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Dame Sarah Gilbert, Sharon Peacock

Nowhere left for Covid to go to mutate into a deadly variant, says Oxford vaccine creator

Covid is unlikely to mutate into a much deadlier variant because there “aren’t many places for the virus to go”, the lead scientist behind the Oxford vaccine has said.

25/9/2021 1:05:00 PM

The lead scientist behind the Oxford vaccine said that viruses tended to become less virulent over time as they spread through a population which was becoming more immune.

Covid is unlikely to mutate into a much deadlier variant because there “aren’t many places for the virus to go”, the lead scientist behind the Oxford vaccine has said.

Story continuesbeta and lambda variants, but neither has managed to get a strong foothold in Britain.Professor Sharon Peacock, the executive director of the Covid-19 UK Genomics Consortium, which monitors variants for the Government, also told the webinar: “It’s watch and wait, but delta is top of the list and other variants are not particularly concerning at the moment.

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“It has been pretty quiet since delta emerged and it would be nice to think there won’t be any new variants of concern. If I was pushed to predict, I think there will be new variants emerging over time and I think there is still quite a lot of road to travel down with this virus.”

Prof Sharon Peacock said vaccinating people remains the best way to fight Covid and prevent the emergence of new variants - David Rose for The TelegraphProf Peacock said that it was important to genetically sequence people whobecame ill after travelling headtopics.com

to check that new variants were not being imported into Britain as they were the “canary in the coal mine”.However, she said that vaccinating as many people as possible around the world was the best way to prevent the emergence of worrying mutations.“If we don’t vaccinate people and there is uncontrolled transmission and infection, then that is the right training ground for the virus to really emerge. That is a real variant of concern,” she added.

“If we don’t have very much infection, then the virus doesn’t have much chance to mutate. So vaccination of the world is not only the morally right thing to do, but the strategically right thing to do if we are going to protect the world. Sequencing travellers are the canary in the coal mine as they will be where new variants are emerging.”

Prof Peacock also said she had not completely ruled out that the virus had beenengineered or had leaked from a lab.“There is reason to think the virus did emerge from an animal host,” she said. “I haven’t seen any definitive evidence it is an engineered virus or escaped. But what this virus has taught me is to be humble when I’m wrong, and I’ve been wrong quite a few times and have had to become nimble in changing my mind.

“So if further evidence comes along that shows the virus as being engineered, I would be willing to consider that. But at the moment, in my view it has arisen from an animal.” Read more: Yahoo Singapore »

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