Expert: Face shields extra barrier vs Delta variant

MANILA, Philippines — Infectious disease expert Edsel Salvana on Friday said he would still recommend the use of face shields even outdoors because they offer extra protection, especially

6/19/2021 2:40:00 AM

Infectious disease expert Edsel Salvana said he would still recommend the use of face shields even outdoors because they offer extra protection, especially with the threat posed by the more transmissible COVID Delta variant.

MANILA, Philippines — Infectious disease expert Edsel Salvana on Friday said he would still recommend the use of face shields even outdoors because they offer extra protection, especially

President Duterte has said face shields should only be used in hospitals, but the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases recommended that these still be required in enclosed/indoor spaces of hospitals, schools, workplaces, commercial establishments, public transport and terminals, and places of worship.

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ADVERTISEMENTSalvana, a member of the Department of Health’s technical advisory group, noted that the Delta variant first detected in India is 60 percent more transmissible than the Alpha variant, which is already 60 percent more transmissible than the original virus.

There is also preliminary data that even outdoors, the Delta variant has an increased transmissibility of about 40 percent, he said. Read more: Inquirer »

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The Department of Health cannot explain why eight Delta variant 'recoveries' tested positive again for COVID-19

Kasosyo ba ito si Salvana ni Duque sa pagawa at pag import ng f.s. sa China? Magkano porsyento dok? Only country in the world imposing this yet the infection rate is still way above the WHO threshold. Logic. Why is The Philippines the only country that mandates faceshield and did it really curb the coronavirus before the vaccine rollouts? I don't think so. So much bola and someone is getting rich.

👍🏽 So many “experts” out there. So answer this experts, why so many cases with the face shields when other countries did not use and they have fewer? Extra Expense & Worry for the weary Filipinos, EXTRA INCOME for endorsers & suppliers. Masks & shields r very impt. a lot of us do not know how to follow rules..a lot wear masks in different manner just for the sake of but not to protect the nose and mouth, the port entries and most liked places of the can we really go shieldless?

As far as I know, he is the only expert who is recommending shields, i believe, he is basing his opinion on a study done in 2014 by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health wherein it recommended faceshield for certain sectors but not really the general public. Where else do they use face shields as protection vs Covid, EdselSalvana ?

Madali lang naman yan, e di tanggalin nila ang faceshield, kung tumaas at maraming namatay ulit, saka nila ibalik. Kung ganon mangyayari, e di pwede nang murahin mga &%$! mga walang foresight. Kung kabaliktaran naman, eh di manahik, tanggapin ang pagkakamali

Sydney reinstates masks to contain Delta COVID-19 variantSYDNEY - Australia's New South Wales (NSW) reverted on Friday to making the wearing of masks mandatory on public transport in Sydney, as a cluster of the highly-infectious coronavirus Delta variant expanded to a fourth person.

Baka may business ng Face shield 😂 Kaya hindi matalo ang COVID19 sa bansa dahil walang alam ang mga namamahala. Hal. Face shield pinagamit tos aalisin na! DutertePalpakInutil Why is he even considered as an expert by the way? What scientific studies were cited as basis for the use of face shields? No studies re face shield pero prinopromote pa din. Sino ba may business neto?

The best ways to eradicate this pandemic from our country: 1. Strict & sensible health policies and protocols; 2. Prioritizing and speeding up vaccination against COVID19; and the best of all 3. Wise Filipino voters in 2022. Huwag maniwala kay Salvana, na nagsabi na contained ang virus 🦠. Puro kapalpakan lang ang gobyernong pulpol tulad rin lang ng Presidente inutil.

Malaki siguro kita ni Edsel Salvana sa bentahan ng face shield! Pera pera na lang yang face shield na yan puta... para sa pahirap sa mga mahihirap yan.. maging patas kau IATF hindi pinag aralan yan puta... mga bobong IATF ang puta at the same time..ECQ, MECQ sa ibang bansa lockdown lang.. syandong matatalino mga IATF ang puta....

Infectious disease expert my ass!

