how they treated his Mother .

It seems like another Canadian official, representing the Queen, was acting that way too! No concern about Prince Andrew being a dirty bastard though. Right you are. Strange that the BBC didn’t put as much effort into the Priti Patel bullying after Johnson just said “no she didn’t”. Despite the report that said she was a bully. Broke ministerial code. Very strange...

If that was the case why didn’t Harry sack them Wouldn’t be surprised if Philip the Greek took a turn for the worse in the next couple of days and out of the respect the interview will be postponed if not shelved. Nothing like throwing a dead cat (or a dead prince) on the table as a distraction. What to expect from a person of her background?

I was hoping for 'deep concern'. Its strange how they waited all this time to be concerned. Haha when you think nah they can’t go this low and boom surprise madafaka!!! Sad to see BBC using my license fee for this kind of articles. The Firm employ hundreds of staff, it is their duty of care to investigate bullying in the workplace & now they have done so suddenly they become the 'villains' in this story. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

It was probably very concerned about claims against Prince Andrew, but it shut up shop over that too. No issues with paedo Andrew, nothing to see there! Oh really what did she do now? Sure they are. Funny how it's taken 12 months to come to light. Smacks of fiction? B.P. Toxic. Yawn! Bore off and take a look at Prince Nonce instead

Is there something abt America. With Andy going to US seeing friend Epstein instead of phoning & needs to visit FBI. Now Meg not liking UK but wed UK Royal Harry thn moved to US. Now in early days the alleged staff leaving couple as published by papers. Phew So we ain’t gonna talk about Prince Andrew? Eh

But not concerned about her sons peadaphile allegations, or her govts murder of 120,000 citizens, or facilitating £10billion arms deals with SA enabling atrocities in Yemen It's about time we became a republic and got rid of these elitist scroungers Love the way you X royals are staying out of the spotlight

We've never heard how 'concerned' Buck House is about the young women alleged to have been abused by Prince Andrew Oh the timing of this... Someone is clearly worried 🙄 Absolutely appalling, do yourself a favour and actually report on real news like demanding answers from the leach that seems to be getting away with underage sex.

But the Prince Andrew/Epstein thing is OK... no Buckingham Palace concern there... Aren’t they concerned about Andrew’s sexual proclivities at all in any way? Are you even? Silly me, of course you’re not, just an establishment PR service aren’t you? If you are looking for a bully What about Prince Andrew? Has he cooperated with the FBI yet? Shouldn’t the Palace be more concerned about rape of a minor?

Rofl For goodness sake don’t listen to this rubbish C’mon she is now trying it on for financial gain methinks. .... but will do fuck all about it. Their real concern is to control negative news. RepublicNow That woman is nothing but trouble. She was barely wed & she started with her toxic woke agenda. I thought they wanted to be away from the media highlight? They've done nothing but seek out their attention since they left!

I hope Buckingham Palace are seeing how much damage this is doing to them. Perhaps they are the ones who should keep their mouth shut. They are starting to look desperate. Story after story to try and stop the interview being aired. Happened 3 yrs ago. Be concerned bout Andrew. Buck palace should be “very concerned” at the fact that Prince Andrew is quite literally a NONCE

Convenient timing. they should be more worried about the Peedo prince Andrew Very concerned... but not at all surprised. Just leave them alone! Wonder how leaving the royals for a quiet life out of the public eye is working for them? Never hear from them these days, they must be happy living quietly out of the glare of the media spotlight... 🙄

4 days before the Oprah interview they’re all scared of! Nice one lol Harry and Meghan need to back to the UK. If someone complained of bullying then the employer has a duty to investigate. Sad they didn't manage to follow their own processes. Aren’t they concerned that their resident nonce Prince has yet to make himself available to the FBI?

The old guard wants revenge! It’s going to become very nasty very soon now! Watch! The monarchy is outdated, aristocracy is outdated! It’s oppressive and no longer needed! Said palace wasn't even remotely concerned about the racism meted out to the Duchess. Said palace wasnt concerned about the perverse activities of Prince Andrew. But oh, random complaint from a staff against the Duchess is huge cause for concern.😏

Shame BP weren’t concerned about a pregnant woman being bullied daily 👆They should be concerned about the Epstein protege hiding in the palace Wait ‘til they hear about Andrew... Never liked any of them, even less so now. Horrible bunch. What about Prince Andrew? This is totally unfair. History repeating again.

