‘Faster than police’ insurance claims specialists appear within minutes at PIE accident, offers services

Singapore ― A few minutes after an accident along the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), two drivers allegedly arrived at the scene to offer their claims services.

23/9/2021 4:51:00 PM

Singapore ― A few minutes after an accident along the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), two drivers allegedly arrived at the scene to offer their claims services. On Wednesday (Sept 22), Facebook page SG Road Vigilante highlighted the minor accident

Singapore ― A few minutes after an accident along the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), two drivers allegedly arrived at the scene to offer their claims services.

SG Road Vigilantehighlighted the minor accident involving a vehicle and van.“Faster than EMAS (Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System), faster than Traffic Police,” two vehicles arrived at the scene shortly after the accident, the post noted.The attached video showed the car involved in the accident recording the scene on its dashboard camera.

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- Advertisement -A yellow Honda Fit soon arrived and parked a few metres away by the side of the expressway.Photo: FB screengrab/SG Road VigilanteMeanwhile, the individual involved in the accident was seen arguing with another person out of camera focus.

Four men emerged from the Honda Fit, rushing to the individuals from the accident.- Advertisement -Photo: FB screengrab/SG Road VigilanteShortly after, a black Audi A5 appeared and parked in front of the yellow Honda.Photo: FB screengrab/SG Road Vigilante headtopics.com

More men emerged from the Audi and proceeded to discuss with the others that arrived earlier.- Advertisement -The men also talked to the individual involved in the accident.Photo: FB screengrab/SG Road Vigilante“Stopping on the shoulder or verge of an expressway to solicit insurance claim service,” said SG Road Vigilante.

The drivers arrived at the accident scene, allegedly claiming to be claims specialists, and offered their services.There were about seven individuals from the two vehicles, the post added.Photo: FB screengrab/SG Road VigilanteMembers from the online community quickly responded to the video, urging authorities to investigate the possible insurance scam syndicate.

One Kim Yong shared a personal experience involving a chain collision with five vehicles and a motorcycle along PIE at Paya Lebar flyover towards Tampines.“Immediately, a guy pulled over a give me a car towing or repair workshop business card. He accompanied me to the police station to make a report. I sensed something fishy, and I went to my NTUC insurance company to make a report that the accident could be a scam and later, it was confirmed by insurance company it was a scam. My policy and bonus point were reinstated, and I was given a huge policy discount,” he said.

“These things have been going on for ages, and yet nothing much has been done about it. I wonder why?” asked another netizen.In another post on Sept 21, SG Road Vigilanteof the same yellow Honda Fit “playing braking games,” causing an accident with another vehicle. headtopics.com

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Members of the publicsharedbeing involved with the same individuals, noting they work in groups.“Will make one party sue the other and claim all the medical (bills). My bike kiss one care from behind, suddenly car owner got hip pain…go to insurance company…they say bopian cause the guy got doctor certification. All these is a scam, and a lot of parties work together to get a cut out of it,” wrote one Mohamed Ashraf.

“It is time for Singapore Police Force and Traffic Police to be in civilian and hunt down all these conmen!” commented Facebook user Aminah Ann. /TISG Read more: The Independent »

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