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Actress Alyssa Milano gets arrested outside the White House

Actress Alyssa Milano is arrested outside the White House

10/20/2021 3:26:00 AM

Actress Alyssa Milano is arrested outside the White House

Alyssa Milano was one of the more than 20 protesters arrested outside the White House on Tuesday afternoon demanding the federal government pass laws protecting voting rights.

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Festive film debut for Little Mix star

Boxing Day, the first British Christmas rom-com led by an all-black cast, is released Friday 3 December.

She's desperate. Seems like a liberal actor/actress hasn't earned their respect, until they go to jail 🤔 Keep her Need to have voting standards and accountability real id, passport, etc no accountability between states, the feds need to do something but they dont each state is different The Freedom to Vote Act has to pass now if we are going to protect voting rights in the next election for all of us: for black voters and brown voters, for women, for younger voters, voters with disabilities and working people of all backgrounds.'

Breaking news, that’s funny She could be my boss tryin to get traffic to her pod What Trump did not dare to do, Biden has accomplished. Allysa, cachicamo trabaja pa lapa. You Know. Keep her there Does she still think Trump is in the WH?

Bannon and other top Trump officials face legal peril for defying subpoenasDevelopments in select committee’s move to secure Bannon’s conviction come as Trump files lawsuit blocking the release of his White House records Arrests Good. Let’s see them jailed

did she forget to wear underpants? Alyssa_Milano always:

'Tanning addict' spends £1k a month on daily injections, sunbeds and fake tan‘Some people won’t leave the house without makeup, I won’t leave the house without a tan’ Because I don't feel fulfill in life unless I exit the house looking like ⬇️ BBD

Russian moviemakers return to Earth after 12 days spent filming on ISSRussian filmmakers Yulia Peresild and Klim Shipenko returned to Earth early this morning, following a 12-day stint in space filming scenes for upcoming movie 'The Challenge'. Courteeners is a racist band! Cancelled my ticket because of my skin color while I’ve never heard of their songs, this is confirmed by the ticket office which called them twice while I found it at the venue.NME knew everything but still praised them the next day.

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Two men in hospital after being stabbed inside Melbourne shopping centrePolice confirmed the arrest of a 20-year-old suspect in relation to the stabbing

Girl, 11, dies after going into cardiac arrest at schoolAN 11-YEAR-OLD girl has died after going into cardiac arrest at her school. Double vaxxed?