‘A bit of hope’: Chile legalizes same-sex marriage

‘A bit of hope’: Chile legalizes same-sex marriage

Chile, Lgbt Rights

12/8/2021 1:41:00 AM

‘A bit of hope’: Chile legalizes same-sex marriage

Vote seen as a blow to conservative presidential candidate José Antonio Kast, who won majority of votes in November’s first round

, is scheduled on 19 December.While Boric advocates greater rights for minorities, Kast’s agenda is founded upon traditionalist politics formed by devout Catholic values.“Marriage equality is a ray of sunshine, a bit of hope,” said Isabel Amor, director of the gay rights organization Iguales, who said that the country’s LGBTQ+ community is in a “very fragile emotional state” with the threat of a Kast presidency. “We have to ask what we will lose if he gets the presidency.”

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Kast, who denies he is homophobic, has said that “”; his presidential program offers subsidies to married heterosexual families with children, deliberately excluding same-sex couples.

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Congratulations to the members of the LGBTQ community in Chile who campaigned so hard to achieve this, This is a huge step for Latin America

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