Black Lives Matter protesters block London roads over Floyd’s death in US

Black Lives Matter protesters block London roads over Floyd’s death in US

5/31/2020 9:52:00 AM

Black Lives Matter protesters block London roads over Floyd’s death in US

BLACK Lives Matter protesters filled South London streets today and promised more UK demos over the death of George Floyd in the US. People marched through Peckham in memory of Mr Floyd, a black ma…

A 19-year-old man was killed after shots were fired into a crowd during protests in Detroit on Friday night.Police said the shots were fired from an unknown suspect in a vehicle. An officer was not involved in the shooting.In Oakland, California, where 8,000 protesters took to the streets, two Federal Protective Service officers suffered gunshot wounds, CNN reported. One died from his injury.

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Meanwhile the White House was briefly locked down yesterday as protesters faced off with the US Secret Service and burned American flags while chanting "No justice, no peace".Criminal charges were filed on Friday against fired police officer Derek Chauvin, 44.

He has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.Chauvin faces up to 35 years in prison for over his "inherently dangerous" actions during the tragedy that has sparked riots and protests across the US.MOST READ IN NEWS

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A a preliminary autopsy did not find evidence of "traumatic asphyxia or strangulation" and found Mr Floyd may have died from being restrained as well as from underlying health conditions.Mr Floyd's family has, Dr Michael Baden, to conduct his own autopsy, calling the official report "an illusion".

7Derek Chauvin has been charged after the death of Mr FloydCredit: Ramsey County JailProtests have flared up throughout the US, with the movement going globalCredit: ©Nuri VallbonaAnger erupts at protesters over the death of George Floyd Read more: The Sun »

Looks like rent a mob thugs are out for a go at the police. This sort of thing always happens; a minority of racist thugs attacking the police and spoiling a demonstration for justice for all, irrespective of anything. Stop the protests - they cost lives 1 its a U.S problem not a UK problem, 2 i see it as police brutality issue not a rascism issue. 3 Its tragic for anyone to lose their life like Floyd did, no matter what colour they are, stop the madness and lets make sure the police officers get what they deserve.

نوعی همدردی شاید احساس وضع مشابه در بریتانیا هم باشد All lives matters! Are them people lost? This is England guys, America is a different country and a different law enforcement 😂😂 Black lives matter it’s nothing but a nice cosy excuse for the thugs on the left. To burn, loot and ultimately ignite their bloody socialist revolution, from where the Labour or so called democratic parties (Socialist ) will step in at the right time to impose totalitarian power.

There are racist everywhere not only US.. we have to stand together to fight it! Wtf has London gotta do with it... Too much free time on their hands No blacks commenting? The most pointless protest ever as it's protesting against an injustice that never happened here, in an England where using the race card is a more positive advantage than being white, English & working class ever has been.

The most pointless protest ever as it's protesting against an injustice that never happened here, in an England where using the race card is a more positive advantage than being white, English & working class ever has been. Why it didn’t happen here - nothing to do sigh our policing This is getting ridiculous stop saying it was a racist attack it was an attack on a human being!

That was murder 1st degree. Proper Sun readers comments on here... Clearly not educated in the slightest 😂😂😂 Who seriously writes your articles? The paragraph says ‘they appeared to be social distancing’ with a photo directly beneath shows they clearly weren’t 🤔 What’s the point It’s not gona do any good

This so-called ‘autopsy’ is complete bullsh*t ...”A preliminary autopsy did not find evidence of 'traumatic asphyxia or strangulation' and found Mr George Floyd may have died from being restrained as well as from underlying health conditions”. BULLSH*T JusticeForGeorgeFloyd Anyone asking why protest here when it happened in America is clearly clueless. Racism is a huge problem all over the world. Black people in the U.K. are treated just as appallingly’s a problem all people should be aware of. Unless your a racist 🤔

Any excuse to get out the house and start looting. Ship them out. How many black men woman or children have been “killed” by our police? Just wondering the US protest is about the racist police? It’s such a shame that Floyd George was trying to buy Goods with counterfeit money it was all avoidable RIP and all lives matter.

FFS. If anyone valued ANY lives they wouldn’t be protesting because right now they are just spreading a deadly virus and their lives will end because of it. Stupid people. Yes protest yes be vocal but right now is the MOST stupid time to be in very large crowds. You misspelled Antifa I know Black people look different, but what am I missing? Prey tell.

