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Beto O'Rourke compares Biden to Trump over border policies

Now Beto slams Biden over border: Compares him to Trump for deporting Haitians

9/25/2021 7:15:00 PM

Now Beto slams Biden over border: Compares him to Trump for deporting Haitians

O'Rourke - who once described Biden as 'kind, caring, and the antithesis of Trump' - made the comparison in a scathing op-ed published in El Paso Matters on Friday.

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Poll shows Trump is now more popular than BidenPresident Joe Biden 's approval rating just keeps sinking and the latest numbers from a Gallup survey released on Wednesday show a bleak trend for both him and Kamala Harris. No shit America has too many deplorable humans, not surprising.

Biden 'refused to share' letter left behind by TrumpPresident Joe Biden pocketed a letter left in the Resolute Desk by predecessor Donald Trump - and didn't tell aides what Trump wrote to him, according to Bob Woodward's new book. It was probably word salad.

Biden to rally regional support for China containment strategy at Quad summitBiden will meet leaders of Australia, India and Japan as he builds a web of alliances to support democracy and deter authoritarianism China releases a bio weapon onto the world and the Guardian are cowards These countries have more important things to do for their citizens than talking up war. China is not a threat and can be dealt with diplomatically. They are driving for a divided world, risking conflict and war. It undermines our response to true global issues.

Hunter Biden asked for $2m, 'success fees' to unfreeze Libyan assetsMid-level Democratic donors Sam Jauhari and Sheikh Mohammed al-Rahbani had sought to use Hunter Biden's connections in 2015 in their effort to unfreeze billions in Libyan assets. Did you hear Hunter was seeking dirt on Trump from a known Russian intelligence official? Oh never mind that was Donald Jr. and Hillary. My bad. When is the next election?

Biden says Indian press is 'much better behaved' than American pressPresident Joe Biden met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday and said the Indian press 'is much better behaved' than the American press.

Biden's White House 'wants to release Capitol riot details as Trump objects'President Biden considers the January riot ‘a dark stain on our country’s history’ and is ‘deeply committed to ensuring that something like that can never happen again.' When he makes massive mistakes he returns to slagging off Trump to stop the press from making him look bad.