BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour, Olive Morris, Eileen Flynn, Women and Gaming

The programme that offers a female perspective on the world

7/11/2020 12:32:00 PM

‘She would have carried on her fight but she wouldn’t have particularly wanted to play a role in’ OlivetteOtele and Angburger27 discuss Olive Morris, a Black British civil rights’ campaigner who died 41 years ago: Photo: lambeth_council

The programme that offers a female perspective on the world

It's 41 years this Sunday that Olive Morris died. She was a Black British feminist and civil rights campaigner. A couple of weeks ago, Google marked what would have been her 68th birthday with a drawing of her on its header. So who was Olive Morris and who are some of the other Black British female activists from the past who we should know about? We talk to Angelina Osborne, a researcher and lecturer, and Olivette Otele who's a professor specialising in Black female history.

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Eileen Flynn is the first Traveller to be made a Senator in the Irish Parliament. The Irish PM, or Taoiseach, can nominate a handful of people to work in the Upper House and a couple of weeks ago Eileen was one of them. She says it’s an historic moment, especially for Travellers who are so marginalized and stigmatized in Irish society. She talks to us from her home in Donegal.

All week we’ve been looking at women and gaming. We've explored how gaming has changed and how it can improve some people's mental health. The UK gaming industry is worth billions and the video games sector makes up more than half of the UK’s entire entertainment market. Women are 50% of those who play and those over 40 are among the fastest growing group of people that play on their smartphones. But the number of women working in the industry is much lower and today we hear from them.

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Katie_TriPixels abzzjazz jericawebber What's a booth babe ? Katie_TriPixels abzzjazz jericawebber jjsaunders SalixGames My daughter would have something to say about this! As just one incidence, at an event, as an award nominee, she was assumed to be the waitress. OlivetteOtele angburger27 lambeth_council I would also love bbcwomanshour to have a black/BAME woman presenting every week. That would be progress. Normalise true diversity.

OlivetteOtele angburger27 lambeth_council OlivetteOtele angburger27 I really enjoyed this piece today. I would love to commit to doing a similar piece every day/week on black women (past and present) who we all should know about (but often don't due the white hegemonic system in which we were educated).

OlivetteOtele angburger27 lambeth_council I lived in Brixton for a few years in my 20s and worked at Lambeth Council - even remember being in Olive Morris House a few times but it's only this year I found out who this courageous young woman was. Hope she continues to be commemorated. Thanks for talking about her today.

Love1solidarity I heard this today with her baby billie in the background x what an inspiration OlivetteOtele angburger27 lambeth_council Just the BBC demonstrating it's political neutrality again

BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour, Womb transplants; Goblin Market; Leslie Kern‘There has been an improvement on public transport but often we are forced to compete with others in terms of need,with disabled users or the elderly' LellyK explores what a gender inclusive city might look like: Photo: MitchelRaphael GulzaarBarn WombTransplant Here we go again ... playing God. GulzaarBarn WombTransplant GulzaarBarn WombTransplant The programme wisely didn't mention the idea of female to male womb transplants, though this is being attempted in transgenderland.

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