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12-year-old arrested over racial abuse targeted at Wilfried Zaha

12-year-old arrested over racial abuse targeted at Wilfried Zaha

7/12/2020 7:04:00 PM

12-year-old arrested over racial abuse targeted at Wilfried Zaha

West Midlands Police have arrested a 12-year-old boy after Crystal Palace footballer Wilfried Zaha was targeted with online racial abuse on Sunday morning. A statement issued on Sunday afternoon

West Midlands Police have arrested a 12-year-old boy after Crystal Palace footballer Wilfried Zaha was targeted with online racial abuse on Sunday morning.A statement issued on Sunday afternoon read: “We were alerted to a series of racist messages sent to a footballer today and after looking into them and conducting checks, we have arrested a boy.

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“The 12-year-old from Solihull has been taken to custody. Thanks to everyone who raised it. Racism won't be tolerated.”Download the new Independent Premium appSharing the full story, not just the headlinesDownload nowSharing a series of screenshots online, Zaha highlighted the scale of sickening online abuse he had received prior to this afternoon’s Premier League match between Palace and Aston Villa, appearing to be from a supporter of the West Midlands side.

One post included an image of the white supremacist hate group, the Ku Klux Klan, and a message that read: ‘’You better not score tomorrow your black c*** or I’ll come to your house dressed as a ghost.’’Crystal Palace immediately released a statement in response to the messages: “This is an absolute disgrace and should not be happening. We stand with you, Wilf, and anyone else who has to suffer such horrific abuse.’’

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Twitter have also failed to enforce their minimum age restriction rules, and agree they should do more to identify and ban those who post abusive messages. Parents and society have massively failed. This is a disgusting allocation of police time and resources. I know several people who have been told the police are 'too busy' to investigate crimes way more severe than this, but a 12 year old saying hurtful things to a millionaire is somehow a pressing matter?

six in the morning eating breakfast and reading paper hear banging on front door 'oi, this is the police!' answer in slippers and robe 'what's the bloody meaning off this?' 'we've been issued a warrant for your son's arrest' 'for what? he's 12!' 'for being racist' uk.jpg Anyone who applauds the arrest of a 12 y.o. for bad words on Twitter has been indoctrinated into a form of evil that they somehow think is good. They are enemies and should be treated as such. The sooner the better.

Good, nick his parents/carers as well They might as well sentence everybody who played Modern Warfare 2 in 2010 to death by electric chair British police would do anything to avoid tackling actual crime. TheAhmetIbrahim 'Arrest the parest ' why not all white people? Arest and send in Africa. While grooming gangs run free

Racial abuse should not be tolerated and can never be condoned. Do we really think that arresting a 12 year old boy will help. It will not change his thinking or that of anybody else. We need education, something that is lacking in our society Any thoughts on the footballer and Piers M sharing a minor's name on social media? The boy needs help and rehab, now will be marked for life, addresses are easily found.. The identity should not have been shared to millions regardless of age.

Usually when ‘12 year old’ & ‘Footballer’ are involved in an arrest story... Adam Johnson is to blame 😂😂 It is hard to imagine we live in a society that has taught a child to behave like this!! It takes a village to raise children and as that village this is on all of us, the intolerant and all the good people who do nothing that Dr Martin Luther King spoke about! SayNoToRacism

Such tweets are horrible, and I’m all for this child being kicked off twitter and disciplined by his parents. But arrested for a tweet? This is insanity. This boy should undoubtedly have known better and needs help. However his ID was shared on Twitter by Zaha and piersmorgan It could have been reported to police without plastering over Twitter? Addresses are easy to find. I'm shocked that this is acceptable.

While grooming gangs are victimizing white children.... England is becoming hopeless.... Wake up white Englishmen But a woman from Cambridge University gets a promotion for saying White Lives Don't Matter... CLOWN WORLD🤡 Good Who's willing to bet that the 'racism' was anything but? Arrest his parents, a twelve year old doesn’t come up with stuff like that by himself

Nobody is born racist. Educate the kid. Look at the parents closer. It's those who teach kids these vile archaic ways of thinking. A 12 year old is arrested for saying mean words to an incredibly privileged black man. Is this really the kind of world people want to live in? He had to have learnt it from somebody as children are not racist when they’re born.

