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Harry Roque, Rappler Inside Track

Roque spins again: 'We beat the UP prediction…Congratulations, Philippines!'

The bar is on the floor.

6/30/2020 12:37:00 PM

The bar is on the floor.

Given the still rising numbers, Roque's exuberance is misplaced, to say the least

36,438 people tested positive for the virus.Realizing belatedly that Tuesday was June 30, Roque rejoiced."Today is the last dayna pala!Ano bang sinasabi ko? Wala na po, panalo na pala tayo!(What was I saying? Disregard that. We already won!) We beat the UP prediction po! We beat it! Congratulations, Philippines!" the presidential spokesperson triumphantly said.

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The latest projection by the UP OCTA group of researchers estimated that cases may hit, if there's significant community transmission across the country.In high spirits, Roque said:"Let's do it again in July! So we are winning."Rising numbers

Earlier in the briefing, the presidential spokesman urged the public to join an"interactive activity." Turning it into a game of sorts, Roque dared viewers to prove the UP researchers' projection wrong by observing health standards.According to the Department of Health coronavirus tracker, more than 653,000 people were tested for the virus, 46,335 of whom turned out positive as of June 28.

But Roque said on Tuesday that the testing backlog is over 1,000 – which makes validated cases still less than the UP projection for end of June. If it were to be added, virus-hit patients would reach over 37,000."Bagama't halos 40,000, hindi naman umabot ng 40,000. Pero, halos. So naging successful po tayo

. (Even if the case tally is near 40,000, we didn't hit 40,000. But it's near. So we're still successful)," Roque said.True enough, on Tuesday, the health department announced a total of 37,514 positive cases, with 1,080 cases added to the previous tally. This marks the 2nd highest tally in a day ever since January 30, when the first coronavirus positive case was reported.

Of the latest tally, 858 fresh cases were recorded – the highest number of such cases to be reported in a day. Read more: Rappler »

Ansaya nila sa kanilang achievement, grabeh! I guess may new target to beat tayo this July char 😬 saraf samfalin ng bongang-bongga netong si madame roque. promise. wenggonzales Beat the prediction. Pero ang katotohanan HINDI. Sino niloloko ninyo. No...the bar is at basement level and is still going down, down, down...U.P. Community, until when are you going to tolerate this crap from one of your esteemed law professors?

s0rbetero Saya ka!? Nsodnsbaodjsgsisksodhdbso pota! Eww long live president duterte salamat po sa lahat ng malasakit at pagmamahal Pagpalain pa po kyo at susuportahan at proprotektahan ka nmn laban sa mga mapang abuso at sinungaling na tao ikaw ang tunay na pagbabago at boses ng masang pilipino 😄😄😅😄😅😄 TANGA!

Why he is laughing.....do he know maths or statistics......there is no major difference between 36k and 40k ......u should fell ashemed to say it . Si Ma’am Marry Roque talaga!! Kung ano ano mga sinsabi. Uminom ka na nga lang ng gamot mo. If based on the unconfirmed but recorded positive COVID cases, is he celebrating Fake News?

The new 👸🏻. Harry Roque: Congratulations Philippines! Reaction Video via YouTube Definitely adipose buildup in his cranial cavity, overtaking whatever little gray matter remains Tengene mo. Wala ka na lang masabi noh. Asan kaya kahihiyan ng tao na ito Roque of the year 🏆 We jubilate when most believe otherwise. To hell with propaganda. Let us tell the truth.

and yet they dig to avoid it Desperation shouts stupidity. 😂 Right. Try tomorrow, he might be sober or not stoned. 36k+ u beat UP's prediction? So kung 39k yan or 41k u beat pa din dahil d eksaktong 40k?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ tanga! Habang sinasabi yan ni roque, tindig talaga balahibo ko. Hindi dahil proud or blown away. Kundi nakakarimarim mga pinagsasabi niya. Pano niya naatim sabihin yun habang mas mataas pa ang mga new cases everyday compared nung ECQ pa tayo.

