100 Christmas baby names for boys and girls

100 Christmas baby names for boys and girls:

11/27/2021 12:00:00 PM

100 Christmas baby names for boys and girls:

Are you anticipating a festively-timed new addition to the family? Take inspiration from our Christmas-inspired baby name suggestions.

- Stella is the Italian word for star. The three wise men followed the star to baby Jesus so this baby girls name is perfectly festive and subtle. To give it a Scandinavian touch you could add an 'r' to Stellar to make it more unisex and out of the ordinary as it means a star like performance.

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- An important part of the Christmas nativity, as the star led the three wise men to baby Jesus.Thyme- A sweet-smelling aromatic herb that tastes lovely on a Christmas turkey, which also makes a sweet name for your baby girl.Winter- perfect for if you simply love the season of Christmas.

Wish- A baby name that could work for both girls and boys. This lovely little name will definitely stand out on the school register.Christmas baby names for boys

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