Expert urges public: Wear face shields even if not mandatoryAn expert infectious diseases urged the public on Friday to continue wearing face shields, even in areas where the plastic coverings are no longer required, to dodge more infectious COVID-19 variants. Yes, it’s a good device to keep your hair up 😂🥴 as seen in the picture… also, I have another tip for a layer of protection… chop your head off and leave it at home while you go out and do the groceries… 🛒😀 Diyos ko bakit face shield ang pinagtatalunan nyo ang dami-daming importanteng bagay na kailangan para sa mga nahihirapang mamamayan🤬 Yoko nga 🙄

Highly recommended kasi meron syang kick-back... kung totoong meron extra protection yan, bakit hindi ginagawa sa ibang parte ng mundo? BECAUSE THEY KNOW BETTER!!! Mga INUTIL ang nasa gobyerno natin! Kung gusto mo i-vulca seal mo sa mukha mo ang face shield.. Ungas! And it's a miniscule percentage of protection that I can comfortably replace with better accessibility and less waste of plastic.

if small percentage protection lang value ng faceshield, wag ipilit. dun kayo sa bigger scale prevention where the government sucks, deliberately lack urgency - timely entry ban of flights, purchase of non-China vaccine, contact tracing, gov't offical initiated mass gathering Kumikitang kabuhayan ang mga manufacturer ng face shield na walang kwenta

Face shields pa din in outdoor settings where masks are worn and social distancing is maintained? Parang hindi na tama. okay naman mag ingat eh pero isipin din naman natin kung reasonable...... kala sasampalin lang ni pduts ang covid? Hahahaha follow the money. You will know why. stupid AF Give the people the choice to wear or not to wear faceshields. As long as they wear masks.

Infectious disease expert backs use of face shield vs COVID-19An infectious disease expert, who is also a government technical adviser, still recommends the use of face shields even in outdoor settings due to the threat of COVID-19’a more infectious Delta variant. | DYGalvezINQ DYGalvezINQ You could just upgrade the mask requirement to 'medical grade' masks (and not allow plain cloth masks) anywhere. Mura na uli ang medical-grade. Pwedeng i-doble pa kasi piso na lang yung iba. DYGalvezINQ sa ibang bansa na hindi or never ni-require ang face shields they are doing much better hmmm bakit kaya 🤔🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐🧐🤔🧐🤔🧐🤔🤔🧐🤔🤔🧐🤔🧐 DYGalvezINQ dumb expert

sana at least gawin man lang optional na lang, wag naman mandatory. and they call ‘em a freakin expert? As if the veerus couldn't veer its way around the face shield. What, puro frontal attack lang ang alam nung veerus? Hindi pa rin ba ubos ang stock ng face sheild na dala ng mga Chinese businessmen? UtakBato

With the weather right now? Vaccination information overdrive instead of more plastic waste!!!! Despicable man of medicine. Extra protection or magiging prone to accident dahil sagabal sa kilos. ReutersPH See? Actually, yung vaccine na may high efficacy po ang mabisang proteksyon sa severe covid infection, kasama ang proper hand hygiene, N95 mask at social distancing.

Edsel Salvana DDS ka lang kaya nilulunok mo katangahan ng Gobyerno. 😜😜😜 hahaha patawa sya nung nka faceshield na ang tao bigla nga sumipa pa cases ng covid at reason ung mga variant ang dahilan Ngyaon si Delta variant naman? Give us the study that will proof that using a faceshield will give us 100% protection against covid nor any variant?

Sydney reinstates masks to contain Delta COVID-19 variantSYDNEY - Australia's New South Wales (NSW) reverted on Friday to making the wearing of masks mandatory on public transport in Sydney, as a cluster of the highly-infectious coronavirus Delta variant expanded to a fourth person. sa maling akala...kaya lumalala pandemya dahil sa mga expert na tulad nya. Hahaha daming bobo sa gobyerno, subukan nyo pong mamalengke, yung mga faceshield nasa noo lang ng mga tao. Dami pa supply. paulsalarm Taena nitong mga ito hindi kc nila nararanasan yung maglakad sa init ng araw na nakafaceshield. Isa cguro to sa may kumikitang kabuhayan sa faceshield🤦🤦🤦

The mention of expert is kinda... off... Can prove this extra protection you're talking about Salvana the useless expert 😏 the issue is you dont have scientific evidence.. its very simple.. do not implement it as mandatory.. WHO please enlighten us.. recommend means voluntary not cumpolsary to wear. Bakit pwede sa DDS?

Duterte says face shields for hospital use only — SottoPresident Rodrigo Duterte has agreed that face shields should only be worn inside hospitals.

Some of them will keep on referencing this Indian study from 2020. What happened to India and the delta variant again? Didn't they do massive campaign rallies? Isn't our election circus just around the corner? Ah ewan... Billion mawawala kay 'EXPERT' pag ititigil ang pag gamit ng face shield...... pera pera...

