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Coronavirus: ICA cancels man’s passport for flouting stay-home rules in first such action against Singapore citizen

Coronavirus: ICA cancels man’s passport for flouting stay-home rules in first such action against Singapore citizen

29/3/2020 4:53:00 AM

Coronavirus: ICA cancels man’s passport for flouting stay-home rules in first such action against Singapore citizen

Mr Goh Illya Victor, 53, was served the notice at Tanah Merah Ferry terminal on March 19. But he went back to Indonesia, and returned through the Singapore Cruise Centre on March 24.. Read more at straitstimes.com.

The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority on Sunday (March 29) said that Mr Goh Illya Victor, 53, travelled from Singapore to Batam, Indonesia, on March 3.About two weeks later, on March 19, he returned to Singapore via Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and was served with the notice upon entry.

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But he went back to Indonesia that same day, despite the stay-home notice and warnings from ICA officers that he would breach the notice and could face penalties.Those under the notice are not allowed to leave their homes for 14 days, or they can face a fine of up to $10,000, be jailed for up to six months, or both.

On March 24, he returned to Singapore through the Singapore Cruise Centre and was issued a second notice.ICA said Mr Goh displayed"irresponsible conduct" for not complying with the first SHN and then returning to Singapore on Tuesday."In view of the wilful breach, ICA has cancelled his passport and referred the case to the Ministry of Health for investigation," ICA said in a statement.

This means that Mr Goh, without a valid passport, cannot leave the country. He remains a Singapore citizen.He is the first citizen that ICA has taken such action against. Last month, a 45-year-old permanent resident (PR) was barred from re-entering Singapore and lost his residency after breaching stay-home rules.

All travellers from Asean countries have had to observe the stay-home notice from 11.59pm on March 16.This was expanded to all countries from March 20, and from Friday all travellers entering Singapore must also submit a health and travel declaration before being cleared for entry.

Members of the public can report information on breaches of the stay-home notice at go.gov.sg/reportshnbreach or 6812 -5555. Read more: The Straits Times »

If Lee Kuan Yew was alive today, he'd test everyone who works in the economy. Because just like being on a ship.. Singapore is a workforce who works in one of the highest densities in the world. One person contaminates all. Thats a Pandemic. Social distancing is imperative. He has succumbed to his temptation

You mean it isnt all the fault of foreigners? Does it mean that the man is stateless now? If that's the case, i think he is really really really really stupid to lose Singapore Citizenship because of the SHN. I don't understand what's the big deal of staying at home for 14 days? Is it so hard to stay at home for 14 days?

The man wants to be famous and he got what he deserves. He is extremely famous now. I totally support. Well done by the government! 👍👍👍👍 Lol want lau lan but wrong country How brilliant!!! Why not just ban non essential travel if not all. The arsehole asked for it! Belligerent. Article doesn't state the purpose of his trip. Regardless, it's quite irresponsible to endanger himself and other people by flouting the SH rules.

One way ticket...one way ticket...to the can... This is why I love Singapore. They have rules and implement it. ❤ Such irresponsible and selfish. Not sure if it is able to tag those who are issued with SHN, so when any entry or exit Singapore alert to immigration? Ones always like to learn from one and other, HK issues electronic Wrist band, it is a good identification, others can help to observe any violation?

Should not have been allowed to leave for Indonesia again in the first place What... dammit... I need to change my name now. Irresponsible behaviour from individual SG Government is trying to protect residents and you have selfish idiots like this possibly infecting people. SHN Singapore should be commended on its policing and approach to Covid19 just look at what is happening in UnitedKingdom

Spare the rod and spoil the *child*. Delinquents need to be punished. Totally deserves it Good move.. Fine him a lot and jail him for years..! If he has cpf, give those to the healthcare frontline workers. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 👏🏼 UK pay attention, this is how you deal with feral citizens Not being any sympathetic because such actions endanger more lives. He deserves it.

This is the type of people that deserve to get the virus and die Just fyi, to continue the headline.. After he was served the stay-home notice, Goh decided to return to Indonesia on the same day, despite ICA officers warning him that he would breach the stay-home notice requirements and could face penalties.

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