Good, some kids think they are untouchable. Their parents, the police, their teachers. Their age means they think they can say anything, do anything with zero consequences. Unfortunately for him, he is old enough to have a police record. Hate crimes won’t be a good addition. Well that kid is now a racist for life. Good job guys. We did it!

Black fragility Damaged people damage people. Especially little people. Noones born racist. N The UK has Muslim grooming gangs sexually assaulting 12 year olds, nothing happens. You have dumb ass 12 year old being a dumb ass 12 year old, arrest him. Parents were expected to give their child a stern talk and then grounded them.

A kid says something dumb and gets arrested for it. I fixed your headline. The uk is. Can you actually imagine a so-called “man” running to the phone and screaming for the police after a child called him mean words? It’s so funny and sad at the same time. What a pathetic coward. N. So it came down to two spoilded kids arguing. Ends with Zaha saying to the cops please stop him he hurt my feelings. What happen to blocking people.

Huuuuur duuur arrest parents. Duuur words make me go sad face. Must abuse judicial system... must... ABUSE Talk about privilege. What other race can get kids thrown into jail for a comment? Fuck nigga stupid.. Lmao what a gay country The soccer player is a giant bitch. That goes without saying since he plays soccer, but boy did this 🤡 just take the trophy or black Fragility as well

Where is the privilege Black fragility Police ignore rapes and violent crime. Arrest people for mean messages online. 12 year old badmouths some old millioner,gets arrested by UK gestapo . UK is embarrasment of western world Anyone saying the kid is just 12 so he should be forgiven is very sick! Very very very sick, you and and the kid need serious help. No normal 12 year old would be thinking of such ffs!

NoRoomforRacism ...... Unless it's directed at a white person...😶 ChestnutPrince Arrest that boy he made a bad joke to a rich entitled black man! Interesting to see what happens here. When juveniles commit crime, they’re usually given several second chances. I expect this kid will be buried straight away.

This is disgusting... if people don’t see your individual liberties slipping away then you need to wake up. No matter how bad you disagree with someone you can’t arrest someone for their opinions By criticizing you mean threaten to kill him. The boy will claim he didn't do it, and nothing else will get done. But I hope the modern world, police and justice system proves me wrong...

What did the kid say? Honestly, it's an important question because too many innocuous things are now deemed 'racist.' Ok soooooo a 12 year old makes a joke and is arrested? When are we going to address the brown bigotry in the country? Wow that soft AF, he’s gonna get it way worse now. Block and move on dude

Anglo moment Black fragility right there Hope it gets locked away. Black fragility. What a sad man! Who can't handle a joke from a bloody 12 yr old what a ridiculously weak man. Arrested? A 12 year old? For what? Bullying a grown man? You people have taken leave of your senses. This mollycoddling of people of color is bollocks. How was the footballer actually harmed? His feelings were hurt? You're becoming a nation of sniveling sissies.

Pity we will never know the parents names or jobs. Black fragility Joke country Ridiculous. How fragile Oh no, a grown man cant take shit talking from a child. What a weak pathetic man. A grown ass man got a 12 year old arrested?Talk about a sensitive fucking ego. 12 year old persecuted for words against a rich soccer player How much more anti white does it get?

Not a serious country There's nothing special about Black historical suffering. Quit babying these bums. They bring nothing of value to White civilization. DividedWeThrive Black fragility Black fragility rears its ugly head yet again. the father teaching the kid at a young age Just turning into a nation of yobs. Should have 1 child policy like China did.