Mmm, London? Why? The problem has been in US, this is weird.. 2nd wave of covid 19 on its way! Waiting for the rioting ... strangely enough leading to a lot of looting ... and then it will fizzle out in the UK. Are the organisers insured, as they need to pay for the damage and theft ... Most people I’ve seen in London in months. Just starting up my cab. 👍😂

Yikes, I hope we don’t get hit by Covid-19 round number 2. That would be a disaster for the UK but these people are risking their lives as they are not social distancing or wearing a face mask. EVERY life matters Why? What the hell can we do? Cannot even get a diplomats wife brought here to stand trial.

The leftie snowflake generation will protest about anything I really like those people the way, they like and respect their fellow black people, here in Africa when government murdered someone, we shout on social media and that's it London, its got nothing to do with it🤮get back inside u idiots they just want to be seen of facebook ,

Wtf .... this is England !’ I don't see the need for Londoners to protest, a black family man died in police custody a few years ago his family are still awaiting justice. Maybe they should make that case a point of their protest. And yes it is still a matter of BlackLivesMatterUK AamerAnwar Idiot, just looking for an excuse to cause trouble, violence, vandalism and get what they can out of a bad situation.

Please do not riot today if you are protesting. Am not a racist, but enough of this already. We blacks should concentrate on getting into the front line. Being leaders, innovating that covid vaccine, innovating other things. Not wasting valuable time wailing on the streets. All lives matter. Antifa. End of.

Wtf, this happened in the US. Let's see if anyone comes out against this. I've got a feeling Boris is going to get blamed for this as well,especially by the likes of piersmorgan Sorosism Knew it wouldn't be long before copycat protest happened here, Do only Black lives matter? Are Blacks racist towards whites? Are all Whites Evil? The fact is there are Bigots and racists in every race and culture it will never end humans are too tribal to violent

I can see this wave of demos against racism moving to the east as well Blacklivesmatters BlackLivesMatter my ass!! Most of these are professional goons & two-bits hoodlums..trying to loot stores & create anarchy in the name of protest..use rubber bullets,water hose & tear gas shells..protest will dissolve in no time..

Any money it’s the extinction rebellion/momentum/not my prime minister/stop Brexit brigade It’ll all be forgiven about next week. All lives matter! Reasons to be a tug... Why are they protesting in the U.K.? Protesting here isn’t going to change anything in the U.S? Black lives absolutely matter! But, also these minority communities are hugely affected by COVID19 and people are dying. These protests are ironic as they are not social distancing, which in turn are putting their lives at risk.🤦🏼‍♀️

Its a shame what to that guy in the U.S but they shouldnt really be protesting as it was nothing to do with us but we can show other ways to show support Good grief, any excuse to fuck up other people's lives! Looks like tarmac..........blocked. Why is this taking part in the UK, I didn’t see protests in the USA for the Killer of Harry Dunn to be Extradited back to the UK 🇬🇧

Social distancing Has covid 19 gone all of a sudden 🧐 Social distancing is over then? What the fuck has London got to do with it getalife If you have a shop in Peckham selling work boots or books, no need to worrry, your business will be untouched When will the lootings start in the UK? more left wing garbage

what is you are mixed race, 1/4 black, half black, indian, pakistani how diluted must your skin be , before you are not black?would meghan markle be allowed to protest All lives matter and know with no social distancing there is going to be another spike and a lot more lives lost If Black lives matter so much, why are blacks running round the streets stabbing each other....

Ffs he was a hardened criminal moving from town to town, robbing people as he went, very hard man to arrest, unfortunately met his match in this last place, should have been cuffed but couldn’t be handled!! Who’s to blame? The press ? Public? Him ? Lloyd’s death was horrific, no dispute. What’s also horrific is when people “dine out” on a tragedy for the benefit of their own cause, or in the pursuit of “likes.”

Time to get some London Covid looting going...... they been missing that shit now for, like, months..... I’m digressing, but those saying ALL lives matter, do rethink the next time you’re munching on that piece of flesh. And what do they think this will achieve all the way over here in the U.K. where people have a lot more rights than the U.S? Unless people are trying to provoke a riot, looting isn’t clever, images are always captured and people prosecuted.... don’t do it. 🤔😡

Round then up, they are prime examples of criminal vermin using a murder man as an excuse to break the law in a different country. Utter scum. Why's UK protesting? Who died here? Hope nobody goes in heavy handed because this just needs a spark In the USA black man was pulled from his car and beaten by blacks..... Black Lives Matter

Protest loud and hard 👏 Call out the army ready this has gone to far now I will gladly stand on the front line with them It has nothing to do with UK want to protest piss off to the US dum twats Get a grip ! Nothing to do with the UK,maybe a protest against knife crime would of been more suffice if lives matter...

