Explainer: After the sound and fury, what have we really learnt from Parliament's marathon debate on foreign talent?

16/9/2021 7:51:00 PM

Explainer: After the sound and fury, what have we really learnt from Parliament's marathon debate on foreign talent?

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Be careful about the hot mic? 😁 Just go home if you are not welcome; it's that simple. Not rocket science? Learnt? NOTHING! Given the arrogant PAPSingapore seem intent to continue hiding the truth n belittling others who asked for justification n clarification. Just look a moron saying a fellow parliamentarian an illiterate n shanmugam waving racism card. Duh!

That racism is OK when practised by PAP & not OK when practised by others?

After 10-hour debate on foreign labour, motion on securing Singaporeans’ jobs passed in ParliamentSINGAPORE: Parliament on Wednesday (Sep 15) passed a motion by Finance Minister Lawrence Wong on securing Singaporeans’ jobs and livelihoods, and rejected a competing motion by Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member Leong Mun Wai, after a marathon debate that started on Tuesday afternoon and carried on past mi Is it “entirely baseless”? Lip service to people that don't get the bigger picture. Foreign investment the number 1 reason for Singapore success. But once you start telling foreign companies how to manage their employment they inevitably consider alternatives. Nationalism never ends well. you will never be a good country unless you destroy the scammers in your country

Foreign talent debate: Shanmugam grills NCMP Leong Mun Wai on ‘racist’ stance, knowledge of FTAs, ‘right’ number of foreign PMETsK Shan grilled Mr Leong like a well done piece of steak Instead of clarifying and informing government policies, the opposition could do more on the issue of bringing the presiding government to task. Shan can be ‘grilled’ too. Grilled? All it did was playing the race card n talking as if to a small child. NCMP Leong ask a simple question. No racism no vehemently against. He just wanted some clarity n not pinpointing a particular race. Typical PAPSingapore shanmugam play squash ding dong ding dong.

MPs took 'firm and unequivocal stance' against racism and xenophobia during debate about foreign labour: PM LeeSINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Wednesday (Sep 15) that he was glad that Members of Parliament (MPs) took a \u0022firm and unequivocal stance against racism and xenophobia\u0022 during a 10-hour debate in Parliament. The MPs \u0022firmly rejected attempts to use Singaporeans’ fears and anxieties to di

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CECA debate: Hot mic catches 'illiterate', 'lousy school' remarksAt the 9:47:56 mark of the marathon session, shortly after Tan See Leng spoke in response to Leong Mun Wai's motion, someone can be heard saying, 'He is illiterate.' Singapore The Govt had always mentioned that every school is a good school. And yet this comes out. It just shows that they say one thing and do another thing. How can we trust what they say.

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