Black deaths in police custody: the tip of an iceberg of racist treatment

6/11/2020 10:35:00 AM

Black deaths in police custody: the tip of an iceberg of racist treatment

Black deaths in police custody: the tip of an iceberg of racist treatment

Black people account for 8% of deaths in custody, while making up only 3% of the population. But this is only the end point of a system that disproportionately suspects, arrests, convicts and imprisons BAME people

was found dead in a cell in Devon.Munroe Bergdorf: Model rejoins L'Oreal three years after being sacked for white supremacy comment The singer says she has had therapy"to help me to cope with some of the trauma that I've experienced" during her time in the Sugababes and the public eye.Scott Morrison has declared Black Lives Matter protests put “the whole track back to economic recovery at risk” and could delay easing of restrictions by a week while governments monitor signs of outbreaks.The head from a “racist” pub sign has been removed in a bid to protect it after the council revealed plans to take it down.

We know little about the circumstances, and I fear that his family won’t be getting answers any time soon.There have been no successful prosecutions for deaths in custody since 1969 – not one police officer has been convicted for their role in the death of someone in their care."I didn't realise that there are so many different ways that a person, that people, can be racist or prejudiced.That is not to say there haven’t been prosecutions – but the evidence has never been sufficient to persuade a jury that a police officer should be responsible.Sutton said it was unlikely the infection had been acquired at the protest, but it was possible the person was infectious.Why is this? Well, invariably, in such cases the only witnesses are other police officers; there may also be CCTV and some medical or forensic evidence.I'm not a victim whatsoever.In the civilian world, friends will give evidence against friends in the most serious of crimes, but after three decades working in criminal law, I cannot recall a death-in-custody case where a police officer has given evidence against another police officer.The council decision was welcomed by anti-racist campaigners, but others slammed it as "cultural vandalism".

Juries are loth to convict police officers generally, but the tendency is especially stark in these cases.And I would like there to be a change in how we view others.” Echoing arguments from the US president, Donald Trump, Morrison also alleged the protests against deaths in custody were being “taken over by other much more politically driven leftwing agendas, which are seeking to take advantage of these opportunities to push their political causes”.No successful prosecutions in 50 years tells its own story.Of course, deaths in custody are only a small percentage of deaths following police contact, which include apparent suicides and police shootings, among other categories."Because this is my legacy, this is my character.Well-known examples include Rashan Charles, who died after being chased and restrained; Edson Da Costa, who died of cardiorespiratory arrest after being stopped by police; and.It was important to be “honest about our history”, he said, but he neglected to mention the exploitation of South Pacific Islanders brought to work on Queensland plantations, or the well-documented cases of Indigenous people being used for free labour in the pastoral industry and as household servants – a practice that began during colonial times and persisted well into the 20th century.Nor will I soon forget how Zahid Mubarek was murdered by his racist cellmate Robert Stewart at Feltham Young Offenders Institution.The scrutiny, the bullying, the judgement, has actually left me.It was pretty tense.

They were housed together despite the fact that Stewart’s hostility to BAME people was widely known.It is true that many other people die in police custody, but black people account for 8% of these deaths , while accounting for only 3% of the population..” During an interview on 3AW, the Melbourne radio host Neil Mitchell said about deaths in custody: “There is a very sadly high level of Indigenous incarcerations – about 30% compared to 3% of the population – but black deaths in custody, I mean that’s a furphy isn’t it? “I mean since the royal commission as I saw it, there have been fewer Indigenous people per head of the prison population dying in custody than have white people.They are dying disproportionately and the perception remains that race leads to a different outcome, which is often premature death.Partly this is because this is merely the end point of a system that disproportionately suspects, arrests, charges, remands, convicts and imprisons people from black, Asian and other ethnic minority communities.And I hate that word.A David Cameron-commissioned report by David Lammy found in 2017 that the colour of your skin has a measurable impact on how you are treated at every stage in the justice system.In my home state there has been, I understand, one death in custody since 2000."The People of Ashbourne will give the head a Lick of Black paint and fully restore when we have the opportunity.

Zahid Mubarek, who was victim of a brutal racially aggrevated murder in March 2000 while detained at Feltham Young Offenders Institution for shoplifting.But it's left me questioning my own judgement.So, for instance, at a time when the stated determination of the government has been to divert young offenders from the formal criminal justice approach, the proportion of young BAME prisoners has gone up, from 25% in 2006 to 41%.The numbers offending and reoffending also rose.Shadiness and all.There have been at least five deaths since Guardian Australia updated its Deaths Inside project in August 2019, two of which have resulted in murder charges being laid.Historically, stop-and-search powers have disproportionately targeted BAME people.In 2015, in response to widespread alarm, the Home Office and police tightened training and guidance of police officers, which instantly reduced the numbers being arrested.I want people to see me for me and then make a judgement on that, and not what they perceive me to be based upon the colour of my skin.They said that it was "an issue that requires urgent discussion and consultation", but refused to confirm if the move was permanent.

