'Prudent' to respond to Raeesah Khan’s allegations at 'appropriate forum and juncture', says Workers’ Party

'Prudent' to respond to Raeesah Khan’s allegations at 'appropriate forum and juncture', says Workers’ Party

5/12/2021 3:43:00 PM

'Prudent' to respond to Raeesah Khan’s allegations at 'appropriate forum and juncture', says Workers’ Party

SINGAPORE — The Workers’ Party (WP) sought to explain on Sunday (Dec 5) why it has yet to respond to the allegations by its former member Raeesah Khan to Parliament’s Committee of Privileges in an interim report on Friday, stating that it is “prudent” for a response to be given “at the appropriate forum and juncture”.

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Need time to plan how to explain yourself to the committee? Making mistake is fine and people can accept if it was an honest mistake and oversight. Need to maintain integrity and credibility will be important.

3 key areas Raeesah Khan's testimony differs from Workers' Party chief Pritam Singh's accountHere are three key areas where differences arose between what Ms Khan and the other WP members told the committee and what Mr Singh said during a press...

Things fall apart for Singapore’s Workers’ PartyDECEMBER 5 — Singapore’s Opposition Workers’ Party found itself under further pressure last week when it emerged that senior party members were aware that MP Raeesah Khan had... after being told by the Workers' Party's central executive committee that she could either resign or be expelled from the party...kurtezee frm wikipedia

Conflicting accounts in Raeesah Khan saga open 'can of worms'; Workers' Party must limit damage, say analystsSINGAPORE: The conflicting accounts of what happened after Ms Raeesah Khan lied in Parliament about a sexual assault case have opened a can of worms that reveal cant wait til the committee puts Sylvia and Pritam on the stands, getting ready my popcorn So what is analysts take on Vivian’s blatant denial of TT? Just asking….. Just when we thot that a credible opposition party is making headway in sin political scene to check on ruling party......just warmth the cockle of my busom......this has to happen.....this is the beginning n end of the party.....sad to say. Too much internal bickerings.

6 main points from WP cadre Loh Pei Ying's testimony on Raeesah Khan incidentWorkers’ Party cadre, Ms Loh Pei Ying, spent nearly four hours giving evidence to the Parliamentary Committee of Privileges on Thursday (Dec 2) and... ET was leading the witnesses all the time and trying to put words into their mouths. Only Nathan was sharp enough to stop him.

Raeesah testified WP chief Pritam Singh advised her to maintain lie in Parliament: Committee of Privileges reportJUST IN: The former Sengkang MP claimed that the WP chief had told her “that if she kept to her existing narrative on the untruths which she had said on 3 Aug, there would be no judgement by him' She said he said...the truth will set u free....stop playing taichi ya. lovablecharming ole fart me..since u oledi gi jane..juz lived with it..dunt aneeow dragged innocent partee into it...if i were d parliament LAWmarkers..i wud had asked shuw us d memo

WP leaders should have come clean sooner about knowing Raeesah Khan’s lie, party members tell Parliament committeeSINGAPORE — Giving evidence to Parliament’s Committee of Privileges, an aide as well as a party volunteer who was close to former Workers’ Party (WP) Member of Parliament Raeesah Khan felt that party leaders should have come clean earlier about their knowledge of Ms Raeesah’s lie. Now, that’s seems to be more truth in the evidence given to the Committee. The WP leaders will have some explanation for the people of Sengkang and the rest of Singaporean?