Also arrest their parents. They didn't pick up that language and those Racist attitudes from the Ether! This guy would live in a mudhut eating earthworms if not for European white people. And now he's callimg the shots. Shameful. Gee, I wonder why we wanted to revolt against the British. Authoritarian weirdos.

might as well interrogate the father kid learns from the parents surely Jogger moments That’s odd! I thought kids liked Mr Tumble. Ask his parents what have they been doing to raise a child with these skewed values? They found him quickly, but when it was the bloke/lady burning the flag on the cenotaph why fucking bother I guess

A 12 year old? Is Zaha an adult? Good send him to jail Black fragility strikes again Black fragility Oh yeah, police going all in on a 12 year old. No wonder theres grooming gangs 🤦‍♂️ Meanwhile, Muslims are raping 12 year old girls with impunity. Fucking joke of a country UK is arresting 12 year olds now huh

i hope china will issue me a visa in due time: uk is a sick police state. Never the work of a 12 year old. The language for a 12 year old is wrong.....let's hope he has sobered up from last time. Convenient in the least. previous Brown privilege in action. fake country Arrested? God's sake, he's a an ignorant boy who at most should've had a copper around his house to sit with him and his parents to tell him off and warn him his language is out of order and to behave, that's it. Might even have got a slap when the copper left. Bit like I got!

I hope Zaha somehow survives being insulted by someone online. Good thing we'll get this kid in the system before he does something truly heinous like sticking his tongue out at someone. And some of you Brits actually still think you are free! Sounds like some serious black fragility. LOL WHAT A CUCKED COUNTRY. JAIL TIME FOR WORDS LMAO

How to radicalize someone in one simple step. zaha sounds like a bitch Great news! All racist keyboard warriors need to be treated the same! I’ve never been so glad to have been American then this very moment. You britfags need to get your shit together before we unconditionally liberate you lmao. Here is what happens next: - The kid goes through Hell, but becomes a minor local hero among his based friends. - He is marked, therefore unemployable; college is out - Joins a gang - because it is his only option - Emerges a hero to his Nation when he gets revenge in his 30s

Holy shit! A 12 year old did something stupid? It's almost like there is a reason we don't let them drink, drive, vote, or work full time at that age. THE UK IS DONE. THIS IS WHY AMERICA BROKE OFF FROM SUCH AN AUTHORITARIAN COUNTRY. FASCISM IS A LIVE IN WELL IN EUROPE. GOD HELP THIS WORLD This is what happens when there's no Electoral College.

He is the hero England needs. People crying he’s a 12 year old... boo hoo. He can get fxked. What an authoritarian shithole the UK is. Black fragility Well, in 6 years he will be cleaning toilets or dumping garbage in the back of some rusty and smelly truck. Somebody had to do it. Better him than me! 🤡 Black fragility 💅

Black Fragility But they released this mush without charge Black fragility LOL Well what a fine specimen of a child. His parents must be so proud. 😡🤬 That kid wasn’t born a racist. As my old man says you inherit your prejudices from your parents. Maybe have a word with them as well. Arrested a 12 year old Better ways to deal with this child

give him life What I got from these comments: the Brits are absolutely fucked This was standard Call of Duty lobby trolling that nobody would have given a fuck about in 2010. Now a kid gets arrested for trolling a multimillionaire footballer. Black fragility is something to behold. Yeet... I didn’t know people in the UK are bootlickers. They are pretty happy to see a child being punished by the authority because that kid hurt some useless rich ch*mp’s feelings.

What a chick. Euro men are basically women. These people are so soft and fragile they can't handle a 12 yo dude making edgy jokes They would literally kill themselves if it wasn't for Daddy government's help. So glad we live in a free country where the government can't arrest you for saying the wrong things.

The purpose of the media is to protect paedophiles, and start wars for Israel. exactly what you would expect from English police Ya diversity!! Bullshit you know how much crim is out there but you take some average boy against a super star ⭐️🖕🏿 TAKE HER PARENTS TO COURT the multi millionaire elites are now using police to imprison working class youth.