However, following a spate of knife crime, the rules were again changed and moved back up to historic highs.The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of police – sparking fury that spilled over into mass protests in many US cities, including the capital, Washington DC – resonated strongly in Australia.Between April 2018 and March 2019, there were four stop and searches for every 1,000 white people, and 38 for every for 1,000 black people."I just wanted to clarify that Black Lives Matter is not about blacks against whites or any other race," she said.Lammy’s analysis of sentencing data showed BAME defendants were more likely to receive prison sentences for drug offences, even when previous convictions were taken into account.This was reinforced by research commissioned by the Sentencing Council published in January , which showed that if you are from a minority you are 1."Because at the moment, people scream, 'All Lives Matter', but how can all lives matter if black lives don't matter?" The singer said she wants to feel like she can meet people"and not feel like I'm going to be judged before I walk into a room" because of negative headlines.Morrison said given the public health risks, local activists needed to desist from further gatherings.5 times more likely to go to prison for drugs offences than if you are, calling for the privately owned and Grade II* listed structure to be taken down, citing its "disgusting racist imagery".

Lammy’s report proved in effect that if you placed a white man and a BAME man in the same predicament with the same previous history, with the same or similar evidence, the BAME man was more likely to be stopped, arrested, charged, denied bail, convicted and sentenced to prison."I'm so proud to be a black woman, and Black Lives Matter.Then, while in prison, he was less likely to be supported to rehabilitate, more likely to reoffend and more likely to die in custody – and his family were less likely to get justice following that death.Topics.Lammy recommended urgent reform.However, three years later, there is not one BAME chief constable – in fact there has only ever been one.Until very recently, there were no BAME commissioners dealing with miscarriages of justice and not one member of the 240-strong parole board was BAME."Ashbourne does not need to be stuck in the dark ages, this one singular act is the least we can do to alter racist attitudes.

There has never been a BAME director of public prosecutions and the number of BAME judges and magistrates, while it is increasing from a very low base, is still well below the proportion that will reflect the communities they serve.When I was chief crown prosecutor and then chief executive of the country’s police and crime commissioners, I would often sit in meetings of criminal justice leaders and be the only non-white person in the room apart from the person taking the minutes.I was born in Britain, to a family that has worked with the British army for half a century, one of whom was murdered by the IRA for doing so.I have spent much of my professional career tackling crimes and misbehaviours in all communities regardless of race or religion, yet I too have been subject to racism in the course of my work.One of the last things I did as a prosecutor was to ensure that the district judge Richard Hollingworth could no longer preside over criminal cases."The sign was gifted to the District Council a number of years ago and is currently protected by a Grade II structure listing.

This came about because of his response when one of my team was trying to fix a trial date to accommodate the victim, Miss Patel.“It won’t be a problem,” said Hollingworth.“She won’t be working anywhere important where she can’t get the time off.She’ll only be working in a shop or off-licence.” Where she was working was irrelevant.Officially The Royal Green Man and the Blackamoor's Head Family and Commercial Hotel, was recognised as the longest pub name in the country by the Guinness Book of Records.

As it happens, she was a law graduate, but his prejudice was there for all to see.When I was less senior, I recall asking another judge to bail the defendant because he had no previous convictions.I was wrong, the judge said.I replied that there was nothing on the police national computer.But he was adamant.Another story is of a young servant boy who accompanied Sir Walter Raleigh on visits to the town, where it is said the explorer owned land.

It was a busy “first appearance” list so I hadn’t seen the defendant come up from the cells behind me.I looked and saw he was a young black man.I knew what the judge was saying and I gave him a stare that told him I knew and he should back off.He did.I recall prosecuting a case where I, the defence counsel, the judge, the usher, the court legal adviser, the defence solicitor, the court stenographer and the security were all BAME and the defendant was white." Colin Wright, owner of The Green Man pub, said the two petitions "highlight the polarising opinions about this town feature".

How we all laughed! How we all thought this would never happen again.How right we were.The same systemic racism applies to victims from BAME communities.There is not enough research, but we do know that if you are a white victim of domestic abuse you will suffer, on average, 35 incidents before action is taken by an authority.The equivalent number of incidents for BAME victims is 100.

