Boris Johnson 'deeply sorry' for 100k deaths vowing 'greater resolve' to defeat Covid

On tomorrow's front page: Boris Johnson ‘deeply sorry’ for 100k deaths vowing ‘greater resolve’ to defeat Covid

1/27/2021 1:23:00 AM

On tomorrow's front page: Boris Johnson ‘deeply sorry’ for 100k deaths vowing ‘greater resolve’ to defeat Covid

BORIS Johnson tonight said he is “deeply sorry” after the UK passed the tragic milestone of 100,000 deaths from coronavirus and vowed to fight the pandemic with “greater resolve&#…

Boris Johnsonas the bloc threatened to stop the Covid vaccine being sent to BritainPriti Patel vowed "not to hesitate" to bring in tougher border measuresMeanwhile Professor Whitty gave a grim warning that there would be more deaths to come.

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He said: "I have always been very careful not to make forward projections in terms of numbers."But, unfortunately we're going to see quite a lot more deaths as the effects of the vaccine start to be felt."The UK's medical chief suggested the new variant would make it "very difficult" to release lockdown, saying: "The thing we have which has made things very different in 2021 has been the problems of the new variant."

And he revealed ministers' fears the lockdown would not suppress the super-contagious strain of the virus"We were worried two weeks ago the measures we had were not enough to hold the new variant down," Professor Whitty said.The lockdown is keeping the mutant strain under control, but without the vaccine roll out it will be very difficult to relax the rules, he said.

6Boris Johnson paid tribute to all the front line workers who have died6Chris Whitty warned deaths would continue to riseCredit: 2021 Getty ImagesThe number of people in hospital with coronavirus has continued to rise6The number of new cases is falling

Responding to the shocking death toll, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “My thoughts are with each and every person who has lost a loved one - behind these heart-breaking figures are friends, families and neighbours.“I know how hard the last year has been, but I also know how strong the British public’s determination is and how much we have all pulled together to get through this."

Mr Hancock stressed people needed to follow the rules to make sure the vaccine programme was effective.“The vaccine offers is the way out, but we cannot let up now and we sadly still face a tough period ahead. The virus is still spreading and we’re seeing over 3,500 people per day being admitted into hospital," he said.

“The single most important thing we must all do now is stay at home to save lives and protect our NHS.”Estimates from the Office of National Statistics suggested the number ofon January 7.According to the ONS, there have now been more than 115,000 fatalities in the UK.

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Mr Johnson also told Brussels to show "common sense" and drop its threat to block the exports of vaccines to Britain.The PM insisted he has "total confidence in our supplies" of jabs and called on the EU to "honour all contracts" in a slap down to eurocrats.

"I don't want to see restrictions on the supply of PPE across borders, I don't want to see restrictions on the supply of drugs, and I don't want to see restrictions on vaccines or the ingredients across borders," he said. Read more: The Sun »

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Will there be any sorrow over the millions of children suffering today, tomorrow, for decades to come as a result of school closures? We are sacrificing our children! Why isn't this on the front page of the newspaper TheSun is so desperate to show BorisJohnson demonstrating any sort of remorse on their front page, after more than 100,000 people have died, they ended up using a photo of him glancing down at his notes. JohnsonHasFailedTheNation JohnsonResign COVID19 coronavirus covid19UK

What the media aren’t telling you... MrHarryCole ☹️ Staged to make him look like he's feeling sorry. You the SUN are enablers of this murderous regime. Shame on you He mocked Covid at the start. You are making a mockery of the fact that he is singularly responsible - as he said himself! If you resign, then I’ll believe you. But I don’t think you do care because every decision made has been about making sure your rich friends and corporate buddies are looked after first. BorisResign

It's not about his sorrow. MrHarryCole In any other era this level of deaths would've led to a whole government resigning in shame. And the media would have been screaming for it. That The Sun supports Johnson shows it isn't a 'news' paper, it's simply a means for its oligarch owner to further his financial interests

MrHarryCole 100,000 “Taken” say the front page of the Sun ... I ask you “Taken” what by the bogeyman! Still ZERO blanket quarantine for travellers entering UK MrHarryCole Why are you trying to portray Johnson as a victim? He is the reason there have been so many deaths. ‘Eat Out To Spread It About’ ‘Let It Spread Through The Community And Take It On The Chin’ ‘Saving Christmas’ I could go on.