A 12 year old black girl can murder a classmate and not do any time in cities like Houston and Atlanta Honestly the parents should be arrested. You arent born racist thats for sure. His parents will be ever so proud of him ,deary me Imagine saying a 12 year old needs his life ruined. Grown ass man can't handle words? Tyrants

arrest also john moss FA var official for poisoning & corrupting the game. Oh no arrest people for words says the communists having children arrested for a joke is exactly what is going to cause real racism Same generation who said the most fucked shit in COD MW2 lobbies now in the reply’s like “aRrEsT ThE paRrentsS” 🤡🤡🤡

Quite clear to see what sort of people read the independent based on the comments Its getting absurd and going to thought police levels. The truth is you can never get rid of racism, yes all cultures are racist. Yes racism is wrong but how the hell do you take a kid that seriously, he is trying to throw him off his game.

Don't think he would be so mouthy if Zaha went to his house and started doing kick ups with him before volleying him into the top kitchen cupboard. In all seriousness his parents should be ashamed This is disgusting. No one, let alone a child, should be locked up due to offensive comments on the internet

Black fragility 12 yrs old - that is sad. What sort of home must he live in. 12 years old. Makes you think about the state of his parents. A 12 year old got arrested for words? That’s the dumbest thing ever. lajornadacrc Get the parents on National TV to release an apology! Make it seen that being online doesn’t protect you!

12 year old arrested for speech? WTF UK police can't shut sweat shops or arrest muslim groomers but they can find time to arrest a 12 year old who sent hurty tweets! move evidence of white supremacy? Hate speech is free speech! Fredom is Dangerous bitches! I’m sure the Chinese are jealous of how much “freedom” we have in the west

What’s his ? As difficult as it is; please report and publish People have no ideahow bad/rampant it is Our system is antiwhite. Our children should not be arrested in their native land for saying something about a foreigner. This is what England has devolved into, a boy arrested over words? What a sickening decline of a great people

The people defending the child because the adult should take it, it isn't just about Zaha, it is literally about what it stands for and how him coming forward against that sort of abuse will help others do the same. Sit and defend the kid, but you look like a racist if you do. Total bullshit Has fragile have we become we can’t handle the screeds of a 12 year old? Pathetic

Arrest a twelve year old boy over a tweet whilst covering up the systematic rape and grooming of young girls. Top work 👌🏻 All white countries are under attack. Wake up and unite. Any police funding can't complain about budgets being slashed if they do this. In fact, they deserve their budgets slashed. Those wanting their parents arrested here can go and fuck themselves. 🤷

In North Korea you're not allowed to criticize the Leader. In the UK you're not allowed to criticize random ___(redacted)___. 'Muh democracy' 12-year-old arrested for being edgy online. Meanwhile... Vornamelustig black fragility How thin skinned do you have to be to arrest a kid? soft AutismusChad abolishign the police starts to really sound good

Noticing all these 'socialists' cheering on a wealthy sports star getting a child arrested, and calling on their parents to be arrested. Diversity was a mistake. It's become obvious you cannot force two vastly different people to live in close proximity and not have conflict. This is great, obviously a child this age can't really be held accountable but hopefully knocks his parents back a peg and teaches the little shit about his words.

Defund West Midlands Police. Useless cucks. Racism isn't born, it's taught. If it was his kid, he would have just abandoned him instead. 12 year old? You're b*tching abt China? You arrest CHILDREN over speech. That fact you arrest over speech at all is a sign of your impending collapse. Ffs. In other words a kid goes to jail after making a joke to protect the feelings of a rich grown up. This is real police and judiciary abuse.

blackfragility How depressing. His parents need to be closely looked at, too. Wtf this is sick 🤮 Brits deserve whatever happens to them going forward....thank God for 1776 What a pathetic loser of an adult man can't defend himself against a 12 year old... A 12 year old learns from it's parents. Black fragility

Thousands of children raped: sleep Squeeker says mean thing about grown ass man: Well well wots all dis den BlackFragility Millionaire protected from mean words sent by an actual child. Tyranny. Deport zaha and make the 12 year old prime minister Fragile 12 year olds being arrested over this? lol Cable_J Lock up the parents.

If a 12 (TWELVE!) year old is running riot on social media and you as a parent arent actively monitoring & educating them then you absolutely should be punished too. Fined, arrested, whatever it takes. A child cant abuse people on the internet unless they're enabled by parents. Millionaire gets 12yo arrested. What a joke.

