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Big tech’s push for automation hides the grim reality of ‘microwork’ | Phil Jones

Big tech’s push for automation hides the grim reality of ‘microwork’ | Phil Jones

10/27/2021 8:19:00 PM

Big tech’s push for automation hides the grim reality of ‘microwork’ | Phil Jones

The pandemic accelerated the rise of this digital piecework where humans support AI, says author Phil Jones

by the International Labour Organization found that on one major platform, about 15% of all tasks go unpaid.In a statement, which has been edited for length, Amazon Web Services said, “MTurk is a marketplace where requesters determine how much they are willing to pay a worker to complete a specific task. The amount of compensation workers receive depends on the price requesters set, the number of tasks workers complete, and the quality of their work. Most workers see MTurk as part-time work or a paid hobby, and they enjoy the flexibility to choose the tasks they want to work on and work as much or as little as they like. While the overall rate at which workers’ tasks are rejected is very low (less than 1%), they also have access to a number of metrics that can help them determine if they want to work on a task, including the requester’s historical record of accepting tasks.”

The freedoms many of us have enjoyed working from home during the pandemic are the flipside of new kinds of control and surveillance. Meetings on Teams and Zoom send data straight to Microsoft and Amazon. Militant bosses have made employees keep their

webcams onto display their faces and keystrokes. Like the workers on microwork sites, our labour is increasingly captured as data to power artificial intelligence. How the data is then used remains a mystery. Maybe to directly show AI how to do our jobs; or perhaps to expose AI to data about the emotions we experience at work. One thing seems clear: increasingly the primary or secondary role of work is no longer just work, but to show robots how to do our jobs, even if this aspiration in many cases remains a far-flung fantasy.

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Robots(artificial intelligence)are stealing our jobs, and have upped their game into the future. The predictions are dire, worthy of another sci-fi movie, only for real!

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