Shooting, West Midlands Police, Gun Crime, Mcdonald's

Shooting, West Midlands Police

Boy, 15, shot while standing outside McDonald's by gunman on motorbike

Boy, 15, shot while standing outside McDonald's by gunman on motorbike


Boy, 15, shot while standing outside McDonald's by gunman on motorbike

The boy suffered potentially life-changing injuries in the drive-by shooting in Coventry city centre

Describing it as "an appalling and reckless attack", police said Coventry city centre was filled with people on nights out when the shooting happened just after 11pm on Saturday.

Police are analysing CCTV and probing whether the shooting is linked to two other incidents at about the same time.

The man who was less seriously injured has been released from hospital.

Police have appealed for witnesses or anyone with information or dashcam video to contact detectives.

"Police were called to Cross Cheaping at around 11.10pm yesterday.

"The 15-year-old was taken to hospital for surgery. His injuries are described as potentially life-changing, but not life-threatening.

"People in the city centre will see an increased police presence today as officers carry out reassurance patrols."

The spokesperson added: "Officers are also trying to establish if there are any links with two other incidents at around the same time.

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Welcome to 'Great' Britain folks

Boy, 15, seriously injured after motorbike gunman opens fireThe 15-year-old boy was in the city centre at around 11.10pm on Saturday when a motorbike carrying a number of people drove past and a weapon was fired, police said Funny so much Crime happens around Mc donalds, May be they should be made to close at 8.00 Ahh the South of england, also known a as Niarobi. Anyone blamed the London Mayor yet ?

Boy, 15, shot outside McDonald's by motorbike thugs as victim rushed to hospital with serious injuriesCOPS are investigating after a 15-year-old boy was shot outside a McDonald’s in Coventry city centre last night. The teen was standing outside McDonald’s in Cross Cheaping when a motorb… Send in the troops Mini Gangsters must be stopped..

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