She was in Pizza Express in Woking. Following the Department of State’s demand for withdrawal of Amhara militia from Tigray, Amhara militia & Fano vigilante group have killed 80 Tigray civilians in Humera and dumped their bodies into river as retaliation to the U.S government statement. TigrayGenocide Ethiopia

Cat fight. “Palace HR team to investigate” I have a distinct feeling of schadenfreude Cake&Eat it,Bullsh*ter BorisJohnson;WHERE THE FCUK IS MY KID'S BREXIT CAKE?A ONE TRICK PONY,TOURIST ONLY,BLUE BOOKLET FOR BREXIT PASSPORT WITH NO RIGHTS BEYOND THE FCKING CHANNEL?Ói StanleyPJohnson Jr's a Spáffing PRO🎲💦W⚓! NÓT THE BREXIT SOLD⬇️OR BUS🤬

No self respecting journalist would work for this drivel. How the BBC has fallen!!! MEANWHILE Conservatives PUTTING PARTY&Mates 1st &FCUK COUNTRY WITH A HEAVY HEART💔Jeremy_Hunt?&Breaking EU BRIDGES 4BARRIERS?TO ÖUR Economic&Societal DETRIMENT?ÁLL4VacuousEmptyAbstract BrexitGrandeur;That pays nobody's Bills?NÓT THE BREXIT SOLD⬇️OR BUS🖕

Are they 'very concerned' about Uncle Andrew too? Because the media seem to be cool about him. Oh and the overt racism excercised against MeghanMarkle This is exactly what they did to Diana, difference was the public was mostly on her side. What's different this time around I wonder? They should be more concerned with noncing.

Not concerned about Prince Andrew though ehh. I hope we never see her again. Stay in plasticville 👍🏼 Well we know what diva tv stars can be like to their assistants. Anyone who managed to get through 6 or 7 separate staff members should really be a red flag. I'm disappointed. I thought Meghan would be a good influence on Harry. I think there's more to come out.

'Very concerned' they weren't reported at the time and 'very concerned' it is making news at all given it is mere newspaper gossip. Unlike legal proceedings against Andrew... Where is that in news, eh? Is Buckingham Palace also “very concerned” about claims of Prince Andrew sexual encounters with underage girls. hypocrites racist MeghanAndHarry HarryandMeghanonOprah Unstoppable ✊

You protected a paedophile and murdered Diana. Bullying is the EASIEST thing for us to imagine. Knock Buckingham Palace to the ground and build a fucking car park. She has a right to her point of view Meghan who ? 😂 As if they did not know of it before. Seriously the nerve of these people More dead cats ... we are still concerned about Prince Andrew

So this bit of news is to distract from political matters so people do not look into the chancellors announcement or into how much tax payers money is being paid to Boris Johnsons fiancé to redecorate 11 Downing Street. There are so many other things they wish to distract from. Anything on Andrew? You know the one with pedo links?

Once again im getting the urge to have a dump in my hands and clap.. Clearly not so concerned about Prince Andrew’s close links to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Rank hypocrisy. When Diana needed help the palace turned it's back on her and the media hounded her. The same is happening here. The witch hunt in all of the media is vile. Yet again the palace puts crown before family, unless your name is Andrew.

They should be more concerned about the distinct possibility that PrinceAndrew is a Nonce & send him to America to answer for his actions! I bet the Palace is more concerned about the upcoming interview of Harry and Megan on TV though. Smear campaign much? It's likely to backfire. I wasn't interested in watching the interview but now I will.

Convenient They're trying to destroy Meghan and it will not work. No one believes this BS but those who hate the fact that Harry, a White prince put his half Black wife and child ahead of that royal mafia and Don Corleone Lizzy. The British media & that royal mafia are despicable. How concerned are they about Prince Andrew screwing under age Americans? And then lying about it.

Well the staff have been silenced, and it’s about time they were allowed to have a voice if they were bullied by a hypocrite, Meghanmillions 🤔👍 Seriously. It was years ago,where has everyone been? 🖕🏻 Omg who the hell cares Leave her alone ffs. Concern yourself with Andrew being an actual nonce. This is nothing more than an establishment attack on the black girl.

They make an announcement about some vague accusation against Harry and Meghan and yet choose not to comment on a senior royal who chose to associate with a sex trafficker. Hypocrisy of the highest order.