The latter have less confidence in reporting, higher familial and community obstacles to overcome, and fewer properly funded support groups to advise them.And when it’s more difficult for people to ask for help, it’s easier for the system to ignore them.All of this means I am not surprised to see people marching in the streets during lockdown.The trust deficit between those in power and those they lead is greater than at any time in living history.The lies we are told have been amplified and adopted as a strategy by people who should know better.


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If we don't make marital racism illegal, things will never change. There is no excuse, in this day and age, to allow people of the same color to marry. It is a prime example of racism. It needs to come to an end. No exceptions. Only a racist would make an excuse not to. Guardian, this is a bloody touchy topic! We know the USA has deep seated racial problems! Now the UK 🇬🇧 is stepping up to reveal their is a problem in the UK

AND I UNDERSTAND 70 % of the crime in LONDON and most of the drug and knife crime in the country ? Always the victims But never the culprits If people are committing crimes its irrelevant what bloody color they are Adjusted for levels of crime, white people are most likely to die in Police custody or be killed by Police. More Black people die in custody because they commit 400% more crime than white people race-baiting for clicks is some disgusting shit

How come the media never tell us how many white youths are in Street gangs & how many whites stabbed black youths to death in gang fights in the last few years. It's always the black kids that get the blame & this is used as an excuse to stop & search more of them. They should be in neither. We are at defcom 4!

Isn't only blacks though. Also Latino and other minorities. Why include Mark Duggan in this. He was a violent gang criminal carrying an illegal gun when confronted by police. There is injustice in the criminal justice system, but Duggan's case wasn't one of them.

Black Lives Matter: Keisha Buchanan opens up about racism in Life As The 'Black' Sugababe video'I didn't realise there are so many different ways that a person can be racist or prejudiced,' says Keisha Buchanan. Why don't we ever hear about Louise Redknapp on life as the 'White' Eternal?... Bring on the football, all these people coming out the wood work will go away, if it was that bad you should have stopped, but no money was coming Buchanan whatf is a name being dropped in Glasgow due to slavery links of Andrew Buchanan😐

Just look at the state of these comments. Exemplification of the problem of white supremacy. JUSTICE FOR JOY GARDNER metpoliceuk We are dealing with such small numbers here that even one individual can sway it. Also note the link you added states 'white individual who has been arrested was about 25% more likely to die in custody than a black individual who had been arrested' why nothing on that?

Scott Morrison: Black Lives Matter protesters should be charged if they defy advice and marchPrime minister says protests risk Australia’s economic recovery and delay easing of restrictions This ain't it Stop deaths in Chicago! Was he sponsored by Russia, too?

Well you have to define it that way seeing as how black people are no more likely to be killed by the police than white people. Sir Starmer has to answer for the injustice shown to the family of the late Ian Tomlinson. At this point i feel The Guardian are fueling the race war OSolance Its worth mentioning that 13% of the Population are calssed as Ethnic, but they make up 27% of the Prison Population. Also that in the last 10 years in the UK 168 people have died in Custody in the UK - 143 were white 13 were black, remainder were of another race.

film of deaths in police custody In the U.K. In Malaysia the INDIANS suffer the same fate mysteriously found dead in prison cells & gunned down in the streets mercilessly since the last decade .

Row erupts as group take black man's head off 'racist' pub sign to 'save itHours after Derbyshire Dales District Council announced its intention to remove the controversial caricature in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, following a 35,000-strong petition, counter-protesters stepped in

A black iceberg against the white Titanic Some of them are doing it for their own benefits too. Looting and burning of public properties in America or elsewhere cannot be justified. Strict action must me taken against those goons. In the name of Floyd they are looting iphones, Rolex, Playstations, nikes and what not.

But black people are still less likely to die i police custody than white people F A K E N E W S

Reddit names its first black board memberSeibel was also Y Combinator's first black partner before becoming CEO She only got the job because she was black.... Ahhh equality! Qualifications for the job: Black and woman. Hiring on the basis of immutable characteristics is inherently racist and biased.

YG, Che Lingo, Kendrick Lamar: the protest songs of Black Lives Matter 2020The demonstrations against the killing of George Floyd have brought a wave of powerful protest music, with new tracks and revisited classics Of course Tres Grauniad Che_Lingo 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 Che_Lingo Yes Che! This is 👌👌👌👌👌

Victory for Black Lives Matter protesters as another slave trader statue removedThe statue of slave trader Robert Milligan was removed by workmen in West India Quay in Canary Wharf, London, this evening following a petition to have the monument taken down Look JOE BIDEN. What a crook. 8 years a vice president, and he will change a police law now? Good to see Phil Mitchell getting behind the movement.