'Annoying and repetitive' tannoy announcements on trains are to be silenced

'Annoying and repetitive' tannoy announcements on trains are to be silenced

1/20/2022 3:00:00 PM

'Annoying and repetitive' tannoy announcements on trains are to be silenced

“ANNOYING and repetitive” Tannoy announcements on trains are to be silenced. Passengers have complained for years about the constant announcements, calling them “pure noise pollution”. One commuter…

An official announcement is now expected within days.But Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary Louise Haigh said: “Do they expect the passengers being priced off our railways by a brutal fare hike, or unable to catch a train because of service cuts, to be grateful that the service they can no longer afford or access has fewer announcements?

“The Tories are totally out of touch with the country’s priorities.”Cheeky passenger risks jail hacking public phone to blast music over airport tannoy

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Why is the government involved in train announcements decisions? Micro-management of some things, failed management of others? More complaining.

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