Boris Johnson will address No 10 ‘party culture’, says Tory chief

1/16/2022 2:12:00 PM
Boris Johnson will address No 10 ‘party culture’, says Tory chief

Boris Johnson will address No 10 ‘party culture’, says Tory chief

Conservatives, Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson will address No 10 ‘party culture’, says Tory chief

Conservative chair Oliver Dowden says PM feels ‘sincere regret’ and is committed to ‘upping our game’

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But he was assured there were no parties! Is he bringing a bottle? He's at the core of it! Already, Peter Bone and others in the Tory party have started hinting that the backroom staff at No 10 are the problem, not the PM. It's blaming anyone else but him. A sure-fire way of making him feel more untouchable. They've created a monster.

So that's business as usual. The cause of the parties is the person in charge who attended. ' Statement should have read' The nation is in lockdown, that means EVERYONE & NO OFFICE PARTIES. Failed leader let the NATION DOWN A bit late - this ship has sailed. He will have a stern word with himself. So he is going? Because he is the culture !

Address it in a room directly before tables/desks stacked with food & drink are pushed against the walls, someone hits play on their iPhone & the 'talk' goes on into the early hours Just do one decent thing while you're in office & get your exit done JohnsonOut GetExitDone But - at the moment, he must be busy with one last (working-)booze-up in the bunker under Downing Street… Hope he doesn’t put his pint of babycham down on the big red button…

Boris Johnson not honest about No 10 party, say 70 per cent of voters

Boris Johnson not honest about No 10 party, say 70 per cent of votersSeven out of ten voters think Boris Johnson has not been honest about his account of attending a lockdown breaking party in Downing Street, a poll for the Times has found.Johnson told MPs that he had briefly attended the staff party in the Downing Street garden in May 2020 but insisted at the time t It should be up to HM the Queen to force boris to resign! What he did is simply put IGNOBLE! A TOTAL SHAME!

Shouldn't that be 'work event culture' according to Johnson? 😄 Will address it by resigning? Even if there is a clear out at No 10, who the hell would want to work for this complete chancer? There aren’t good odds of coming out of it very well. Who’d want to be Johnsons chief of staff after this debacle?

They could move the No.10 operation to Ayia Napa. Give over! '... the prime minister felt a “sincere sense of regret”...' Yeah, for being caught. How many more lies must we endure? No doubt there will be cheese and wine Dmitri sure this meeting will take all night 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Boris Johnson's camp slammed Rita Ora's lockdown dinner after No 10 party

Boris Johnson's camp slammed Rita Ora's lockdown dinner after No 10 partyRemember when Boris Johnson slammed Rita Ora's bday dinner six months after the 'BYOB party'...? Well, it's very much screaming 'this you?' to us... Who was in the wrong here? 🤔 🤔

Sir Keir Starmer says booting out Boris Johnson over partygate scandal 'in national interest'

Sir Keir Starmer says booting out Boris Johnson over partygate scandal 'in national interest'The opposition politician's scathing criticism comes after reports Downing Street staff held 'wine-time Fridays' throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with alcohol fetched from a nearby Tesco Metro in a wheelie suitcase and kept in a specially bought £142 fridge. What would starmer know about morals He's correct

Footage of Boris Johnson disco dancing becomes hitA video of Prime Minister Boris Johnson dancing with a lightsabre-wielding London Assembly member at a Christmas party nearly ten years ago has re-emerged amid news of more No 10 parties.

Plan to save Boris Johnson named ‘Operation Save Big Dog’ is being ridiculed

Plan to save Boris Johnson named ‘Operation Save Big Dog’ is being ridiculedA reported plan to save Boris Johnson ’s job as Prime Minister is named “Operation Save Big Dog” and people aren’t impressed. Operation save Old Yeller For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him Arnoldnike93 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success⚖️ Follow the twitter handles of 'All India Trinamool Congress' from all over India 👇👇👇 AITCofficial AITC4Meghalaya AITC4Gujarat AITC4Goa AITC4Tripura AITC4Jharkhand AITC4Assam AITC4Bihar AITC4UP AITC4Delhi BanglarGorboMB AITC_Parliament

Boris Johnson ‘set to lift Plan B restrictions’ as Omicron infections fall

Boris Johnson ‘set to lift Plan B restrictions’ as Omicron infections fall Boris Johnson is set to lift Plan B restrictions in the next few weeks, it has been reported. Is he not sacked yet? Infections haven’t fallen, testing has. Ffs please do better than this IMHO he seems rather hypocritical at this juncture.