Look out currys PC world, HD sports here they come people protesting over a death at the hands of the police. We all know what's next. Sports direct you should be ok though. What as it got to do with people in London more idiots that want to get on the bandwagon if they want to demo for this poor man go to the USA not London

Any excuse for looting This is the most pathetic thing I’ve read all week!! We do not have an issue over here so why create one. The only people who are racist are the ones who bring colour in to it all the time. What happened in America was wrong on a HUMAN level not race! Oh do f&ck off only in crazy London, home of the non fitting residents of the UK. London, live there no way jose!! you London protesters would be shown the door if you move outside your comfort zone, come to the countryside, see if you like it better.

When the police turn their guns on these thugs, let’s not try and say they were peaceful protesters.... Great so we have to wait for a raise in Coronavirus outbreaks now . I get the anger but it’s bloody callous to do this while we still have so many people dying from Coronavirus. We are in a pandemic ffs

But it’s the governments fault the COVID death rate is so high in this country? 🤷‍♀️ Thank you England!! Groovy. Rise up! Show Trump! Idiots They are putting UK lives in danger by not social distancing. This is not USA. Watch out for the looting to begin I think they forgot something....covid-19? London? This happened in America. Get back home u fools, there is a pandemic !! What about the lives u risk taking by spreading infection. Every life matters !! Inc the life that was taken by the rioters !! Its all wrong

That makes sense. I’m guessing JD sports is in for a rough time Good old Londoners...couldn’t stay in during lockdown now interfering in something that means nowt to them dickheads As long as they behave themselves Wut? This is where the argument gets undermined. Why protest in a country who's police isn't killing it's black citizens? I understand solidarity but we have our own issues. All this does is affect London citizens trying to go to work etc. There must be a better solution.

I’m all the solidarity, but why in London.... clearly we are in a dicey situation with corona virus. lefties do not waste the chance to loot anywhere. Why bring it to London not our argument ALL lives matter I suppose it’s Cummings fault 🤦🏾 Why these black people interfering in London for it happened in America not UK you want to protest go to America join them.

MAKE IT A GLOBAL PROTEST! ALL HUMAN LIVES MATTER! Bame more at risk Of dying from covid 19. As we know so let’s all huddle together and protest and spread this in close range off each other. It is spreading like covid-19. I wish politicians have acted fast to arrest lock the guilty police right away things won't go this far. Plus there must be a law changed now to erase the over 100yrs old slavery mentality between black&white+police we all want peace equality black white yellow any should bloved.

Sadly many of the protestors lives wont matter in 3 weeks time as they will all be dead. The UK needs to reintroduce full lockdown for the next 6 months And another covid19 outbreak on the way. unbelievable, antifa mugs taking over the protest to create trouble. All lives matter 😎 Protect the NHS Why protesting in the UK? It wasn’t the British police that did it.

Social distance? Aw gimme a fucking break will you? Can’t America give the police man the death penalty or is the copper to privileged Really London? NHS LIED FAKE VIRUS It's no longer about his death. They are looking for opportunities to loot things, just shoot now, it's gone too far.

Atlanta police chief says 'black lives being diminished' as Floyd protests growErika Shields says angry reaction is understandable as governor declares state of emergency damm not looking good Think they diminished black lives by summarily executing them? Weird self admission— maybe he should resign then

Black mom left fearing for her 8 year-old son's life after George Floyd's deathMother-of-one, Georgina, has pleaded for society not to 'fear' schoolboy, Romeo, over fears he could become the 'next unarmed black' person to be killed in the US Hope the police man in jail already ,He has a bad record before this killing ,White idiot, Color don’t matter ,especially with the state the worlds in just now,

Anger is replacing fear – and it will cost livesFor a large part of the population, a sense of injustice has overriden anxiety about getting infected by coronavirus, writes Judith Woods Not listening to BorisJohnson or any other of DominicCumins Puppets anymore!! I'm taking my freedom back and I'm going to go see and hug all my friends and family that I've missed, might even have a drink or two, it's not one rule for them and one rule for us!! So if one person drove around the streets of the UK at a 100mph you’d do it would you? Totally irresponsible You know Telegraph, of late you seem to be targeting a different demographic of reader. It won’t end well.

George Floyd death: US police officer charged with murder of black man as protests rageA US police officer has been charged with the murder of George Floyd following widespread protests over his death

Police arrest black CNN reporter live on air as he covers George Floyd protestsFootage broadcast live on CNN showed armed officers handcuffing reporter Omar Jimenez as he was detained with his producer and camera operator while covering protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis Some good news at last. Corporate Globalist propaganda. Black, ooooh... The whole crew was arrested not just the black man. Why incite more? All they needed to do was move so the fire department can put out the fires safely.

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