A nursing bra will be a life saver if you're a breastfeeding new mama or pregnant – these styles are as pretty as they are practical

Nursing bras that are seamless, supportive and functional.

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1/18/2022 3:28:00 PM

A nursing bra will be a life saver if you're a breastfeeding new mama or pregnant – these styles are as pretty as they are practical.

Nursing bras that are seamless, supportive and functional.

nursing brais one of the most vital pieces of kit you will own when you're a breastfeeding new mama – and the verybest maternity brascan be worn throughout pregnancy, too. Though feeding your baby is a priority (obviously), it's a total minefield. Luckily, it can be made a whole lot easier with a top-rated nursing bra if you choose – or are able to – breastfeed. Eat, sleep, burp, repeat.

Do you really need a nursing bra?A nursing bra is wildly more practical than your normalbra, which you'd likely need to size-up in anyway in order to make way for growing breasts. Nursing bras are designed to fit your boobs as they change throughout pregnancy, they're more breathable and they're usually made to fit breast pads which will soak up excess milk. What's more, most styles have drop down cups that unclip when you need to feed, while some have cross over cups that you push the fabric back from and slip out a nip for no-fuss access. It's a good idea to have a try-on session to work out which you feel most comfortable with.

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