mapapamura ka na lng sa kanya.WAKE UP ROQUE, ooppsss.puyat ka pla kagabi kasi nga late night show ulet😂 Get her sis sa tuwa ko kay ateng harrieta sa pagkapanalo nya, padadalhan ko sya nito LetsengGobyernoNiDU30 talaga! 👎 Why is he rejoicing?! Nakakadiri si Roque achievement unlocked na ba ito? 'ANG TANGA LANG' (insert Bobbie's voice in 4SisterInAWedding) 😂😂

Tulungan daw ang gobyerno kesa kutyain. Nagbigay ang UP ng Predictive analytics to predict what will happen next, and suggest actions to take for optimal outcomes. Tapos ngayon sasabihin, we beat UP. Baka naman need nyo iasses kung ano ang mas problema natin? Covid ba o kayo? When a spox went awkward and hypocritical, I must say he himself knew we haven't won. It's not worth rejoicing anyway.

I'm imagining harry roque literally spinning and i-- 😵 that's not an accomplishment, roque. and that should've never been your number one agenda paterno_II Hahaha 😂 kaya galit ang Malacañang sa Rappler eh..... for telling them the honest truth 🤪 Rappler again with your biased reporting. Stop making unnecessary commentaries. We want unbiased news. This is crazy.

Congratulations, Sec. Roque. The worst lie you can tell is the one to yourself. Hahahahahahha I don't know we have Philippine adaptation of what wrong with secretary Kim 😂 Ang baba ng tingin mo Rappler kay kumareng Flor 😂 The bar is at the lowest point of the Poso Negro 😂 Get ready sa next presscon. Tatarayan na naman kayo ni Ate dahil na-misinterpret na naman ng media. LOL

You keep on yelling that Free Press ia dead, yet here you are still criticising the government with biased reporting. 😂😂😂 Tuwang tuwa ang bugok panalo na daw ang pilipinas laban sa covid. Kailan nanalo? Masayang masaya ka? Tanga ka? Masaya kpa.nyn kapwa mo pilipino yan...mahiya ka naman...ipagbunyi mo ang pang aapi mo sa kapwa pilipino

From 2018 And yet he still managed to go lower than it. 🤣🤣🤣 Kahit ikut ikotin mo pa roque, mali pa rin, shunga! what bar? Is there one? Ang funny niya. The person who wrote the caption got no chill 😂 Yes, for 4 years now! he abuse the privilege of being a clown ! The bar is so low Satan is doing the limbo rock.

Smooth brain Roque person The govt thought they're playing LIMBO ROCK. The lower the bar, winner! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PAGOD KA NA BA MISS RAPPLER Congratulations Philippines for still surviving ( tho barely breathing) despite being run by so many stupid fools in the government . Today is such a sad day for our country. Nakakasuka ka Roque! 🤮

I think it's below sea level now. 🤡🤡🤡 Beating the University of the Philippines prediction is not a victory to anyone! you're too kind. THE BAR IS IN HELL UP pala ang kalaban natin eh, hindi Covid. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Earthworm limbo rock low 😬 ewan ko sayo sis. bat ka ba ganyan It's inside the septic tank. 🤮 Frustrated game show host si mars..yung pagkakasabi nya about UP vs Covid19, and 'winning!', napaisip ako, totoo? Winning na tayo? Waiting ako ng announcement ng prize e🤦‍♀️ yung priorities, yung plan, yung puso, yung utak, WALA sa mga tao sa gobyerno, top to bottom 🤬🤬🤬

Tanga,bobo,estupido!!!! Pabobohan nalang ba? Excellent! Limbo Rock! Grabe lang. Nag congratulate pa! For what?! I still don't get why this is labelled as a triumph?! Tha's still a very big number that we shouldn't be praising for. Anu yon nagbubunyi pa siya? Regardless of numbers, dapat ba ang magbunyi sa 37k plus na infected?