Sun 16 Jan 2022 10.Friday January 14 2022, 5.apologised amid the backlash that followed when it emerged that she had held a birthday dinner at a restaurant in Notting Hill when people weren’t permitted to meet with others outside their household indoors.Sir Keir Starmer Sir Keir, answering questions after a speech at the Fabian Society conference in London, said:"What we've now got to is a situation where you have a prime minister who has lost the moral authority to lead.

14 GMT Last modified on Sun 16 Jan 2022 10.16 GMT Boris Johnson is committed to changing the culture at Downing Street that led to staff partying and drinking while the country was in lockdown, the Conservative chair, Oliver Dowden , has said. Johnson told MPs he had briefly attended the staff party in the in May 2020 but insisted at the time that he thought it was a work event. Dowden said the prime minister felt a “sincere sense of regret” over what happened and that he was “committed to upping our game”. The PM previously sought to avoid confirming his presence at any gathering but was forced to on Wednesday following the emergence of written evidence a ‘BYOB’ party was organised in the Downing Street garden in May 2020, several months before Rita’s dinner. But Dowden also said that it would be wrong for him to step down as prime minister, and that a leadership contest was not what the public wanted. The YouGov survey found that 70 per cent of voters did not believe Johnson’s account to the Commons including over half of those who voted Conservative in the 2019 election. Dowden was speaking on Sky’s Trevor Phillips on Sunday as Conservative MPs continued to consider whether Johnson should be forced out of office because of the lockdown-busting partying at No 10, and its dire impact on the Conservative party’s poll ratings, and his own." Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 4:20 How to replace a Tory PM Responding to another question, Sir Keir said:"I think, by the way, the scandal of partygate, for want of a better word… what's happened in recent weeks, where it has become obvious that while the vast majority of the British public were obeying the laws the government made, the government and the Prime Minister were partying in Downing Street.

Many MPs have said they want to read the findings of the report by the senior civil servant Sue Gray into what happened before taking a final decision. In a further blow, last night it was revealed Number 10 staff held a boozy gathering on April 16, 2021 , on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral. Gray’s report is expected within the next fortnight. In his interview, Dowden said that when Johnson responds to the findings of the report in a statement in the Commons, he will “make sure that we address the kind of culture that has allowed [the partying] to happen in the first place”. Dowden did not say what the necessary “change of culture” would involve, but it is expected that some senior officials will leave, particularly Martin Reynolds, Johnson’s principal private secretary, who sent the email to No 10 staff inviting them to the party on 20 May 2020 attended by Johnson himself. They added ‘that is for every member of the public, including celebrities. It has also been reported that Johnson will ban drinking at No 10, in response to suggestions that the parties were a consequence of an end-of-day drinking regime that has become normalised for some staff.

But Dowden rejected the argument that Johnson was so compromised by the rule-breaking that he would have to resign. He said he “should of course remain as our prime minister” because of the leadership he had shown over Covid, in particular in ordering the mass booster programme and resisting calls for a lockdown before Christmas.’ The spokesperson added that ‘the prime minister has been clear of the need for everybody across the country to continue to abide by the rules in order to reduce the transmission of the virus…’ Rita profusely apologised for the ‘spur-of-the-moment’ private party at the Casa Cruz restaurant for her birthday, telling her Instagram followers she felt ‘particularly embarrassed’ because she has first-hand knowledge of ‘how hard people have worked to combat this terrible illness’. Dowden also said: “Going through a period of divisive leadership contest … is not the sense that I get of what British people want us to be focusing on.” During his interview, Dowden repeatedly stressed his own anger with what had been happening in No 10. But he seemed deeply uncomfortably when Phillips said that, on the weekend of Prince Philip’s funeral, which was proceeded the night before by two parties had taking place at Downing Street, his own daughter had died. Shortly after details of her party emerged, the I Will Never Let You Down chart-topper issued an apology and stated that she had voluntarily paid a £10,000 fine.

Phillips was close to breaking down as he recalled how, shortly before his daughter died after a long struggle with anorexia, he had been unable to meet up with her and other members of his family because they were obeying the Covid restrictions then in place. He said his daughter had “stuck to the spirit and the letter of the rules”, that thousands of people had had similar experiences, and that promises about a civil servant’s inquiry would not address their anger. In response, Dowden said he knew how how people had suffered. ‘This was a serious and inexcusable error of judgement. “It is totally wrong if there has been any way in which those rules have not been fully obeyed in Downing Street,” he said. On Saturday, Tim Loughton became the sixth Tory MP to publicly call for Johnson’s resignation , saying that his reputation had suffered “terminal damage” because of the way he had responded to the various partygate revelations over recent weeks.

“Obfuscation, prevarication and evasion have been the order of the day when clarity, honesty and contrition was what was needed and what the British people deserve,” Loughton said. ‘Even though this won’t make it right, I want to sincerely apologise. Topics .