He needs to resign along with the rest of the government, and made accountable for the deaths How about the in-laws? Johnson’s not up to the job - multiple mistakes - many repeated He should publish the names of those dead ppl to be remembered and to show he is not lying ! ryanG_tweets Theresa May would have done a better job

MrHarryCole He looks like he’s about to barf. The deaths within 28 days of a positive test has come back to bite him on the arse .. if he’d went with the deaths from Covid instead of with covid we’d only be on about 4500 but in order to scare the shit out of people they chose the wrong path 😂 Deeply sorry but lets not forget the money his cronies have made off the back of this pandemic, & his complete lack of leadership. Right now there literally should be 5 things open, drs, hospitals, chemists, supermarkets & schools for key workers kids. That's it. Nothing else.

Its not 100k though is it Was this the guy who lied to the queen? Anyone believe him on this? MrHarryCole Uk must be wiped out of surface of earth bc they have sin against God by supporting nizooria Yes, indeed!!! Sorry isn’t enough. This crisis isn’t over and he proposes nothing to improve it. He needs to resign.

FFS - austerity deaths plus Covid deaths are close to 300k. He has failed the British people time after time. If he was sorry he would resign immediately. If there was any decency in the MSM then there would be a campaign for him to go. MrHarryCole His guilt might be lessened somewhat, if the policy wasn’t to attribute deaths to Covid within 28 days of a positive test. Rather than finding out if it was a primary infection, rather than a secondary one . Pneumonia as been killing the frail for centuries probably millennia .

💔💔💔 MrHarryCole Another Churchillian moment. Only this is Gallipoli. You’re joking right? MrHarryCole PM looking sorrowful & seeking empathy, does he deserve any? He has dithered & caught between protecting lives & the economy, but failed to do either BorisJohnson wants to emulate Churchill. Well, he's overtaken him. He's responsible for more civilian deaths during Covid-19 than Churchill had in WW2. Indecision, flip flopping, lies and £s contracts for friends. A shameless individual.

MrHarryCole You missed an opportunity there. 'Took It On The Chin' would've made a much better headline. Blood on his hAnds He is not the victim! He is the murderer! He made the decisions that have led to some many innocent deaths! Over 100,000 to be clear! Got a nerve just resign MrHarryCole 'Been taken'. Pass the sick bucket.

MrHarryCole Hollow and useless just like Morrison. Wrong choices that have killed people. TeeJayR31 Done now with this after a long time.... MrHarryCole Who would want to be in his shoes? We could have ended up with Corbyn and his Clown Troupe in No10. I love my PM and he has my unequivocal support.

MrHarryCole 'What I can tell you is that we truly did everything that we could.' That is a lie. Even worse is it's a lie on the day the UK announced 100,000 deaths from Covid 19. And those who have died as collateral? Do their lives not matter or are not to be mentioned Take action NOW make wearing masks anywhere outdoors in public compulsory 100k deaths is a disgrace,what are we doing wrong

MrHarryCole Need a mega lockdown that should sort things out , lockdowns always work just check the stats ✊️ MrHarryCole Greater competency would be appreciated. Or at least a hint of it, for starters. Took 17 days to implement the current lockdown advised by SAGE, sorry my a*se. MrHarryCole Fuck me. Embarrassing journalism. You actually chose to make him look like the victim. Wow

He laughed at the start of Covid and joked that he’d shaken hands of Covid patients. He said he’d go for herd immunity. He’s dangerous to all of us and Britain’s future.