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Brexit victory: Report shows UK will NOT drop standards in trade deals – Remainers crushed

UK will NOT drop standards in future post-Brexit trade deals if guidelines followed – report indicates #Brexit

3/2/2021 6:44:00 PM

UK will NOT drop standards in future post-Brexit trade deals if guidelines followed – report indicates Brexit

BREXIT Britain will continue to have world-leading standards if new guidelines are followed despite Remainer fears, a new report has stated.

has stated. Due to the commission's report, Remainers who fear a drop in standards - in particular concerning a deal with the US - should be reassured, chair of the commission Tim Smith said. Released today, the Commission called on principles such as ensuring all imports meet UK standards on food safety and biosecurity going forward. 

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TrendingIn doing this, the Commission also called for the UK to continue to push for green goals.They said:"UK trade policy must be ambitious and the agreements that are negotiated need to tackle the issues of the next generation, not just this one.

"Our focus must be on long-term gains, not short-term expediency."Both Government and business need to adapt, learning the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and reflecting the generational shift in the priorities of consumers.Brexit news: Britain will not drop standards if report is followed

(Image: PA)Brexit news: There are concerns over the standards relating pig(Image: PA)"We see opportunities for all and are optimistic about the future for the UK as an independent trading nation."Although not agreed, there had been fears the UK may drop its high animal welfare standards to sign a trade deal with the US.

Indeed, some US officials have demanded the UK adhere to its rules over chlorinated chicken and hormone-injected beef if a deal is to be agreed.However, if the requirements set out in the report are followed, Mr Smith claimed the UK has nothing to fear.

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Excellent. So we are EU rule takers not rule makers. As long as wages and conditions don’t fall