Covid-19: 3,348 new infections, 9 more deaths in Singapore; ICU cases spike to 62

16/10/2021 7:20:00 PM

Covid-19: 3,348 new infections, 9 more deaths in Singapore; ICU cases spike to 62

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Dirty communal kitchen in Punggol dormitory due to shortage in cleaning crew: MOM, dorm operator

SINGAPORE — A dirty communal kitchen at PPT1B dormitory in Punggol was due to a shortage of cleaners last weekend, its operator S11 Dormitories and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said in separate statements on Friday (Nov 12).

Eight more COVID-19 deaths, 3,445 new cases in SingaporeSINGAPORE: Singapore reported 3,445 new COVID-19 cases as of noon on Friday (Oct 15), with eight more fatalities from complications due to the virus. The fatalities are seven men and one woman, aged between 61 and 89 years. Five of them were unvaccinated, while three were vaccinated. Boring 🙄 Will you ever split the numbers of cases into those cases of vaccinated and unvaccinated people? If more severe cases are reported under unvaccinated people every single day, then those still unvaccinated would see the risks and go for their shots. If we are not abandon the so called “live with covid” plan, what’s the point of showing the figures?

3,445 new Covid-19 cases in Singapore; 8 more deaths bring tally to 215SINGAPORE — There were 3,445 new cases of Covid-19 recorded on Friday (Oct 15), the highest in six days, as well as eight deaths from Covid-19 complications. OMG. More than half of the total deaths happened during the first two weeks of this month. How many casualties more?

US will accept mixed doses of COVID-19 vaccines from international travelersWASHINGTON: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said late on Friday (Oct 15) that it will accept mixed-dose coronavirus vaccines from international travelers, a boost to travelers from Canada and other places. The CDC said last week that it would accept any vaccine authorised for u

Science turns nasty in Covid-19 origins argument on TwitterStuart Neil’s day job keeps him pretty occupied. He’s a virologist at King’s College London, investigating how the coronavirus causing Covid-19 attacks the human immune system. Then, in his own words, he found himself “falling down the rabbit hole” otherwise known as Twitter. Or more specifically, the Twitter debate over how the Covid-19 virus originated, though “debate” could be a kind description for the arguments and accusations that fly over whether the virus jumped naturally from animals to

3 suspected ‘adverse events’ reported out of 17,630 Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine doses: HSASINGAPORE — As of Sept 30, there were a total of three reports of suspected “adverse events” experienced by people who received the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine, said the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). After my second dose of Sinopharm

Protests and blockades greet Italy's new COVID-19 rulesROME: Protesters massed at some of Italy\u0027s major ports Friday (Oct 15) as thousands took to the streets against the introduction of one of the world\u0027s toughest COVID-19 pass regimes. More than 6,500 people demonstrated at the northeastern port of Trieste, according to local government estimates, although r