No. Outdoor faceshield disgrasya aabutin palibhasa puro de aircon at kotse gamit ng mga to. di nararanasan maglakad sa kahabaan ng kalsada sa kainitan ng panahon.. Palibahasa nasa lungga lang kayo at mga naka aircon. Taena nyo 🖕 Pera-pera lang yan di ba SALVANA? If it were indeed so, why aren't other countries following suit? Also, has the government looked at the environmental aspect in relation to the disposal of these face shields?

what protection? pwede bang mag tingin tingin din kau sa ibang bansa ano gamit lng, pwede ba? face mask lang at alcohol sa lahat ng establishments., transpo, schools, . yan lng kelngan. gngwa nyong ktwa twa mga pinoy ,mga bobita tlga Ang dpat sabihin ni salvana sa taong bayan ay di pa masaya sa kinikita ng kung sinuman ang may negosyo nyan na influential!

Works only when people use it properly. (tip :people do not)

Palace: Existing face shield policy remains in effectJUST IN. IATF recommends continued use of face shields in enclosed spaces. While waiting for President Duterte's decision, Malacañang says the existing policy remains in effect.

extra protection? faceshield had been used for more than a year but still cases continue to surge and no curve had flattened Baka nag invest din siya di pa siya masaya sa ROI. Dapat kung sino na lang gusto magsuot. Like me, I'm a bit paranoid so I would still wear it if I go out to ease my mind. LoL! SylvanaIsAJoke he saved our butts last time di ba? puro paepal lang yan sa media. bakit pa kc binibigyan ng exposure yan.

Ito yung mga health experts na nawawalan ng credibility. Pag hindi sila sangayon sa isang idea kung ano-anong study ang icicite para masuportahan ang opinion nila. Nasaan na ang sinasabi nyong 'science at evidence based'? Ilabas yang 'study' na yan sa faceshield kung meron nga. He is not an expert then! Double mask is a better protection than using that stupid faceshield.

Kaloka talaga, na naman! Tigilan mo na ang kaka pa sipsip sa administration na ito malapit na matapos termino nila paano ka nalang? EdselSalvana lamunin mo ang faceshield mo hayup ka na doctor ka isa ka rin ba sa investor ng faceshield alam mo ba ang hirap gumamit ng faceshield na may eyeglasses ka na may mataas na grado.. Tama ng ka epalan iyan

Mas magaling ba si salvana sa mga expert sa ibang bansa...o may commission lang yan sa bentahan ng face shield

Kung extra protection ang pagsuot ng face shield, so bakit ranked 24 ang Pilipinas globally (and 3rd in Asia, next to India & Indonesia) for number of Covid cases? Nagsusuot ba ng face shield yung mga tao sa Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia 🙄 Walang scientitic evidence ang faceshields. Kelan kaya magkakaroon ng may utak sa gobyerno

Just curious as to why similar “experts” in other countries to not impose the use of face shields for their people yet comparatively have less infections per day? Would they present a paper with data showing porrof of their claim instead of simply their opinion? I’ve traveled from Africa thru Middle East then Asia, Ph lang ang may PI na face shield na yan. Ibig bang sabihin Ph lang ang may expert? I extremely doubt it!

Face shields are useless if the virus is airborne Last year he said that the government has controlled the spread of the virus in February and tried to silence the critics. Never listen to this person again. IF the ShitShield is so useful...WHT on earth are still cases in PH? This is another way to pressure the own citizen like a dictatorship

Para yan sa mga sobrang pasaway na mga Pinoy na hindi ginagamit nang tama ang face mask at laging inaalis. Damay-damay na lahat. Pero an added layer of protection is much better than none. Expert 😂😂🤣🤣 Protection mo mukha mo. Palibhasa di kayo sumsakay sa mga public vehicles kaya di nyo alam hassle ng face shield jusko

Makinig kasi sa mga expert na totoo, wag sa sabi sabi ng nagmamarunong! Expert? As with everybody in the digong camp, no credibility at all. The reasoning of an expert goes like this: delta variant is more transmissible. Face shield therefore gives extra protection. Is that all? Pls give us some more. The consensus is transmission occurs thru aerosolized breath. And mask is the answer. Shield? How?

Ulol. Ginagawa lang visor kahit ng mga nagpapatupad. Expert saan? Like it has worked so far 🤪 Mag complete PPE na rin... HAYST! Nakakapikon na... How much protection? Quantify the 'extra' Ang hirap naman mabuhay sa pinas

Based on what studies? None! Fuck face shields