pinakanakakabadtrip na ngiti sa buong mundo, pota ka roque This administration 😑 Doc4Dead The bar is in hell. floor? tHE BAR IS IN HELL Dapat may psychiatric testing mga nasa gobyerno e, lalo na sa executive branch putek di man lang nagsuklay What happened attyharryroque nagkakalat ka na. Sad Doc4Dead Saya ah...🙄

say congrats sa mga namatayan sa covid? what is there to celebrate? ano ito pagalingan govt vs. up? muka ka talagang clown Ugh. Eh yang 37k na positive cases eh yung mga “verified” pero mahigit 40k na ang nag-positive. Kailangan ba talaga ikasaya niya na ang dami nating backlogs? 😬 Evil Clown We the 🇵🇭Patriots wonders what will be the professional/ political career of attyharryroque once on 2022 Presidential Election an opposition candidate wins. This statement is also directed to ALL of PRRD stooges 🙈🙉🙊. risahontiveros TrillanesSonny ChelDiokno

Salamat Shopee. Salamat Roque spilled. Just watch. Within a week the UP prediction will be fulfilled. I wonder what this chubby clown will celebrate then? Imagine being so used to mediocrity that you brag about a deviation of 10% from predictions. Potangena uaap lang ang peg ni baccla!!! 😂😂😂 Bobo amp.... di na naawa sa mga nahahawa dahil sa katangahan nila

Anong utak meron ka Roque. Happy ka pa nyan? People are dying. AAAAAAAAAAAAA~ No. It's beyond core of earth. It's in hell. Yudi congrats kingina netong baklang baboy na toh Kung anu-ano kasi binabanat mo mars! Tama na. Nakakahiya Tangina mo Roque, may positive na sa amin ngayon malapit sa bahay. Punta ka rito Roque! Hayop kayo lahat!

'the cases are near 40k but its not 40k so we win' we almost have 1k cases everyday, so we may even hit 40k within 3 days Joke time kaloks 🤣🤣🤣 'The bar is on the floor' buti nalang di umabot ng 40k woooh safe pa tayo guys 37k palang

Gov’t mulls P25-B fund for COVID-19 fight and economic recovery — RoqueIn stepping the drive to stem the coronavirus outbreak, the government is eyeing a P10-billion subsidy program for its expanded testing efforts and another P15 billion for cash-for-work program, possibly for the hiring of contact tracers.

‘We’re winning fight vs COVID-19.’ says Roque; Duterte to announce new quarantine measures on June 30Malacañang told the public that despite being imperfect, the country is winning the fight against the COVID-19 , said Presidential spokesman Harry Roque a day before President Duterte is set to announce the new quarantine protocols applicable to all areas in the country starting July 1. Hahaha. Yan lang work nya mag announce and mang mura.... Perfect... Malalagpasan natin to Pinas? Paano? Hayyy nakaka pagod na.. A BIG JOKE 🤣🤣

Cebu province, 3 other areas appealed for quarantine reclassificationCEBU CITY, Philippines—Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, that four areas in the country, including Cebu province, appealed for the reclassification of their

‘We want to beat COVID-19 predictions,’ says GalvezThe government is optimistic that it will achieve a lower record of coronavirus disease ( COVID-19 ) cases than the computations made in recent academic studies predicting that the Philippines will have around 60,000 active cases by July 31. WHICH ONES? HOW? Pls provide a clear vision of what we intend to achieve -- in the short term to address current spikes/surges AND in the long term to ensure sustainable/streamlined programs among national departments/LGUs. Also, I would want to beat C-19, not those predictions.

Parañaque city council, treasurer office shut for disinfectionThe Parañaque City Treasurers Office and the Office of the City Council will be closed from June 29 to July 1 for disinfection and containment activity after several employees were reportedly confirmed to have coronavirus disease ( COVID-19 ).

Gov’t mulls P25-B fund for COVID-19 fight and economic recovery — RoqueIn stepping the drive to stem the coronavirus outbreak, the government is eyeing a P10-billion subsidy program for its expanded testing efforts and another P15 billion for cash-for-work program, possibly for the hiring of contact tracers.