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As Delta spreads, Pfizer and Moderna get set for a booster shot to profits

As Delta spreads, Pfizer and Moderna get set for a booster shot to profits

8/1/2021 2:10:00 AM

As Delta spreads, Pfizer and Moderna get set for a booster shot to profits

The firms are already taking the lion’s share of earnings from the market, as this week’s results will show

until the pandemic ends.New York-based Pfizer made $11.3bn in the first half of this year from the Covid jab it developed with Germany’s BioNTech, and last week lifted its 2021 sales forecast for it to $33.5bn. The two companies have tweaked their mRNA vaccine to target the Delta variant and will begin testing it on humans this month.

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Their commercial success contrasts with the not-for-profit route taken by AstraZeneca and J&JPfizer’s total sales surged 86% in the second quarter, but were only up by 10% when Covid vaccine sales are stripped out. Morningstar analyst Damien Conover said sales growth would slow over the next 12 months as vaccine demand shifted towards emerging markets where pricing was lower: “Longer term, we expect … sales of close to $2bn annually based on booster shots for the elderly and immuno-compromised. Potential upside exists if larger demand for boosters emerges or new vaccines are developed for variants.”

The vaccine has also transformed the fortunes of Moderna, a Massachusetts biotech firm founded in 2010, which made its first quarterly profit thanks to $1.7bn revenues in the first three months of the year.The two companies’ commercial success contrasts with the not-for-profit route taken by

and J&J, which are selling their jabs for far less (AstraZeneca charges between $4.30 and $10 for two doses while J&J has charged the US government $10 per dose for its single-shot vaccine).Even so, thejab developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca brought in $1.2bn

for the pharma company in the first half of the year.One of the first vaccines to be approved globally it is now being shipped around the world – sales were almost evenly split between Europe and emerging economies in the first half.Despite leading vaccine production globally, the US has exported few shots. While there is no formal export ban, Washington has used a wartime power known as the Defense Production Act to require companies to fulfil its orders before any others.

However in June,US president Joe Biden announced that the US would donate half a billion Pfizer vaccinesto 92 low- and lower-middle-income countries and the African Union, to “supercharge the global fight against the pandemic”. As part of that pledge, nearly 5.7 million Pfizer doses are set to arrive in South Africa this week, and 4 million are bound for Nigeria.

Only 14.4% of the world population is fully vaccinated; 28% has received at least one dose of a vaccine, with 4.07 billion doses given globally. Only 1.1% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose.AstraZeneca has suffered many setbacks, including supply problems which led to a court battle with the European Commission, and a link with rare blood clots (even though a

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new study last week indicated that its vaccine safety profile is similar to that of the Pfizer jab). It has postponed its filing for regulatory approval in the US to the second half of the year because, it said, it took time to put together the large datasets required by the US regulator.

The EU will not order any more vaccines from AstraZeneca, and disillusionment has set in. It is known to be considering “all options” for the vaccine business, including a potential sale by the end of this year. Read more: The Guardian »

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In Japan PCR test has not been common. I had suffered a terrible cold for a very long time last year. I thoght that was COVID-19 and felt almost dying. Then there happened to appear bad insects, I sprayed insecticide of pyrethroid and inhaled it a little. Then I cured at once. Because they don't work like they boasted and overconfidence leads to over dosage like in every other drug in the history of medical sciences

Vaccination rate in Japan is extremely low. Med system in Tokyo has collapsed by the 5th COVID-19 surge. The hospital in Tokyo is full, even if the Olympic athletes have trauma, vascular disease, HEATSTROKE or COVID. We recommend them to go home before bringing back COVID. while this is what it does to your blood left is healthy right is mRNA Phizer

If these companies receive government funding to develop these vaccines, does that mean the government gets a cut of the profits? Seems fair right? I mean the taxpayers deserve some return if they pay for some of the development, right?! There is no guarantee in any of this! It's all a gamble. Ok. Pharmaceutical corps. The real plague. Cant believe the left are tag teaming with them. Corrupt. Inept

JUST IN TIME!!! I could give a fuck if these companies make money. I'm grateful for the opportunity to protect myself and my loved ones. I will get my booster as soon as it's available.

Scientists say Delta variant could be bigger danger for pregnant womenLife management coach Laura Brunton from Witney in Oxfordshire, who is expecting her third child, said she was initially hesitant about getting the jab. Don't get jabbed. It's a experimental vaccine.

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Delta poses ‘severe’ risk to mums-to-be as all pregnant women urged to get jabTHE Delta variant poses a “severe” risk to mums-to-be and all pregnant women have been urged to get jabbed. Almost all pregnant women hospitalised with Covid had not been vaccinated, sh… Don’t eat Salmon yet go ahead and get a genetically modified not passed clinical trials vaccine and pump that shit in to you The propaganda is strong in this one The vaccine hasn’t been out for a full pregnancy term, let alone out to test the babies after they are born for side effects. The government and their propaganda to scare people into getting vaccinated is crazy. As Boris said let the bodies pile high

Israel to offer Pfizer Covid booster shots to people over 60Announcement makes Israel the first country to offer a third dose of a western vaccine to its citizens on a wide scale good luck And fiery death from above on Palestinians of all ages! You really have a duty to state that the first two are 'Experimental'(US) or its equivalent'Conditionally Approved'(EU, etc). Your choice of wording/terminology isn't technically precise& IS misleading. Also: isn't the whole point of mRNA that is is meant to 'teach' the body?

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