Banksy pledges to help save Reading jail with stencil sale

Banksy pledges to help save Reading jail with stencil sale

12/5/2021 8:59:00 PM

Banksy pledges to help save Reading jail with stencil sale

The artist offers to raise £10m to buy the former prison so it can become an arts hub.

Street artist Banksy confirmed he was behind the painting in a video on his websiteBanksy has offered to raise millions of pounds towards buying Reading Prison where Oscar Wilde was once held, so it can be turned into an arts venue.The artist has promised to match the jail's £10m asking price by selling the stencil he used to paint on the Grade II-listed building in March.

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He said: "Converting the place that destroyed him [Wilde] into a refuge for art feels so perfect we have to do it."The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said: "The deadline for bids has passed."It added: "We are currently considering the ones we received."

Image source,Getty ImagesImage caption,The empty Grade II listed prison costs the MoJ more than £250,000 a year to maintainA spokesperson for Banksy told the BBC the pledge of the funds was dependent on the MoJ awarding the bid to Reading Borough Council and the jail being turned into a centre for the arts.

The street artist said: "I had very little interest in Reading until I was on a rail replacement bus service that went past the jail."It's rare to find an uninterrupted 500m-long paintable surface slap bang in the middle of a town; I literally clambered over the passenger next to me to get a closer look.

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"I promised myself I'd paint the wall even before I knew what it was - I'm passionate about it now, though.

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They should use the Reading prison for putting all the corrupt politicians and the Royal family in for their crime against the British people. Has he ever been arrested for vandalism? I love his work, but technically he’s breaking the law so wtf? I have talented friends that are graf artists and they’ve gone to jail for it.

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