Nobody is born racist. It is taught. Wow, the complete lack of freedom of speech is disturbing. Good luck legislating morality. It never works. Imagine celebrating the arrest of a child for insulting an ADULT. Losers. And his parents too I hope! '12 year old arrested for saying something on the internet' cool country you got over there

If it aint legal to make fun of this face, the world ain't right. A 12 year old kid. This is retarded. The poor rich idiot! ibraheemahmed66 12 Fml I can imagine the footballers proud he got a 12 year old arrested, I blame the media and BLM contributing to what this kid must of seen online , no excuse tho , parents should take some responsibility

12 years old, arrested. It was 12 year old?! You say what you learn. Pathetic parenting from his parents. Good news for a change! Teach them young Not trying to speak for Zaha - this is appalling - all the best - and a 12yo it's not straight forward. A slime who said stuff to Collymore online - Colly said he would much prefer no charges whatsoever but first perpetrator apologised to him in person. Just cant stand this.

Let me just think, where could he have learnt it? Nope, no idea.... Friend of yours darrengrimes_? The mobs of psychopaths need arresting. As a youngster heard far more rabid antisemitic comments and we didn’t gang stalk the racist antisemitic kids, mobs of psychopaths on twatter disgust me, they are filled with the same hate as real racists.

SkyNews BBCNews Channel4News itvnews Scum. I would also hold the parent(s) responsible and they should be getting a social services visit. 12? Our football stars have been inciting mob hatred against a 12 year old? His comments may have been wrong but instead of keeping it professional and going to authorities the mob of so called adults have been gang stalking a 12 year old age trying to wreck his life.

Arrest the parents!!! And where is a 12 year old picking up ideas like this? A 12 year old! What are they’re parents doing? make sure the kid is judged for life... haha yes smite the one that says bad things! justice! How is arresting a child a good thing? Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to go to his house and have a talk with his parents before arresting a kid that doesn't know what he's talking about

Thicko racists who start at an early age will then go on to be thicko racist as adults. Why not arrest the parents? The poor kid needs education not Hand cuffs🤷🏽‍♂️ BlackLivesMatter WilfriedZaha Education 😂😂😂😂 Siri show me someone who will never get a good job haha Child abusing nts been gang stalking kids again?

You can just imagine the parents 😭 Don't be fooled Zaha! We know they just pretend!! 12 y.o. arrested?!?! 🤭😖 He's 12!! The youth of today need better parenting. Jesus. Please keep arresting them The parent of the boy needs to be arrested as well Arrest the parents instead. Wonderful news 👏👏... Shud teach him a good life lesson this !!

Only 12% want a return to the old ‘normal’ Britain after Covid-19People want more money for NHS, key workers and to move the focus on economic recovery outside London Nonsense ... everyone wants to return to normal under the right circumstances Bullsh*t We cannot go back to the way things were.

Cecil the lion's painful 12-hour death and sickening message to 'finish him off'WARNING: UPSETTING CONTENT. Cecil the lion was well-known in the area, and a team of experts studying him realised something was wrong when his electronic collar stopped picking up signals EUVoteLeave23rd Thanks for ruining my day. 😔 Bastards poor lion hate humans sometimes 😭💔😭💔😭💔😭 The killing is another case that something legal is not necessarily moral. That sob was never told that Cecil is a subj of an on-going research/study?

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Wilfried Zaha targeted by racist abuse online ahead of Villa vs PalaceWinger highlighted the sickening messages he received from someone appearing to be an Aston Villa fan Disgusted! Stems from insecurities mixed with lack of education, Zaha should go out and use that as more fuel x

Boy, 10, stabbed in 'distressing incident' as police arrest teen during searchA 10-year-old boy was stabbed in a 'distressing' and 'isolated' incident, and an 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of section 18 assault in Bolton, Greater Manchester

Man arrested after 10-year-old boy stabbed in house18-year-old is being quizzed by police Let me guess.... Another addition of cultural enrichment